Profit Revolution Scam Review – Is it Worth it?

Bitcoin is the best performing asset in the last decade and the growth it has witnessed over the years is immense. The retail crowd along with the institutional investors are going crazy over the benefits the new form of financial system has to offer us and the hype appears to be picking up pace. Profit Revolution is a new AI based semi-automated trading software that, like countless other trading applications, claims to make it’s users earn more money by using some kind of miraculous algorithms.

This software clearly understands the kind of audience that are most likely to fall for make money online schemes and they do their best to monetize their skills by selling false notions to the public. The founders of this app are unknown, but just like all the other bogus systems, they have tons of non-relevant content and background stories to make up for the shortfall.

Their website gets loads of traffic which showcases the kind of marketing abilities the creators have and it is not a good sign for the public. Automated systems have been around for more than a decade and none of them perform well over the long term due to the ever changing variables in the market.

Unfortunately, people are not well versed with the dark side of the trading bots and snake oil salesmen always exploit the lack of knowledge of the retail clients to their advantage. To learn about all the aspects and agendas of this platform, stay with us till the end and we will even show you the ways of recovering your funds from them in case you have lost money to them already.

Profit Revolution Scam Review

Founders and Background

One of the most valuable things you can earn in the digital space in order to get more revenue is “trust”. As more people believe an entity, the more likely they are to buy products and services from them. Day by day, all the firms catering to the needs of the retail side have realised the value of building connections with the user base and one of the age old ways of doing that is by being transparent.

This platform does not like the idea of being open with the public, because once everyone knows their real nature, it is game over for them. So, they feature details that are vague and almost impossible to verify. In simple terms, the owners, employees and other management members of this platform are unknown and that is a red flag in our books.

If this software is truly helping thousands of traders, then why are they hesitant to showcase the identity of the real heroes who worked behind the scenes? Moreover, the lack of verifiable trading history and broker statements also damages their reputation beyond imagination. Clearly, the fact that everything is wrong with them is undeniable and as such anyone who deposits with them is bound to lose money sooner or later. 

Profit Revolution Trading Metrics

Every successful trading software always let’s the user know the metrics and variables used in the calculations beforehand. The point of publishing the variables involved is to let the users tweak the setting to suit their personal needs, For example, the same kind of indicators used by short term traders might not be relevant for swing traders and vice-versa.

On this platform, there is no explanation provided about the indicators they rely on. The AI aspect is also not explained and the machine learning part is completely skipped by them. To put things into perspective, they want everyone to blindly believe in their capabilities without providing an inch of evidence to support their theories. There are tens of thousands of indicators that have come into existence over the years.

Sadly, no one indicator can provide consistent results all the time and they all cannot perfectly pick the tops and bottoms in the market. Anyone who claims to have the perfect system is outright bluffing or they don’t have enough experience in the sector.

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    So, without seeing proof, do not take anyone’s word for granted and to be on the safer side, always backtest the strategies to understand the curve in a better way. Also, don’t forget that past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, but it is always good to have an idea about the historic patterns.

    Money Management and Risk Management

    Accuracy rate of picking the directional bias is important in the markets. However, there are few things that are more important than forecasting the correct trends and that is money management and risk management. This bot doesn’t give much importance to the metrics mentioned above and that makes it a dangerous tool for the newbies.

    Generally speaking, risk management includes positions in the derivatives segment and it is quite hard to grasp the perfect formula. Buying or selling in the open markets will always have immense profit potential, but they also expose your account to a lot of risk.

    So, always make sure the broker you are using offers negative balance protection. Also, if the platform you are indulged with is unregulated, then it is time to withdraw your funds and look for other available options. On the money management side, allocation of funds and determining the volatility in the sector is important.

    For any reason, if the software doesn’t provide you with the required information, you should be very careful while dealing with it. After all, lack of money and risk management is a recipe for disaster, right?

    Profit Revolution Fake Reviews and Testimonials

    If you input the keyword “Profit Revolution Review” on any search engine, then chances are it will lead you to a bunch of positive reviews about this platform. For the people who are just starting out their journey into the world of cryptocurrencies, they will never be able to notice the flaws of this software because of the sheer manipulation that has been going on for a while.

    Whenever a new software hits the market, usually the creators will do their best to give it a boost in terms of traffic and that involves paid marketing as well. We strongly believe all of the platforms that have given this software good ranking have no idea about the real authenticity and they probably have never tried it out too. Fake reviews and testimonials are becoming way too common nowadays and as of now, there isn’t any real way to stop them.

    While the content peddled by some marketers might look exceptional, always have a realistic view of the scenario and never let emotions get the best out of you. We couldn’t find any reliable user feedback about this platform, but eventually they are bound to find its way to the public. Even if you are enticed to try them out, wait for more data to appear and you will understand their true agendas.

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    How Profit Revolution Makes Money?

    Profit Revolution and many trading solutions like that acts like a marketing funnel that promotes the unregulated brokers. They are all working on commission basis and their only goal is to convince more people to sign up with them and their associated entities. At first, they will focus more on the marketing side and make exaggerated comments about the results they have earned and in most cases they will never be transparent.

    Moreover, they will hide behind cleverly designed liability clauses that shield them from legal complications. At the end of the day, when something wrong happens with the broker, the person who will suffer the maximum pain financially will be the clients and the ways of recovering funds from them isn’t an easy process for a lot of people as well.

    As the risk present is immense, we encourage our audience not to proceed with any unlicensed firms and in case if you have lost money to them or to any other broker, then get in touch with us for a free consultation. Fill in the contact form on our platform and let us know a few key details about the incident and our team will start exploring all the options available to your specific scenario. 


    Profit Revolution is a bogus cryptocurrency trading platform that is run by unknown entities. They have no proof to back up most of their claims and they don’t even provide a basic trading history on their website. The narratives preached by them are way too general and at the end of the day it is not worth getting involved with them in any way.

    Hopefully, we have cleared all your doubts about this software, if you have any more questions about it, then fire away in the comment’s section. Spread the word and help us fight fake platforms like this one by sharing this article via social media platforms.

    Have you tried Profit Revolution Software? If yes, then comment your opinion below.

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