PayBack LTD Review – Can you Trust Them?

In the last decade, the digital world has seen tremendous change. The benefits it brought to the world are many, and clearly, it changed how humans interact. The COVID pandemic only accelerated the trend, though there are many positive aspects; sadly, there is no way to end scammers, and this space right now is just like heaven for them. PayBack LTD is a recovery agency that has been around for roughly four years since publishing this post.

They have helped numerous victims, and their success rate is pretty high. One look at their platform will give you a clear idea about their expertise in this field and the kind of professionalism they have to offer. Data regarding their operations was not hard to find, and their transparency tells us a lot about them.

Regardless of which way we looked at them, they were flawless. The online world is filled with wonders. From finding bargain deals to just about everything is easier to find. However, it doesn’t mean that it is entirely safe. If you have lost funds recently to any scams and want to use this platform to retrieve the money, read on to find answers to all your questions. 

PayBack LTD Introduction

This platform gives in-depth and easy-to-understand definitions of things in the chargeback sector and covers the history of scams. The details about the employees or creators are not published for obvious privacy reasons. However, they have talked a lot about their goals and the sectors they are active in, and the presentation clearly shows their dedication.

They specialize in recovering funds from trading scams, and mainly they target fraudulent forex and binary options platforms. Their team is said to consist of financial experts and lawyers who can assess, analyze, and recover funds from most types of online frauds. Due to the complexity of recovery cases, the fees cannot be stated beforehand.

Though variable pricing plans are pocket-friendly, it would have been nice to see the costs involved outright. Overall, things look bright for them, and their ratings speak for themselves. Transparency is an important metric that can be used to gauge any firm or platform online.

In some cases, the aspect mentioned above can be confusing. Nonetheless, it is still a strong indicator of legitimacy and is the first thing we look for when assessing new firms online.

Contact Details and Support

PayBack LTD offers an exceptional support team. On their website, you can find their working hours, and as they serve people from all over the world, they have used the GMT format while expressing the operating hours. Via email, clients can reach the staff 24/7, and they have a toll-free number as well.

Typically, people can expect a reply from them in less than an hour; in some cases, they might need more time to assess your claims. Compared to the industry’s standards, the kind of attention to detail they have given to user experience is excellent and much appreciated. 

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    • Address – David Ben Gurion Rd 38, Ramat Gan, Israel, 52573
    • Phone Numbers:
    • Toll-Free 1-845-789-8055
    • AUS 61-863-654-977
    • UK 44-1880930001‏
    • US 1-845-789-8055
    • IL 03-309-4596
    • IR 353-14378377

    Working Hours: Monday to Friday – 09 to 18 GMT, Sunday – 08 to 14 GMT

    How Does PayBack LTD Help the Victims?

    Like all the other recovery agencies, this firm helps people collect evidence and present the case in a legal format. Not all fraud cases are the same, and as a result, victims will not be able to defend their stances. In most cases, including the use of a credit card, a simple chargeback process is sufficient. However, if you have waited too long, the chargebacks won’t rescue you.

    Moreover, for other forms of payments, the recovery process is way too complicated for average citizens. PayBack LTD offers free consultations wherein they gather details about the incident. Once they have all the necessary data, they will finish the paperwork and gather as much proof as possible.

    Lastly, they will get back in touch with the client and let them know the available options. If the client successfully recovers the funds, they have to pay a fee of around 7% to 9%, and sometimes it might go higher and mainly depends upon the nature of the case.

    They are moving on to the other informative content they had on their homepage. They seem to have a clear understanding of the things the public is being misinformed about. So, to keep everyone updated with the trends, they have shared the common traits of various online scams. Considering every piece of content we come across, it is valuable and easy to comprehend. 

    Specialty and Achievements

    Every recovery agency is focused on specific niches to cater to the needs of the people. This one specializes mainly in recovering funds from forex and binary options scams. Still, they are also active in other common scams in the make money online sector, such as lottery scams, advanced fees, guaranteed credit or loan acceptance, etc.; we will review their main strengths below. 

    Online Fake Shopping Websites

    Data shows that people shop online more than ever. While thousands of legitimate websites dominate their respective categories, tons of scams are also active in the same sector. New users are easy prey to crooks, and by offering bargain prices, they attract them.

    However, they never deliver the product, and to get a refund from them will be nothing short of a miracle. A few scams pop up out of nowhere, run aggressive marketing campaigns to suck in the clients, and will flee the scene without leaving a clue. This firm will go after fake shopping websites that display the traits mentioned above and make them pay up for their actions.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner


    Nowadays, many websites offer 30-day refunds are many, but not all of them hold their end of the bargain. A few shady websites create policies making it almost impossible for clients to apply for a refund.

    If you ever find yourself in a spot wherein you are intentionally kept from making a refund request, you can hire the recovery agency to do your bidding. The underlying process will be the same, and the legal team will handle the rest.

    Trading Scams

    The world of online investing is vast, and it is always filled with newbies who are present to try their luck. Forex is highly unregulated and the perfect breeding ground for scammers to make a fortune. Brokers usually set up their firms in undisclosed locations and offer attractive incentives and bonuses to attract retail investors.

    Once they have complete access to the funds, they will wipe it all off in the name of account management. In other words, in one way or another, they will transfer money from the user’s pocket to their bank accounts. Moving on to Binary options, this type of trading is illegal in most countries, and the number of frauds committed using this type of derivatives is countless.

    Binary options are highly speculative instruments and can be manipulated to a large extent. Many fraud entities offer this type of trading and mess around with the data feed to maintain their competitive edge. Their practices are illegal, which is the reason behind the hatred they get from almost all regulatory bodies. 

    Other Frauds

    The Internet is a boon for crooks, allowing them to commit crimes anonymously. The range of scams in this space cannot fit into a list because they are evolving rapidly. Romance scams, phishing attempts, the list goes on. From time to time, new types of hustles will also come into play.

    Regardless of the kind of schemes you have lost money to, always be swift when taking action, as it will enhance the odds of recovering the funds. Remember, there will always be a solution, thanks to the latest forensic tools made available by the leading reputable recovery agencies. Even cryptocurrencies are traceable nowadays, and looking at the data so far, the number of successful recoveries looks reassuring.

    How Chargebacks Work?

    Chargebacks have existed for an extended period. The government knows the ways many crooks use to loot the public. Though they cannot possibly intervene in every matter, they have specific laws in place to curb their activities. Sadly, a lot of retail participants just are not aware of the options available to them. Generally speaking, a credit card is the safest form of payment to use online.

    In most cases, a generous period of 120 days is provided to apply for a dispute or a chargeback. The unique thing about chargebacks is that it does not go after the culprits. Instead, it directly asks for the bank to make the refund. Of course, there are certain vital things required before you pull the trigger.

    However, note that the recovery agency will collect the data for you and handle the proceedings. Consumer protection is the reason behind retrieval methods, and it is undoubtedly a well-appreciated feature.

    PayBack LTD User Testimonials

    Whenever a firm genuinely helps people, there won’t be any shortage of social proof. After all, won’t people love to flaunt everything online nowadays? On their platform, there are comments from early clients and video testimonials as well. The feedback looks natural.

    On many third-party forums, the consensus is in their favor, which is a big positive sign. Even on Trustpilot, their rating is 4.7, which is phenomenal. There is a fair amount of criticism against them, but in the end, that is the case with every big firm, and it is not a massive deal. 

    Have you been scammed?

    If you have lost money to any investment hustle or fake online schemes, PayBack LTD is the firm you need to contact. They will cater to your needs and help you with everything associated with recovery.

    Their team is truly exceptional, and customer support is also friendly. Response time is quick, and once the details are submitted to them, you do not have to worry about anything. From charting the path to handling the formalities, they take care of everything.

    PayBack LTD Scams

    On September 15, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    I received an email from PayBack LTD Support, identified as “PayBack LTD Support,” with the following content:

    Back to your application to our company regarding your missing funds, we are happy to inform you that we have good news regarding your funds!
    Please reply to this email with a convenient time to discuss your case.
    Kind Regards
    Jared Parker
    PayBack LTD Team

    My question is: Is this legitimate or a scam?

    We reached out to PayBack LTD, and this is what they told us:

    It’s a scam. We have no Jared working for us. Also, our email ends with

    Is PayBack LTD Legitimate?

    Yes, it certainly is legitimate. PayBack LTD is a reputable agency that helps thousands of victims every month. They are true experts familiar with the ins and outs of the sectors they are dealing with.

    The amount of money they have recovered monthly is published on their website, and the numbers shown are not exaggerated considering their website popularity. In short, they are trustworthy; if you stick with them, you will likely recover your funds successfully.

    PayBack LTD Review

    Bottom Line

    PayBack LTD is a firm that has a lot to offer to the public. From general information to showcasing testimonials and social proof, almost everything about them is flawless. They are the only ones who deserve a 5-star recommendation from us. Moreover, the fees they charge are reasonable, and keeping in mind all of their characteristics, they are one of the solid recovery agencies out there.

    Please comment below this review if you have fallen victim to online scams. Did you suffer a substantial financial loss? Do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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