Titan Fund Recovery Review – Pros or Fraudsters?

Titan Fund Recovery is a recovery agency that is little over 1.5 years old at the time of publishing this post. Their website data suggests that they do not get much traffic and as far as user feedback goes, there isn’t much to talk about either.

They claim to tackle mainly the scams that are perpetrated in and around the financial sector. If you visit their official website, then we are sure that you might be convinced to trust them with your matters, but there are a lot of things going on with them. For starters, their whereabouts are not verifiable.

Apart from a couple of user testimonials on forums, there really isn’t anyone mentioning this firm’s name anywhere on the web. Moreover, there is no proof provided by them. Their policies are mysterious and the fee they charge is also not transparent.

Free consultation is apparently offered by them, but with so little data about them, proceeding with them may not be a wise choice. We spent a lot of time on their platform and sadly, all we found was scary signs and alarming facts. To understand the way they function in the real world, carefully read the following paragraphs. 

Titan Fund Recovery Review

People Behind Titan Fund Recovery

Almost all of the recovery firms try their best to flaunt their abilities. The way legitimate companies flex is all about transparency and being real with the public. Sharing information about the team members, publishing their track record and featuring audited reports of their accomplishments are the kind of things the reputable ones do.

Titan Fund Recovery does not like to be open with the public. If you take a look at the domain data, the actual creators have employed a paid service to keep their identities from getting revealed. Ask yourself, why would they do that unless something sketchy is going on?

We are not saying that this firm is a big bad scam, but the way they operate is not up to par with the industry’s standards. Even on professional networks such as LinkedIn, we could not trace the owners of this firm. Oddly enough, even their employee data is hard to find.

They do talk about their team and exaggerate about their abilities. Nonetheless, as we have not seen any data to support their claims, we are hesitant to give them the benefit of the doubt. Our advice to all our readers is to never take lack of transparency lightly, remember trust and transparency are the best ways to gauge a firm.

Contact Details and Support

Titan Fund Recovery claims to be working in many continents. While they do not disclose their legal status, they do mention that their main office is located in the United Kingdom. All of the contact details are present and they look crystal clean. We bet that any person that is not familiar with this space will easily fall for their tricks.

First of all, the address mentioned by them is not verifiable. Secondly, interaction through phone and email only is something that enables them to slide away from the scene in case something bad unfolds.

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    Live chat functionality is present, but we do not know whether it is an actual person present on the other end or if it is some pre programmed set of responses. Given the fact that owners are unknown, the way they have set up the infrastructure looks too shady and for the very same reason, people have to be careful with them.

    In case you need to take a closer look at all their information, refer to the following table.

    • Address – Titan Fund Recovery Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA
    • Email – info@titanfundrecovery.com
    • Phone – +44-777-690-9334

    Services Offered

    Recovery agencies work on multiple angles with the same client. For example, they might take advice from attorneys about the legality related matters, but at the same time they have to work with analysts to trace the flow of funds.

    Multiple activities will be happening behind the scenes and it is understandable as to why individuals cannot do it by themselves. According to the data we found on Titan Fund Recovery platform, the list of services they offer are as follows.

    Service related chargebacks

    Demand and the need for businesses to shift to the digital space is skyrocketing day by day. People have to embrace the laptop lifestyle and the trend is too huge to reverse. If you have paid to any entity that promised you certain service and failed to hold onto their end of the bargain, then use this method to make the culprits pay.

    People paying for the trading courses and other related classes, webinars in the make money online sector are the ones that typically employ this option. Note that any firm by properly phrasing the disclaimers can get away with selling the systems or other things.

    So, keep an eye on the small print and if you are confused, never make any decision in an impulsive manner. If you think your situation is familiar with things covered in this section, then this might be the course you need to pursue.

    Fraud related chargebacks

    Fake online stores and scammers usually are hit with this kind of chargeback. Online world sadly is filled with scams. Literally the number of fraudulent platforms outweigh the legitimate ones by a huge margin. Moreover, social media marketing and other techniques have made it easier for the masterminds to loot the public at scale.

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    If you ordered something and never received it or if you were tricked into depositing in dubious schemes, then you might want to know more about this option. By using this option it is possible to get the money back from fake vendors and exchanges or marketplaces. 

    Wire recall

    By far for the longest duration in history, wire transfers were the ones which were used. In the early 2000s when the internet was just being embraced by the public, many skilled scammers exploited the lack of knowledge of the average users. Phishing was the way crooks used to get the details of the victims and wire frauds were becoming alarmingly common.

    Not to mention, there weren’t any API based models to give real time alerts to the people. Moreover, in most cases victims never realised the damage until it was too late. Wire recalls were invented to address the very same issue faced by a lot of people. Nowadays, thankfully the number of wire frauds have gone down, but the chances of it getting eradicated is very less. As this concept is self-explanatory, use it if applicable.

    Credit/debit card disputes

    Plastic money is a very popular means of exchange. Most people in the developed countries have credit or debit cards and it is a convenient way of carrying money around. As this system is well accepted and supported, the chances of any kind of hiccups is rare and even if it happens, it is not a deal breaker.

    Unfortunately, the scammers target these mechanics a lot and on an annual scale, billions of dollars are lost to this type of fraud. If your situation involves fraudulent deduction via your debit or credit card, then dispute the charges immediately. There is a grace period applicable, but never wait for long. 

    Private investigation

    Sometimes recovery agencies have to conduct private investigations. Few criminals know their way around the law and surveillance systems very well. Whenever something big happens, usually professional crooks are the ones behind it and this type of incident happens a lot with corporate breaches.

    Firms cannot hand over the case to law enforcement authorities every single time and wait for long to see any meaningful results. So, the preferred option is to hire a private investigator with good experience and let the experts take charge of the situation.

    Recovery agencies work closely with private investigators and will have established connections with them. From the client’s perspective, it is better to approach the experts via the agency as the fees will drop dramatically in most cases. Clearly, it is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. Nonetheless, people have to make sure that they are dealing with the legitimate ones.

    Titan Fund Recovery Fees

    There is no one size fits all approach in the recovery space. Some cases can be handled with ease and not many people have to work on it. On the other hand, few cases might demand a lot of personnel and different professionals such as lawyers, financial analysts and cyber security analysts.

    Regardless of whether they will win the case or not, the expenses have to be addressed or else the model becomes unsustainable. For the reasons mentioned above, every agency charges two types of fee which are retainers and success fee. Retainer fees are the kind of costs which clients have to pay and there is no way of getting it back.

    Even if the case is unsuccessful, the retainer fee stays with the agency and that is a hard rule. Success fee is charged when the agency receives the money on behalf of the clients. It usually is below 35% and it also correlates a lot with difficulty and hurdles involved in the pursuit.

    Titan Fund Recovery mentions that they handle most types of online scam wherein the lost funds are above $1,000. However, they never mention anything about the fees. There is no way to estimate the potential expenses and that is a red flag.

    As they are not upfront about the costs involved, we do not know whether it is worth it to proceed with them. After all, if you cannot get back at least 60% to 70% of the funds lost by disputing, is it really worth it?

    Community and Feedback

    Taking a look at customer feedback is a mandatory thing we do at Cyber Scam Review. The consensus usually tells us more than any other metric and using history as a guide, it is the best way to get a thorough understanding of the way a firm works.

    To find reviews and feedback on Titan Fund Recovery was a huge task. They do have dedicated social media profiles and the kind of traction gained by them also appears to be decent. However, most things are not easy to verify and on third party forums, information about them is not significant.

    On Trustpilot, they have got over 4.5 ratings. While the number might look good, keep in mind that there are only 20 reviews available and that is not a good sample size by any means.

    Though, there is no way to verify the comments, all of the ones are way too flattering and personally, we do not trust them because the stories of the clients are too picture perfect. The comments are very similar to endorsements and that’s why we are not putting our money on them.

    I was scammed and didn’t know what to do. Titan fund recovery gave me a free consultation and outlined the plan that they would undertake to help get my money back. Unfortunately I hadn’t the funds to proceed with the help but they even contacted me to see how things were going and to offer any help if they could which was very much appreciated

    They are very nice.

    Great support and super professional! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world helping so many people and me help me to get out of this problem.

    Is Titan Fund Recovery a Scam?

    This question has a lot of variables and the end conclusion can be debated for long. Obviously, we do not want our readers to sit on the fence about them. On paper, this firm does it’s best to appear reputable, but they do not receive considerable web traffic.

    Testimonials are available, but as we mentioned before, there isn’t good enough sample size to support any firm conclusion. Due to a lot of uncertainties present, it is better to avoid interacting with this firm at least for the time being.

    Moreover, there are a lot of alternatives available which have a better track record than this firm in the marketplace. If you need free consultation or advice on how to proceed with your individual case, then use the contact form below to get in touch with our team.

    Our experts have combined experience of over three decades and as expected, they have seen everything you can possibly imagine. Note that all of our services are free and raising awareness is our number one priority. 


    Titan Fund Recovery is not the ideal recovery agency for anyone. They might have helped a few people, but the evidence is scarce and with an anonymous team, proceeding with them is indeed a risky venture. Fees and policies are not revealed upfront and they have a huge degree of control over the clients and their cases.

    Even social proof is not adequate to instill trust and it is better to be extra cautious while iterating with them. With everything said and done, one thing is clear, this firm is a suspicious one and no amount of argument can deny that fact. So, act accordingly and for quick results employ only reputable agencies. 

    Are you facing any issues with Titan Fund Recovery? Share your side of the story by commenting below. 

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