ProSmartCrypto Review – Cloud Mining Scam

ProSmartCrypto is a dumb cloud mining scam that is managing to grab attention in the crypto space. Fraudsters operating this ponzi scam are advertising over 500% returns every week. Their website looks too out of place and most people in the crypto realm can easily see through the wall of lies.

Unfortunately, newbies are susceptible to this kind of gimmick and one wrong move by them will lead to nothing, but disaster. Mining is an extremely competitive space and the margins are razor thin. Given the rising cost of energy, the trend is likely to get worse.

So, don’t let anyone deter you from seeing the facts. The era of making easy money with cryptocurrency markets is long gone.

Now, to sustain in the markets you need a solid edge and a realistic expectation. As far as this one goes, read the following content to know more about them. 

ProSmartCrypto Review


ProSmartCrypto refuses to say anything about their founders or management team. Their domain age is not reassuring and their “About Us” section lacks transparency and value. Whenever you spot any platform that promises you ridiculous things, take a look at their profile closely.

Ponzi scams usually never talk about upper management or other accomplishments as they do not have anything to show for it. Thin content speaks tons of volumes about their character and integrity.

As the facts are too clear, make sure to stay away from them. After all, nothing good really comes from this sort of platform, right?

How does ProSmartCrypto make Money?

This platform claims to make money from cloud mining. Allegedly, they have got superior hardware that enables them to get incredible rewards. To an outsider, the explanation put up by them might appear appealing.

However, the veterans know the truth and they can easily catch the bluff. Location of their farms are not mentioned and there are no third party audits as well. Simply put, they are misleading the customers and there isn’t an ounce of doubt about their operational model.

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    Regardless of which equipment one might use, there is no way to make 500% returns on a weekly basis. If anyone claims to make that type of returns, then obviously, they are lying. 

    ProSmartCrypto Mining Plans

    There are 3 different investment plans offered by them. Just like other investment scams, they lure you in by promising higher returns to more upfront capital. Their basic package promises to deliver 500% returns weekly.

    The worst part is that they try to make the entire deal seem risk free. Legit mining operations take in account the wear and tear charges and other operating expenses. Also, the volatility is also a huge problem that needs to be addressed or else there will be no reliable forecasts.

    Looking at the way this platform pedals the narratives, it is clear that they do not understand this sector at all. They are just trying to loot the investors and they do not care about anything other than stealing your deposits. 

    Fake Statistics

    Almost all of the big exchanges display the statistics to keep the user’s informed about the latest movement and showcase the volumes. ProSmartCrypto also displays few statistics. However, the only catch is that no one knows whether it is true or not.

    In other words, there is no way to verify their claims and it would be really unwise on our part to give these crooks the benefit of the doubt. Just because they display a few digits on a screen, do not let them blind you.

    The only reason they are showcasing the imaginary numbers is to trick you and convince you to make a deposit.

    User Reviews

    If you are a regular visitor of our website, then you already know the importance of user reviews. Whenever a service, especially in the crypto realm is good, people talk about it on the internet. ProSmartCrypto has got zero mentions on popular niche forums.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Even on social media, they have not received significant shoutouts. Trust score is scary to say the least. Due to lack of user input and obvious traits, we urge our readers to never proceed with them. Remember, their statement might be enticing, but they offer nothing but disappointment. 

    We also found a complaint about Pro Smartcrypto on the Better Business Bureau (BBB):

    A scammer befriended me on Facebook. We had 62 mutual friends, so I thought I may know them. Then they messaged me about buying cryptocurrency and sent me a link to their website.

    The website immediately asked for my personally identifiable information and banking details. I did not supply any information. I looked up the website on ScamAdvisor and it was listed as a likely scam. I approached the scammer about it, and they blocked me.

    On April 25, 2023 we received the following complaint:

    ProSmart Crypto took $15,000 of my money, which we believed to be a legitimate investment opportunity promoted by a friend of my husband on Facebook. However, after investing, we contacted that person, who informed us that it was actually a scam.

    Is ProSmartCrypto Scam or Not?

    Pro Smart Crypto is a scam for sure. Shady background, obvious traits and anonymous people operating it tells us everything we need to know about the organisation.

    Ridiculous profit claims are also a dead giveaway. Thanks to countless, easy to detect red flags, it goes without saying that you should stay away from these crooks.

    Bottom Line

    The financial markets are full of opportunities. However, you need to know the fundamentals and risk management before investing in any project.

    Moreover, one needs to have a realistic approach and targets. Do not let huge numbers or profit claims push you in the wrong direction. 

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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