Stay Pawsitive Scam Review – Caution Advised

Stay Pawsitive is a relatively new platform that is making a buzz for all the right reasons. The goal of this organisation is to help you preserve the memories of your pet dog in a graceful way. There are a wide variety of products they sell and on top of the goods, they run a few exclusive memberships too.

Their intentions are good, but lately, many people are wondering about the authenticity factor. Of course, one has to be careful while putting in their banking information on new platforms, right?

To know the goals, motives and operational model of this platform along with the merits and demerits continue reading. We have done our best to help you make a firm decision by gathering all the relevant information.

Also, if you have something to say about this platform that is not covered by this blog post, then feel free to do so in the thread below. 

Stay Pawsitive Scam Review

Owners and Customer Support

Everything about Stay Pawsitive appears to be noble. The goods are not overpriced. However, the lack of certain details raises concerns and acts like a red flag. For starters, the owners are unknown. Building a strong community involves people running the initiative to be transparent for obvious reasons.

Oddly, this one is following a different approach and that is not a good thing. Plus, the employee information is also not present and their social following is not that impressive as well. Even their website traffic data is weak and they have a lot of work to do on the marketing side.

Trusting platforms that operate anonymously is always risky which is why a lot of people are afraid to indulge with Stay Pawsitive. Moving on to the customer support, all the contact information along with working hours are mentioned.

Unfortunately, the address they have used does not show up on Google Maps which means something is fishy. In case you want their contact information, refer to the table below.

  • Email –
  • Phone – +1 (844) 448-0076
  • Address – Stay Pawsitive, 1550 W Evans Ave. Unit C, Denver, CO 80223 USA 

Stay Pawsitive Scam Explained

Many people are under the assumption that this platform is nothing more than a scam. While there are no serious accusations against them, we understand why the public is overly concerned about indulging with them.

On one hand, their motto and goals are noble. Nonetheless, they do showcase a lot of disturbing things such as broken narratives, fake addresses and questionable stuff. On the positive side, all of the items offered are reasonable and the collections are good.

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    Currently, there are huge discounts provided and due to the price cuts, they should get boatloads of orders. Shipping terms are customer friendly and their policies are a bit weird, but transparent at the same time.

    To be on the safer side, read the terms and conditions carefully before ordering anything from them. Lastly, they offer memberships too and the pricing is around $10 monthly. The membership benefits are outlined pretty well, but whether to buy it or not comes down to your personal preference. 

    Pawws Program

    Pawss program is an initiative taken by this platform to raise money for activities that involve rescuing dogs. The way the funds are handled is not clear, but the goal is indeed noble. Many pet owners relate to the story featured by them and their way of tapping into people’s soft corner is unique.

    It would have been nice if they shared more information about the way they actually rescue dogs, but for now, we have very slim data. The cost for the exclusive membership is around 33 cents a day. Benefits offered are enticing and the entire list of advantages is listed on the official website.

    In a nutshell, from reduced prices to custom gifts, they have a lot to offer to their members. All in all, this aspect of the business is good in theory, but only time can tell us how committed they are. 

    Stay Pawsitive Confusing Returns and Shipping Terms

    Stay Pawsitive does not offer refunds or exchanges on a few products. A period of 30 days is provided for returns and all the standard rules apply. Also, while returning the product, customers have to cover the shipping charges.

    Once the goods are received by them, the refund process will begin provided every criteria is fulfilled. If the product is damaged slightly, then users may only get partial refund and only the organization has the final say in the matter.

    Generally, refunds are said to be processed within 30 days. So, before speaking with the customer support, talk with your bank once. After all, there is nothing wrong with double checking things, right?

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    Is Stay Pawsitive a Scam?

    It does not appear to be a scam. Without any doubts, they do showcase a lot of things that are unpleasant and scary. However, they have not done anything yet that makes anyone frustrated.

    Their user feedback gives mixed impressions, but as we mentioned before, nothing mentioned about them is verifiable at present. So, we are inclined towards giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    Nonetheless, we wouldn’t be comfortable sharing credit card details on their platform. Proceed with them only if you feel it is worth the risks involved.


    Stay Pawsitive is a platform with huge merits and demerits. Some people adore it, but the mysteriousness around them is something we simply cannot ignore. In case you get into any trouble with them, then get in touch with us via the contact form below.

    Our team will look into the matter for you and assist you in any way possible. Lastly, when it comes to online shopping, always do your research and never believe third party sources without verifying them personally. 

    Do you like the Stay Pawsitive Platform? Kindly leave a comment below. 

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