NBN Scam Calls – New Hustle but old Format

NBN Scam calls are increasing day by day. Scammers are utilizing the names of big giants to trick the public and are looting millions of dollars on an yearly scale. The press and officials have tried to raise awareness, but sadly, the reach is not satisfactory.

If enough people become aware about the way this kind of swindle works, then it is easy to make this type of incident something from the past. In this detailed post, we have outlined the way this hustle works, their motives and the best ways of handling the situation.

Once you are done with this piece, you will know exactly what to expect if you ever encounter a cyber crook operating this trap. If you have suffered any loss because of it, then reach out to us via the contact form provided below. Using advanced forensic tools and legal options, our team will assist you in the recovery process for free. 

NBN Scam Calls

NBN Scam Calls in a Nutshell

NBN Scam calls act like a phishing trap. Crooks behind this hustle are trying their best to get their hands on your money and personal data. They pretend to be someone working for NBN or other recognizable brand. Scammers push people towards giving them remote access or making a payment.

If anyone mistakenly obeys their order, then he or she will lose a big chunk of money and some of the damages might take a long time to reverse. In the past, few victims have lost over 100,000 AUD and that kind of loss affects you mentally as well.

So, be careful whenever you are approached by strangers that are intimidating and never proceed unless you have talked to official customer support. As always, doing a background check should be your number one priority.

Ways to identify Scammers

The typical traits of scammers are as follows. Note that they might not follow a single approach all the time which means you need to be patient and focus on the small things to catch them.

Ask for personal information – Whenever you are asked for personal information especially from someone claiming to work for ISP, you should always decline. Remember, legitimate firms never ask for such information and only scammers are after it. 

Remote Access – Many crooks pretend to be tech support and request remote access to your system. They persuade you to download certain software and take over your system. As the risk is too huge when you hand over your personal device along with the data to a stranger, you should never take chances with it. 

Discounts or offers – Everyone likes discounts and offers that lower the bill to a significant extent, right? However, do not let excitement blind you from seeing the truth.

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    If the party on the other side is asking you to make a decision on the spot and hand over the banking information exchange for a too good to be true offer, then you should always walk away. 

    Payments – Scammers often send phishing links and request you to make payments via that specific platform. Obviously they will capture the details and use gimmicks to take action quickly. If you detect a sense of urgency in their tone, then calmly decline and report the incident to relevant authorities. 

    Automated Calls – Automated calls also come at a huge expense and they also pose risk. If you ever get an automated call that asks you to input certain commands, cut the interaction short. Remember, the threat becomes null the second you are aware of the way it unfolds.

    Tips to stay safe from NBN Scam Calls

    By doing the things covered below, you can avoid scammers to a huge extent. The key is to move cautiously and take help from professionals whenever you feel it is necessary.

    • Remember that NBN Co will never contact you to request access to your computer or to inform you that your service will be discontinued. As a wholesaler, NBN Co does not provide phone or internet services to the general public. To finalise the transition, individuals must contact their chosen phone and internet provider.
    • Never install Teamviewer or similar programmes on your computer or mobile device to provide an unauthorised caller rapid access.
    • NBN Co does not use automated phone calls, sometimes known as robocalls, to notify customers of NBN or copper phone line severance. Avoid answering any of these calls.
    • Do not provide your financial or personal information to a cold-caller or door-knocker requesting payment for an NBN network service.
    • If you are uncertain about the legitimacy of the call, hang up and contact the customer service department of your retail service provider. 
    • Don’t believe anything blindly.

    How to report the incident?

    If you have given the details to the scammers, then immediately call your bank. Monitor your account closely and freeze associated cards just to be on the safer side. Change all your passwords and take help from tech professionals and reset your device.

    If the amount has been lost, then collect as much information as you can and contact us. Our staff will go over the details and help you retrieve stolen funds. Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you in a few hours.

    NBN Scam Calls Conclusion

    NBN Scam Calls are a new headache that is causing a lot of chaos. As we have to find a way to live with it, learn the ways of identifying the threat and it will help you avoid a lot of hassles. If you have any other specific question, comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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