Aldi Gift Card Scam – Fake Vouchers!

Aldi Gift Card Scam is a new threat which has emerged on social media platforms. This time around the scammers have upped their game and are coming after your wallets. They are using sympathetic Coronavirus based narratives to hustle the users who click on the links. The exact origin of the scam or the ways employed by them to gain traffic is currently unknown.

However, based on the number of victims we came across on Twitter alone, it is definitely an operation done at huge scale. It is undeniable that the pandemic has affected all of us in some way or the other. Many businesses have closed down and the rate of unemployment might cause another significant recession. Food shortage is also on the cards.

While some organisations are doing their best to offer groceries to select categories of the society, many scammers are using the opportunity to scam innocent users. This scam in particular targets people located in the United Kingdom and the only way to stop them is through putting an end to all the misconceptions present in their narrative and by educating the masses.

So, to learn the exact way this fake platform operates, stick with us till the end and we will answer all your questions.

Aldi Gift Card Scam

What is the Aldi Gift Card Scam?

Aldi Gift Card Scam is nothing, but the name given to the fraudulent platform that is peddling the fake vouchers and are looting the public in the name of Aldi. Note that Aldi is a legit brand that has been operational for decades and have earned themselves a lot of positive feedback.

Ever since this scam gained the spotlight, the Aldi brand also have given an official statement wherein they have warned about the crooks using fake narratives and misguiding people on purpose. The main intention of the crooks is unclear as the kind of things they can do with the public’s data is numerous.

However, the classic threats which are ever present with scammers are phishing attacks and malware. Either way, it will be a burden on the victim if they unknowingly click on the link and if one is not careful enough, then it will scar their bank account too. 

How does the Aldi Gift Card Scam work?

Aldi Gift Card Scam is designed by people who are professional criminals. From gaining traffic to earning the trust of the average user, everything is perfectly executed by them. First and foremost, they start by creating clone websites of reputable brands. Once they have the interface ready, they will create fake chain messages on all the social media platforms and start adding users.

At the same time, they might even run a little paid ads in order to appear genuine in front of untrained eyes. Once their campaign gains little traction, they just sit back and let naive people do all the work for them. A lot of people who are looking for attractive or exclusive offers, coupons or vouchers online will walk right into the trap and end up with burning a hole in their pocket.

Remember, the links posted by them might appear authentic at first. However, they will be cloaked and once a user clicks it, he or she will be opening the door to a ton of hassles.

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    Quick Check List

    In recent times, the number of online scams targeting people in the western hemisphere has exploded. Thankfully, they always leave a trail of crumbs behind them and using the available data, we can easily find a lot of common traits they share. All of their characteristics are explained in detail below.

    Typo Error – By far, this is one of the most prominent traits of a fake platform. All the legitimate firms carefully craft their messages to the clients. On the flip side, the scam platforms do not care about the small details and quite often the messages sent by them contain a lot of grammatical errors along with silly spelling mistakes.

    We are not saying that reputable brands never make a mistake, but when they do they will quickly follow up. If you notice a typo in your email, then do not ignore it and never click on the links sent by unknown parties. For any reason, if you ever doubt the contents of the email, then get in touch with the official support team immediately. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

    Unverified Sources – Every well established firm likes to display their names and they never shy away from maintaining transparency.

    If the message you have received doesn’t contain the details of the senders and is followed by questionable or too good to be true offers, then you should delete the message instantly and notify the authorities. Most brands will have an online presence and you can easily alert them just by sending them a message.

    Enticing Offers – People love sites which gives them the most discount on their favorite products. However, if you spot any deals which gives you unbelievably low prices or bargain offers, then don’t input your details impulsively.

    During promotional events or holiday periods, sellers might provide considerable discounts, but they can’t let the margins fall below certain price points. So, double check the seller details and proceed with them only if you can find all the relevant details. 


    At the time of writing this review, this scam has been exposed by many fellow review sites. On top of the blog posts, people have expressed their stories and the damages caused by the firm on social media platforms too.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    Aldi Gift Card Scam Tweet

    Clearly, everyone who clicked the link and put in their personal information has lost something precious than money and they have unknowingly put others in danger by sharing the posts. Although nothing can be done about the past, from now on please be careful of the posts you share through social media handles.


    Aldi Gift Card Scam is a hustle which earned it’s creators thousands of dollars by looting the unsuspecting victims in the name of free groceries. Now their entire platform is down and the word about their real nature is rapidly spreading. Sadly, they have already fled the scene.

    If you are one of the victims of this scam, then get in touch with us to figure out the best possible way to recover your funds. Lastly, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.

    Have you received the fake Aldi Gift Card Scam Vouchers? Share your story with us in the comments thread.

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