My Nation Co Scam – Xmas Special Update

Christmas is a special time for the entire world. This festival is not limited to any region and the joy it brings to people all around the world are unparalleled. In the pre-covid era, the actual way of celebrating the festival was filled with relatively massive gatherings wherein individuals got to spend blissful time with their loved ones.

Now, due to the pandemic which seems to not go away any time soon, we have to adapt to the new social norms and thanks to the internet, we still can remind our friends and family, the significance they have in our lives. My Nation Co is a website which enables the user to send Christmas greetings through social media platforms.

At first glance, this service appears harmless. However, there are some concerning facts about them and given the current conditions, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, before you use their interface, go through our unbiased article and then decide for yourself whether it is worth the risk or not?

My Nation Co Scam

What is My Nation Co Scam?

My Nation Co Scam is the name given to a platform that helps users create Christmas and New year greetings. If you login to their platform, all of the instructions present are straightforward and quite easy to use.

Once you are done with creating a greeting the site pushes you towards sharing the greeting through popular social media outlets such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. Just like we said before, at first nothing about them seems out of the ordinary, but the entire perception changes once you have a look at the specific details.

For starters, the way they handle personal information is unknown and in some cases, a few users have said that the platform has demanded for credit card details. Moreover, the names of the owners are unknown and given their young domain age, it is not wise to trust them with the sensitive information.

Also, don’t forget that there are tons of alternative services available on the web which are both trustworthy are reputable. So, given the traits present on this one, it might not be the best option for a lot of people. After all, it is not worth it to risk personal information for any reason, right?

How does My Nation Co Platform Work?

My Nation Co Platform is self-explanatory in it’s approach. Once you land on to their homepage, it will ask you to click a bell icon and enter your name. As soon as you input the information required, the software will create a simple animation which in many ways is similar to gif and that’s it you are done with all the things the platform has to offer.

Lastly, they do provide you an option which benefits both the end user and their website which is the social sharing button. Note that, for some reason you can’t edit the default message present on the screen. During our testing, we indeed tried different methods, but we were never able to change the text and as they didn’t have any FAQ page, we couldn’t find the answer. 

What are the concerns?

Nowadays, no one can deal with anything online without taking certain precautions and safety measures. Things like antivirus and periodic backups have become common. However, none of them can prevent a hustle and as safety is our top priority, you should not deal with unknown websites.

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    As a rule of thumb, if a platform asks for credit card details, then it is better to take a step back and see whether the firm is reputable or not before pulling the trigger. My Nation Co mainly gets traffic from the United States and the United Kingdom. According to many reviews, this website asks for credit card information of the users especially if you are located in the regions mentioned above.

    As they don’t have a dedicated support team, a lot of people are uncomfortable putting in their information. Moreover, their owners are also unknown and the domain registrant information is hidden. Given the mysteriousness surrounding this interface, we can strongly recommend people to avoid indulging with it or else the consequences might be severe.

    Customer Feedback

    At Cyber Scam Review, we give utmost importance to user feedback as it is undeniably the best way to gauge reputation of anything which has an online presence. As far as My Nation Co is considered, we couldn’t find much user feedback about them on any popular forums.

    In fact, apart from a few social media threads, nothing about them has gained the spotlight yet. With the kind of traffic this site gets, it is indeed strange to see no customer reviews and certainly, it is not a good sign.

    In the 21st century, it is hard to keep the truth hidden for long, especially online. We believe in the near future the comments about their true nature is going to find its way to the public.

    Website Information

    Thanks to the courtesy of and, we did find a lot of data regarding the way this platform works. Unfortunately, as the registrant information is hidden, we couldn’t find the true founders or creators of the website. Nonetheless, here are the things we do know about their domain and website.

    • Domain –
    • Registered On – 28/02/2020
    • Expiry – 28/02/2021
    • Alexa Global Rank – 385,792
    • Rank in the United States – 111,841
    • Top Audience – US, Greece and Bangladesh

    My Nation Co Scam Verdict

    My Nation Co appears to be a fun platform for the average user. However, the concerns associated with them are fatal and unless more information about them is revealed, it is not worth your time to indulge with them.

    Moreover, they are not the sole operator which gives us a fun way to create greetings online, right? So, stick with the sites which have been around for long and make sure, it doesn’t ask for your banking information for simple tasks.

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    Are you an active user of My Nation Co? What do you think about the platform? Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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