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On November 27, 2023, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $12K:

An acquaintance recommended a pre-sale cryptocurrency purchase website to me (xtcqt.com). Initially, I invested $50 and earned $145. Encouraged by this, I invested more. However, now they refuse to pay me and have blocked my account. It’s my life savings, and I’m left feeling desperate.

So, is xtcqt.com a SCAM?

Xtcqt.com Review

Xtcqt.com was registered on August 12, 2015, updated on September 20, 2023, and is set to expire on August 12, 2024. It is protected by Withheld for Privacy ehf and hosted by BGPNET Global.

It has a SEMrush Authority Score of 2% with 9 backlinks from only 5 referring domains.

Only one page from the website is indexed on Google, the homepage, titled XTCQT: Index with the following description:

Hi,Welcome to XTCQT ; BTC/USDT 37745.53 +2.18% Vol 1.46 K ; ETH/USDT 2097.57 +2.91% Vol 11.86 K ; QZE/USDT 30.821533 +4.61% Vol 7190.37 K.

Content Analysis

Based on Xtcqt.com, XTCQT appears to be an online platform for cryptocurrency trading and investment. It offers various services related to digital assets, including a trading platform for digital currency contracts, margin futures contracts, and other related financial products. The site seems to cater to both novice and experienced investors, offering a range of tools and services to facilitate digital currency transactions.

Services and Features:

  • Trading Platform: Xtcqt.com operates as a digital currency contract trading platform, providing services for trading various cryptocurrencies.
  • Investment Tools: The platform offers margin futures contracts, which don’t have expiration dates and allow users to hold contracts as long as they maintain sufficient margin.
  • User Accessibility: Aimed at both beginners and experienced investors, Xtcqt.com advocates for low-threshold, easy-to-understand investment methods, while also offering programmed and systematic trading solutions.
  • Global Reach: It claims to serve a wide user base, providing services in multiple languages and operating in various countries.
  • Security Measures: Xtcqt.com emphasizes the security of user funds, employing techniques like hot and cold wallets and multi-signature systems.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The site mentions its adherence to anti-money laundering laws and practices, including user identification and transaction record retention.

Contact and Regulatory Details:

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    • Customer Service: They provide online customer support through a live chat service.
    • Languages Supported: The platform supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base.
    • Privacy and User Agreement: Xtcqt.com has detailed terms of use and privacy policies, outlining the use of personal information and the conditions of their service.

    Potential Red Flags

    1. Lack of Specific Regulatory Information: While the site mentions compliance with anti-money laundering laws, there is no specific information about regulatory oversight from known financial authorities. This lack of transparency is a common concern in the cryptocurrency domain.
    2. Complex and Technical Jargon: The website uses technical and complex language, which can be overwhelming for beginners and might obscure important details about risks and operations.
    3. High-Risk Investment Warning: The site acknowledges the high risk associated with digital currency investment, which is a standard disclaimer but also a reminder of the volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets.
    4. Absence of Physical Addresses or Specific Contact Details: There is no mention of specific physical locations, email addresses, or phone numbers for direct contact. This absence can be a red flag as it makes it difficult to verify the legitimacy of the operation.
    5. No Mention of Licensing or Affiliations: The website does not provide information about any licensing it holds or financial institutions it may be affiliated with. This information is crucial to establish credibility in financial services.
    6. Limited Information on Management or Ownership: There is a lack of information about the individuals running or owning the platform, which is often crucial for establishing trust and legitimacy.

    In conclusion, while Xtcqt.com presents itself as a comprehensive platform for cryptocurrency trading and investment, the absence of specific regulatory information, detailed contact details, and transparency about ownership and management are notable red flags. Potential users should approach with caution, conduct thorough due diligence, and consider seeking advice from financial experts before engaging with the platform. The high-risk nature of cryptocurrency investments, coupled with the lack of detailed regulatory oversight information, underscores the need for careful consideration.

    Xtcqt.com Reviews

    On the Internet, there is a mix of opinions and information regarding Xtcqt.com from warnings about its low trust score to assertions of its safety. Scamdoc.com, for example, lists Xtcqt.com with a low trust score of 27%, suggesting caution when interacting with the site.

    The following reviews were posted by users on Scamdoc.com:

    1. Matt (November 14, 2023): Matt labels the site as a definite scam. According to him, after an initial investment, further investments are manipulated to scam users. He mentions that the amount charged and taxes are essentially profits for the fraudsters, and emphatically declares the site a scammer site.
    2. Portugues (November 14, 2023): This comment seems to be seeking clarification or more information. The user is inquiring whether the platform actually pays out anything or if it just charges more fees on the second investment.
    3. Matt (November 14, 2023): Matt reiterates his stance, asserting that whoever recommended the site is involved in the scam.
    4. Mathias (November 15, 2023): Mathias shares his experience of investing 200 euros and supposedly seeing a profit of 40k USD in just one month. However, he was then asked to pay 2k euros to access his profit, which raises suspicions about the legitimacy of the platform and the authenticity of the profits.
    5. Nicolas (November 17, 2023): Nicolas shares that he was asked to pay 5000 USD plus 15% of his total earnings. He notes a discrepancy in the platform’s policy, mentioning that previously only 5% was asked for. This change in terms raises concerns about the platform’s consistency and transparency.

    Overall, the reviews predominantly highlight suspicions of scam tactics, including sudden increases in fees and charges, and questionable profit claims. These concerns, especially when coupled with demands for additional payments to access profits, are typical red flags associated with investment scams.

    Additional Reviews

    Multiple sources, such as ScamWatcher.org and WebParanoid.com, raise serious concerns about the legitimacy and safety of investing through this platform:

    1. Questionable Services and Lack of Transparency: Xtcqt’s services are deemed questionable and lacking transparency. There are claims of the platform creating unrealistic expectations, which is a common tactic in scam operations.
    2. Unlicensed and Unregulated: A significant red flag is that Xtcqt is unlicensed and unregulated. This absence of regulation means that there’s no oversight to ensure fair practices or the safety of funds invested through the platform. Unregulated platforms like Xtcqt often operate anonymously and can disappear without notice, leaving investors with no recourse.
    3. Security of Funds and Data at Risk: Due to its unregulated status, there is no guarantee of the security of funds or personal data provided to Xtcqt. Investing in such platforms poses a risk not only to your finances but also potentially exposes your data to criminal activities.
    4. Issues with Withdrawal of Funds: Many clients reportedly face difficulties when attempting to withdraw funds. Tactics like urging additional trades, charging high withdrawal fees, and ceasing communication are employed to prevent or complicate withdrawals.
    5. Limited User Traffic and Popularity: Xtcqt.com is not frequented by many users, which can be an indicator of a lack of trust or popularity among online traders and investors.

    Given these findings, especially the lack of regulation and transparency, potential investors should exercise extreme caution. It’s advisable to consider regulated and well-established platforms for cryptocurrency investments to ensure safety and reliability.

    Complaints We Received

    On November 20, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    This is a real scam; I lost $31,000. Don’t believe in it.

    XTCQT Review Conclusion

    In our comprehensive review of xtcqt.com, we have carefully examined various aspects of the site, including its services, user experiences, and online reputation. Our investigation has revealed several concerning red flags that potential users should be aware of before engaging with this platform.

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    Firstly, the absence of specific regulatory information and detailed contact details on xtcqt.com raises questions about its legitimacy and transparency. The lack of clarity regarding the platform’s management, ownership, and regulatory oversight is particularly troubling in the context of financial services. Such gaps in information can make it difficult for users to verify the platform’s credibility and pose risks regarding the security of their investments.

    Secondly, user reviews and online feedback paint a worrisome picture. Numerous users have reported experiences that are characteristic of scam tactics, including demands for additional payments to access profits, sudden increases in fees, and discrepancies in the platform’s policies. These accounts align with the typical warning signs of investment scams.

    Additionally, the low trust score assigned by Scamdoc.com and concerns raised by other online sources like ScamWatcher.org and WebParanoid.com further reinforce the suspicion that xtcqt.com may not be a trustworthy platform. The platform’s unlicensed and unregulated status means that there is no oversight to ensure fair practices or the security of funds, which is a significant risk for any investor.

    Moreover, the limited user traffic and popularity of xtcqt.com suggest a lack of trust or recognition among online traders and investors, which can be another indicator of its questionable nature.

    The Bottom Line regarding XTCQT

    Given the lack of regulatory transparency, the concerning user experiences reported, and the general skepticism surrounding xtcqt.com in the online community, we advise potential users to approach this platform with extreme caution. It is highly recommended to opt for regulated and established platforms for cryptocurrency investments to ensure the safety and reliability of your transactions. The high-risk nature of cryptocurrency markets, coupled with the dubious aspects of xtcqt.com, underscores the importance of thorough due diligence and the need for seeking advice from financial experts before making any investment decisions.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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    1. The xtcqt.com website is fake,it is about fake cryptocurrencies generated by a real scam site and the so-called tax and the invested money from which the fraudsters have money. Everyone should stay away from such fake sites, there is no such profitable investment in the world.

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