Nittrex.Vip Review – Fake Investment Platform

Nittrex.Vip is a scam that closely resembles a viral ponzi scheme which was operating using the name We strongly believe that the same people are behind both the projects and their end goal is to loot the public that is not familiar with the way blockchain technology works.

They make big claims and peddle easy money narratives. However, sooner or later they will show their true colors and by then, for most people, it will be too late to step out. The number of flaws with this platform is way too many and it just cannot be covered in one article.

So, we have mentioned about their notorious traits in the following section. Remember, the fact that this platform is a scam is undeniable.

They might try to win you over by restructuring their deals, but at the end of the day, they will never honor their promises and apart from people’s money, they are not interested in anything else. 

Nittrex.Vip Review

About this scheme

Nittrex.Vip is one of the lousiest investment scam ever. The crooks behind this firm haven’t even tried to make themselves look legitimate. There aren’t any kind of certificates or legal documents featured by them.

Names of fund managers and details about the firm’s whereabouts are not mentioned. They do not even have the guts to provide an email address or telephone number. Looking at the way they are operating, isn’t it crystal clear that they have something to hide?

No legitimate brokerage, service provider or investment platform will operate without having a dedicated support staff. The degree of control they have over the client’s funds are huge. Moreover, as they are not answerable to anyone, they can and will use all the capital in any way they want.

Eventually, when they bite the dust, the clients won’t be able to get anything as these kinds of schemes never offer any type of compensation funds. If you notice carefully, lack of transparency tells you a lot about a firm and it rarely lies. 

Nittrex.Vip Cloud Mining

This platform claims to be involved in cloud mining. Strange thing about them is that they do not provide much details about it. For example, the location of the farms are not revealed. Costs of the equipment and other fees are not mentioned.

Looking at the way they market their service, we believe they have no understanding about the mining mechanics. This firm is using a crypto mining narrative to grab the attention of the unsuspecting investors. Making returns in the range of 1% to 3% per day will always sound enticing.

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    However, we can assure you that it is impossible to sustain those numbers. In today’s world, to set up actual mining farms is way too difficult and it might take upto a year just to reach break even point. Stop chasing quick returns especially in this niche, because anyone that promises you the royal road to wealth is probably not your well wisher. 


    Nittrex.Vip talks about cryptocurrency trading a lot. Funnily enough, they never mention any of their actual trading strategy or ideology. The metrics they follow are not revealed and their results are not audited. In other words, they have no evidence to showcase.

    On their homepage, they say that their fund managers use 1:5 leverage which is more than adequate in general. However, information about the way they manage their risk and the diversification is not discussed. Trading cryptocurrencies is hard, to succeed one needs to be very cautious about their moves and hedging is a must.

    Swings experienced are not like any other asset class and one wrong move can wipe out your entire trading capital in a matter of hours or minutes. If you plan to start with this sector of finance, then always know the parameters beforehand. Also, never trust firms like this one that talks only about the profits, but has nothing to show for it. 

    Returns promised by Nittrex.Vip

    Scammers running this scheme are clever. They have taken a few steps in order to conceal their true nature. Unlike a lot of HYIPs, this one does not talk much about the profit potential on their homepage. Nonetheless, once you sign up with them, you will see double digit returns within a short period of time.

    The narrative usually encourages people to invest more to get better returns in the shortest period of time. 1% per day might sound like an easy target for a lot of new market participants, but the entire perception changes when you do the math. 1% per day translates to over 300% annually which is something no one can achieve consistently.

    If everyone could double or triple their capital without putting in any effort or work, then there wouldn’t be any financial issues in the world, right? Stop chasing blind targets and always refer to the statistics of the market while choosing a reasonable target. 


    Just like we mentioned before, the number of flaws of this program is not something that we can cover in one post without making you tired. To help you quickly recognise all of their toxic traits, we have constructed the following pointers.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Without being aware of their real nature, if you have sent them your funds, then withdraw it immediately. If you are unable to recover your capital, then contact us and our team will not rest until they have done the needful.

    • No contact information
    • Owners are Unknown
    • Unrealistic Profits Advertised
    • No evidence
    • Registrant details are missing
    • Unregulated
    • Crypto payments only

    Bottom Line

    Nittrex.Vip is a platform that is set up to loot the retail side. People that indulge with them generally won’t have a good understanding about the markets or the blockchain technology. The creators behind this scheme are good at marketing and they appear to be aware of the consequences as well.

    So, they are maintaining a very low profile and their only goal is to stay under the radar and steal as much funds as they possibly can. By now, we hope you realise that there is no way for clients to make money with them and as such, it is certainly the kind of thing you need to avoid for your own good. 

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