Presto Card Scam – TTC Issues

Presto Card Scam Report – The TTC is examining several options for preventing adult riders from using youngster Presto cards to avoid paying full fare.

Presto Card Scam

According to a report presented to the audit and risk management committee on Tuesday, fare evasion cost the TTC $12.4 million last year. According to the report, there were 5.5 million “misused child rides” in 2019.

The Toronto Transit Commission’s Rick Leary describes the problem as “significant” since child Presto cards have been extensively abused. He also urges grownups to contribute their fair share. Fraudulent use of child Presto cards contributed for 33.7 percent of all fare evasion on the subway system in 2019, according to the TTC.

“When adults use a child card, it is completely fraudulent,” Leary mentioned.

“I’m overjoyed about the prospect of integrating children’s cards into my work. There is a lot of fraud going on right now. Are there any other options? That is the only thing I have asked my team to look into.”

The research Kid Concession Analysis and Insights, according to the TTC’s finance department, shows that there was a potential misuse of kid Presto cards at certain York University and Dundas stations between January 5 and January 25 of this year. These cards are appropriate for children who are 12 years old or younger.

According to the study, it’s unclear if children aged 12 and under used child Presto cards at these stations because they go to local schools, usage was higher on days when schools were closed, and the majority of them didn’t travel after dark or during school hours.

Failure to present proof of payment, tailgating, illegal entry at collection fee gates, and using Presto cards belonging to students, elderly, and teenagers are all ways to avoid TTC tickets.

The TTC was evaluating the “critical need” for kid Presto cards, according to another study presented at the conference, and Metrolinx should provide distinct-looking child Presto cards.

The TTC has asked Metrolinx to separate the Presto card readers from the adult card readers so that when a child’s Presto card is tapped, it produces a different light and sound. Metrolinx is an Ontario government-run transportation agency.

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    “We want to eliminate the fraudulent use of child cards,” Leary added.

    According to his spokesperson Don Peat, Toronto Mayor John Tory has attempted to convince Metrolinx to alter the kid Presto card so that it can be distinguished visually from adult Presto cards.

    Accusations of fee evasion have been startling and distressing, and the mayor has made it clear that anybody riding the TTC without buying their ticket is not welcome.

    “The campaign “Kids Ride Free” has been a success. It benefits families, keeps the city cheap, and encourages people to use public transit more often.”

    In 2014, GO Transit announced that it will launch a free travel programme for youngsters.

    TTCRiders’ Shelagh Pizey-Allen adds that, although TTC officials presented this result at the conference, it is consistent with other cities’ transit systems.

    “Every transit system has some fare evasion happening,” she added.

    “The TTC’s approach will not address the current underlying causes of fare evasion. Individuals are also unable to use public transit due to a lack of resources, such as money.” Pizey-Allen responded with a retort.

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    “Many Toronto residents, regardless of their financial circumstances, are ineligible for the low-income discount. Then, voila, you’re done. Despite the fact that the gate issue has been resolved, customers are still unable to load their cards. That hasn’t been handled.”

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