Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam – Full Details

If you are located in the United States, then chances are you are familiar with Texas Roadhouse restaurants. Recently, a big phishing scam created a stir in the social media platform by using this brand name. The post created by scammers got over 300k shares and needless to say, it also created a lot of chaos for both the actual owners and customers.

Looking at the way this incident unrevealed, it is really concerning because it shows the kind of ways criminals can use technology to their advantage. There aren’t any serious crimes or financial damage reported yet due to this event, but until the dust settles we cannot take anything for granted.

If you want to know the gimmicks used by the crooks and the way the whole fraudulent offers were circulated, keep on reading.

Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam - Full Details

What Really Happened?

This incident starts with a simple Facebook page. The masterminds behind this operation created a handful of pages that closely resembles the official page of “Texas Roadhouse ”.

Scammers created a lot of posts and claimed to offer free meals and drinks for 2 if the users completed simple tasks. Anyone that wanted this voucher had to sign up with the website linked out under the post and it goes without mentioning that it was a phishing attempt.

Obviously, no one ever received any reward because the entire thing was a hoax. As the restaurant chain was famous, the post received a lot of attention and sadly, Facebook failed to put an end to this thing quickly. Now, all of the associated pages and profiles are terminated, but the extent of damage is still unclear for the most part. 

Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam Explained

Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam as the name suggests was a hustle carried out by cyber criminals wherein the real intention was to collect the data of users. The crooks just leveraged the big brand name and dished out a lot of posts promising users free meals.

However, the catch was that the users had to register via their website. As the post looked convincing enough, many people quickly followed instructions, but at the end, there was nothing given to them.

Thankfully, as this incident caught the eye of the franchise owners, they cleared the air and no one has stepped in to the restaurant trying to cash out any alleged vouchers. The way scammers are tricking the public is unprecedented and it has made many people wonder about the negatives of the social media content. 

Stay safe from Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are after the sensitive data of the users. Basic things like name, email address and phone numbers can help cyber criminals make a lot of money. If your data is leaked, then the consequences are indeed severe. From identity theft to bad credit score, the kind of nasty things they can do with just a few clicks is unimaginable.

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    So, do not reveal your information to unknown platforms and always do a thorough background check. If you ever get confused, always visit the official sources and ask for information. Remember, it is better to be overly cautious than regretting impulsive decisions later on. 

    Lost money to Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam?

    If you have suffered any damage to your bank account due to the Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam, then take swift action. Get in touch with our team and let them know a few specific details.

    They will guide you towards the proper procedures that will put odds in your favour. Moreover, they will take care of everything associated with the case and help you recover the funds as quickly as possible for free. 

    Public Reaction

    People love promotions and who on Earth would not like to get free stuff, right? As the post got viral, tens of thousands of people shared it and left a comment thinking that they might get something in return. Sadly, no one apart from the crooks benefited from it.

    Due to the fact that this page blew up in literally a short period of time, few people started questioning the authenticity and then the entire thing went downhill. Scammers could not peddle their fake narrative anymore and they had to stop any sort of activity related to the page.

    Unfortunately, by the time the whole drama came to an end, they got their prize and left the scene undetected. 

    Official Source Clarification

    The official page of Texas Roadhouse has given a clear clarification regarding this incident. Many newspapers have also made posts warning people about the scam and the posts are taken down by Facebook as well.

    Though this threat is non-existent currently, that does not mean that you should let your guard down. Fake news is a real problem and it can be ingenious sometimes. So, always take time to crosscheck facts and proceed only after verifying the data.

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    Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam Conclusion

    Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam is a wake up call for many people. The craze for promotions and giveaways does not appear to be going away anytime soon. Even the scammers have realised the way they can exploit these narratives and that’s a real danger.

    Be careful while surfing the social media platforms and if you spot an unbelievable offer, then do not act on it for any reason. After all, nothing worthwhile comes for free, right?

    If you encounter any Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam related page on Facebook, do not forget to report it to relevant authorities. 

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