USPS Covid Test Scam Explained – 2022

USPS Covid Test Scams are rising exponentially. Ever since the Federal Government offered free covid test kits to the public, scammers are creating closely similar sites to loot the people. From phishing to tricking people into buying expensive items, there are a lot of hustles going on.

The authorities are trying their best to raise awareness and help people deal with the situation. However, looking at the way the number of fraudulent portals is exploding scammers are making a fortune.

In this post, we will cover the United States Postal Service covid test kit situation and the way they truly operate. If you have any questions about the test kits, leave a comment below and we will do our best to answer all your queries. 

USPS Covid Test Scam Explained

Scammers are ruthless when it comes to tricking people. From creating fake charities to profiting from misleading people, cybercrooks are doing very well financially. As always, the public is the one on the losing side of the equation, and putting an end to online scams is not something that might unfold shortly.

After analyzing the number of Covid related scams, it is better to analyze and then take a step regardless of what anyone says. In other words, only deal with transparent and reputable websites and portals.

More importantly, be updated when it comes to the latest trends and do not input sensitive information before doing research. Remember, the government will never ask for things like your bank account number or pPINfor any reason. 

USPS Covid Test Scam

The pandemic has wrecked many lives and it is still causing immense damage to the public both emotionally and financially. One of the easiest ways of combating it is by early detection and that involves using Covid test kits. Sadly, not everyone can afford to buy the test kits as they are expensive.

To address the problem, the Federal Government started sending free kits and the end goal was a noble one. Scammers saw the way the government was operating and took advantage of that narrative to trick the public. Note that the testing kit is offered for free and the government will never ask for things like bank information or advance payment for any reason.

If any entity or individual is asking for your sensitive information, then do not spill your details. Alert authorities if needed and do not shy away from taking professional help. After all, isn’t it better to be conservative than sorry?

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    Phishing and Misleading

    Most Covid related scam websites are phishing platforms. The crooks set up the portals in such a way that enables them to collect data about the users. Once the data is captured and stored, it will be sold on the dark web for thousands of dollars.

    Nothing good can come from data theft and this kind of attack will cause a big dent in the victim’s pocket. So, think twice before putting your sensitive information on an unknown website. A few USPS Covid Test Scam websites are even pushing people toward buying expensive test kits.

    Though the fake platforms are being hunted, there are simply way too many of them. At the end of the day, we must be vigilant and not forget to report fraudulent stores whenever we encounter one. 

    USPS Covid Test Scam Reaction

    Thanks to the numerous blog posts from big players in the news sector, USPS Covid Test Scam created more than adequate awareness. People quickly understood the plot and voiced their opinion.

    From social media platforms to other niche-related forums, this issue was discussed thoroughly. Fortunately, there is no serious damage reported yet. It is good to see people working together for the greater good of the community. 


    Unfortunately, there is no one-shot cure to eradicate fraudulent websites. However, certain things can help you make better decisions. For starters, always cross-check the URLs thoroughly and use anti-virus software.

    If disasters occur, then take action immediately. File a complaint and to get started with the recovery process, get in touch with us. Our staff will help you for free and we will handle everything for you.

    From providing an actionable plan to dealing with the formalities, our qualified team is the only thing you will ever need. The best part is, we never charge our audience for any reason and all of our services come with no strings attached. 

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    Bottom Line

    USPS Covid Test Scams are still floating around and chances are you might encounter one ishortly While raising a report helps, it is better to be alert and conservative. Remember, once the population is educated and updated, scams like this one will die instantly. 

    Have you experienced any USPS Covid Test Scams? If yes, share your story with us by commenting below. 

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