Vyapam Scam Whistleblower – Corruption!

Vyapam Scam Whistleblower is a name that is familiar to most Indians. Vyapam case caught the attention of many people and it is indeed sad to witness the level of corruption that exists. Ashish Chaturvedi(whistleblower) has done a commendable job when it comes to raising his voice for the collective good.

However, the struggle he is currently going through shows the dark side of this country unlike anything else. Of course, there is no final judgment given yet and currently, almost everything we know could be mere speculation.

Nonetheless, the entire situation is getting out of hand slightly and we just hope justice will be served at the earliest. Due to the pandemic situation, proceedings are also most likely to get rescheduled and the future looks bleak in general.

Without doubt, there are a lot of factors and variables involved which can have severe consequences on the end result. If you are interested in knowing all the important details about this case, stick with us till the end. Also, do not trust any other source other than the official channels for up to date information.

Vyapam Scam Whistleblower

Vyapam Scam Background

Vyapam Scam is basically a recruitment scam wherein anyone could get government posts by paying huge bribes. The requirement to get the job was dumbed down beyond imagination. Many politicians and officials are said to be involved.

Note that everything mentioned by the whistleblower is an allegation and no solid evidence has been presented yet. This hustle was revealed when Ashish took his mother to the local hospital and was shocked to see the way the Doctors handled the case.

After a bit of digging, he apparently unearthed the reality of the situation and is trying to get to the bottom of it. His story is inspirational in nature and thanks to the way the word travels, he gained a lot of fame in a very short period of time.

Since taking this route, Ashish Chaturvedi has come a long way and he has shared details about the things he had to face with numerous media outlets. According to few online sources, he was also attacked several times and the police have not been able to come up with a valid investigation addressing the underlying. 


If you go over the small details present in this case, then it won’t take you long to figure out that it is not about any one person or institution. Government jobs certainly offer a lot of benefits and the job security is unlike anything else in the economy.

Candidates for the roles should be selected based upon their skill and qualifications in order for smooth functioning. Unfortunately, corruption is making things ugly here as well and apparently, people with no appropriate skill set are making their way to the top.

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    Allegations made by the whistleblower are severe and it paints the people in power the wrong way. As fingers were not pointed towards any individual, there was no reply from the authorities. Nonetheless, few people do appear to be frustrated by the incident and they are the ones that are making silent moves. 

    Proceedings and Privacy Issues

    As this case has climbed up the ladder and has received tons of media attention, Ashish Chaturvedi is getting 24/7 police protection. Unfortunately, he has expressed his disappointment about the whole arrangement.

    On many occasions, he has mentioned that the arrangement itself isn’t something that reassures him completely. Moreover, he is said to be on tape at all times. In other words, he has zero privacy and that kind of setup is something that will frustrate almost anyone.

    Given so many variables, the end is not in sight with this case yet and it might still take years to get resolved. New evidence will completely throw the case off track and considering the amount of drama involved, the future isn’t a path full of roses for all the parties involved. 

    Bottom Line

    Vyapam Scam Whistleblower scenario sometimes appears like a script of a film. The case has so many twists and clarity is not present from any angle.

    Authorities appear to be doing everything in their power, but still it might not be enough. So, the only thing left for us is to watch the way things unfold. After all, isn’t it way too early to jump into any sort of conclusion? 

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