UnionsMarket Group Review – They have gone AWOL!

Welcome to our Unions Market Review, where we investigate the website previously located at UnionsMarket.group. We have created this resource for those who have fallen victim to scams perpetrated by Unions Market, and also to ensure that these scammers have not resumed their operations under a different domain.

On April 14, 2023 we received a complaint in which a person expresses their distress and claims that UnionsMarket has taken everything from them, including their “life, hope, and smile.” They state that overall the company took around 50,000 euros from them (about $55K). Here is the original complaint:

With my last bit of strength, I want to tell you that UNIONSMARKET has taken everything from me: my life, hope, and smile. I understand that it may not matter to you. They have taken roughly 50,000 euros from me.

So is UnionsMarket a SCAM?

UnionsMarket Review

As unionsmarket.group is no longer online, the only way to gather information about it directly is by checking if it is still indexed in Google and if any of its pages are still cached and accessible for viewing.

Indeed, we discover that the domain is still indexed. The Google search results show only 2 results with limited information. The website appears to have had 4 pages, but some entries have been omitted from the search results.

The two indexed pages are the homepage and a 4-page PDF file titled “No sponsors – unionsmarket.group” and the description “See relevant content for Unionsmarket group.”

Unfortunately, the homepage is no longer in the Google cache, but the PDF file is, but the only information we are able to get is that the website ran on WordPress and the PDF file was named “Deposit-Withdrawal-Policy-UNIONSMARKET.GROUP_.pdf” and was uploaded in August, 2021.

Other than that we the Whois records, according to which, the domain unionsmarket.group was registered on November 25, 2022 for one year through Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. d/b/a HiChina (www.net.cn), indicating it might have been a Chinese site. The registrant contact is “wu yu” from “guang xi,” (Guangxi), China. It is hosted by Trellian Pty. Limited, a software company from Beaumaris, Australia.

Unionsmarket.group has a low Semrush authority score of 2. The website has 124 backlinks from 19 referring domains, with the majority of backlinks being text-based and having a “nofollow” attribute.

Some of the backlinks are from foreign authorities’ warning pages regarding ESMA-Pol. The website has been flagged by FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) for warnings from foreign authorities.

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    The website was not mobile-friendly and the data available suggests caution when considering any transactions or interactions with the website.

    UnionsMarket Reviews

    Now, we consider other UnionsMarket reviews and mentions that can be found online.

    Scam reviews and reorts by UnionsMarket clients are very plentiful online. Let’s take a look at a few.

    On TrustPilot a customer left a 2-star review, warning that Unionsmarket is a trap and not to give them money. The customer also mentioned receiving calls from numbers +37282243643 and +44 7700 305875, and advised others to send them to the respective countries, stating that the individuals associated with these numbers are arrogant and false. The customer further warned that if money is given to Unionsmarket, it will not be seen again. The review was dated April 6, 2022.

    ForexBrokerz.com has given Unions Market a rating of 1 out of 5, indicating that it is not a reputable forex broker. Their reasons: Unions Market claims to be a leader in online trading but lacks proper licensing and regulation. It is an offshore broker with no guaranteed funds or segregated accounts. Unions Market is owned and operated by an offshore company based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with little corporate background information available. Unregulated brokers like Unions Market are considered risky, and it is advised to deal with properly licensed brokers for the safety of funds.

    Moreover, Unions Market’s withdrawal policy is vague and the trading platform offered appears cheap and not credible. Payment methods are limited to an obscure third-party provider, further raising suspicions of being a scam. Overall, Unions Market is not recommended for trading.

    In response, multiple individuals have posted comments expressing grievances about Unions Market. Complaints include non-payment of funds, loss of substantial amounts of money, and being victims of scams. The comments indicate that Unions Market has caused financial harm and distress to several people.

    A WikiFX comment from February 24, 2023 reads:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    STAY AWAY!!! In any case, readers should not add more money to their account. The company will not return your initial investment unless it is a tactic to gain your trust and steal more money from you at a later time.

    Scamwatcher.com also has a Unions Market page, in which the following comment can be found:

    I invested 50,000 euros in my trade account with UNIONS MARKET. Brokers named MILAN KNEZ AND NIKOLA MARTINOVIC traded for me, and the balance grew to 300,000 euros. However, now they are not giving me my money back […] Transactions from my trade account were processed through BINANCE, involving buying BTC with a bank card. There have been 13 transactions through Binance from 01.10.2021 to 14.03.2022. I had to constantly invest more because they threatened that I would lose everything, and now I have indeed lost everything.

    According to ForexPeaceArmy.com, Unions Market Group is an online forex broker that offers trading in over 50 forex currency pairs, equities, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and other investment options. However, recent reviews indicate that the company may be involved in fraudulent activities. Several traders have reported that Unions Market Group is not returning their investments and profits, and the website is currently down, suggesting that the company may be out of business.

    One trader from Croatia reported that brokers from Unions Market Group, namely Nikola Martinović and Milan Knez, worked on their trade accounts and used their funds to make profits, but are not returning the money.

    Other traders have also reported similar experiences, with losses resulting in financial difficulties for themselves and their families.

    On other websites, UnionsMarkets.group has received numerous negative reviews and complaints from users who suspect scamming and difficulties withdrawing funds. Users have reported being asked to pay a percentage of their withdrawal amount through a crypto account, facing difficulties in contacting the company or receiving responses from agents, and being asked for investment plans to continue working without addressing the issue of funds withdrawal.

    Multiple users have expressed concerns about being scammed by UnionsMarkets.group and being unable to withdraw their funds. Some users have been asked to pay additional fees or taxes to supposedly recover their money, while others have reported the issue to authorities with no success. There are suspicions of fraudulent activities by brokers associated with UnionsMarkets.group, and some individuals are looking for ways to take legal action against the company.

    Moreover, multiple individuals claim to have been scammed by Samuel Mathias and Giulia De Nardi, with complaints ranging from not receiving refunds, being asked for large deposits before transactions, and accounts disappearing. Some individuals are also accusing Marco Greco and Lorenzo Leoni of being scammers associated with Unions Market.

    Bottom Line

    In conclusion, the investigation into Unions Market and their website at UnionsMarket.group has revealed alarming evidence of potential scams and fraudulent activities. The website is no longer online, but it is still indexed in Google with limited information available, including a PDF file that was uploaded in August 2021.

    The Whois records indicate that the domain was registered in China and hosted in Australia, adding further complexity to the situation. UnionsMarket has a low Semrush authority score and has been flagged by foreign authorities for warnings.

    Reviews and reports from clients reveal numerous complaints of financial loss, non-payment of funds, and lack of proper licensing and regulation.

    Overall, the evidence suggests that Unions Market may be a scam and caution is advised when considering any transactions or interactions with them.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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