1Rankers.com Scam Review – Virus Alert!

While surfing the web for any reason, individuals need to be extremely careful about the platforms they deal with. Nowadays, the number of sophisticated malware and trojans are rising exponentially and they are almost impossible to stop at least for the time being. Today, we are going to be talking about a deadly threat that is spreading through social media platforms called 1Rankers.com.

This website might seem genuine and trustworthy at first, but that is not the case and people who have made the mistake of trusting them have lost a considerable amount of money. On top of the security concerns and questionable traits, they also host a lot of content which is very similar to other well known scams and they are even accused of stealing other platforms’ content.

Regardless of which angle you look at them, the number of flaws present will keep on increasing. So, before you click on their link and become their next victim or target, go through this post and understand their entire operational model.

1Rankers.com Scam Review

What is 1Rankers.com Virus?

Users who have clicked on the 1Rankers.com links have mentioned that they are receiving a lot of irritating ads and spam emails on their computer. This site is known to spread trojans which will compromise the settings of your browser’s firewall and will let numerous malwares enter your system.

As a result, you might see strange posts being shared under your name on social media profiles or worse, you might end up losing all the confidential information. The exact origin of the virus or the primary type of operating system it targets are unknown, but it is certainly something which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you have unknowingly clicked on the link and are experiencing unexplained slowdowns or banner ads on your browsers, then take your computer to the nearest cyber security analyst to remedy the situation. 

What are the threats?

The threats the trojans exhibit are numerous and we are going to discuss them in detail below. Before we talk about the specific details, we recommend all of our users to always keep their systems updated, use apps which are verified by the official sources and never to download pirated content. Remember, if anything good is being offered for free, then there is always a catch involved. 

Phishing – Phishing is the classic move of every unethical hacker on planet Earth. If you ever feel like you are being pushed towards entering your sensitive information on new or unverified websites or platforms, then most probably you are being targeted.

So, always ensure you are interacting with reputable and official websites and ignore all the alternatives. Also, if you notice things like typos or other silly errors, then click away from the site immediately.

Trojan – If your system is compromised by trojans, then the list of troubles you have to face will be deadly. For starters, your system will slow down drastically and you will see a lot of unexplainable things with your settings. The malware might even send your password details to the crooks.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    To avoid all the dangers, make sure to never click on unknown links and always have the latest antivirus software installed. Though the antivirus software can’t prevent all kinds of attacks, it will make it difficult for the scammers.

    How does 1Rankers.com Malware Spread?

    We analysed the traffic sources of this website using many tools such as Alexa.com, Similarweb, etc,. Sadly, we couldn’t find the exact way they used to gain popularity. However, a large chunk of their traffic comes from social media platforms and private messaging services.

    Our team strongly believes that the traffic gained by this website is via spreading chain messages on popular messaging apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, etc,. If you have received any message which contains the links to this fraudulent platform, then do yourself a favor by deleting it and break the chain.

    User Feedback

    For every famous website or service which gets popular online, there will always be a dedicated spot for it on niche forums. 1Rankers.com has got a spot on Onlinethreatlalerts.com wherein the users have expressed their stories.

    We suggest you to take a look at them in order to understand the plight of the victims. Furthermore, you can also checkout reviews about the same platform on various different websites and they will all give you the same conclusion.

    It seems as if the scammers of these websites are gaining unauthorized access to visitors’ Facebook accounts. Some visitors to the website have reported that their accounts are being used to send spam after visiting.

    Domain Information

    Most scam sites always hide the details of the registrant and owners for obvious reasons. We tried our best to find all the information regarding the people behind 1Rankers.com.

    Unfortunately, our efforts ended in vain and we couldn’t find much relevant information which would enable us to trace out the real culprits. Thankfully, we got a pretty good idea about their operation, target audience and domain. (Tools used – Whois.com and Alexa.com)

    • Domain – 1Rankers.com
    • Registered On – 13/01/2020
    • Alexa Global Rank – 150,898
    • Rank in India – 38,118
    • Target Audience – India, United States and Greece

    Is 1Rankers.com a Scam?

    Based upon the facts we have discussed so far in this post along with several comments from users, we can boldly say that 1Rankers.com is a scam. They are professional in their approach and their primary goal is to steal user’s data. If you have lost money to them, then get in touch with us by filling the form below.

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    Provide us with the incident details along with account information and let our experts do all the hard work for you for free. Remember, the longer you wait, the probability of a successful recovery of stolen funds will go down. So, act quickly and do not let those crooks walk away from the crime scene without consequences. 


    1Rankers.com is a website which looks harmless to the untrained eyes. They claim to provide a fun way to create personalised greetings. However, the reality is not that simple and they will trick their users one way or the other.

    There are a ton of free platforms that enable people to send greetings to their loved ones. So, choose any reputable site that has been around for a considerable period of time and avoid this interface for best experience.

    Have you received any messages through social media platforms which contains 1Rankers.com links? If yes, then don’t forget to delete the message as soon as possible and never forward them to others for security reasons.

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