Amazon Visa Credit Card Scam – 2021 Update

The Amazon Visa Credit Card Scam is getting big due to recent events such as Black Friday and the holiday season. Scammers and cybercriminals love this season as it enables them to loot the public by mimicking big brands such as Amazon and other popular outlets.

According to a few sources, scammers made over 15 million dollars in the last holiday season. Clearly, this loophole is a big one and the situation has to be prioritized and addressed as quickly as possible.

People can enhance the security of their accounts by following a few specific conditions, but ultimately there cannot be any guarantee given by any authority or organization. Crooks behind phishing and credit card scams change their narratives from time to time.

To learn about the latest tricks and the convincing stories peddled by the hustlers, stick with us till the end. We have covered every inch of their activities precisely.

Amazon Visa Credit Card Scam

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest firms on this planet. They serve millions of people and handle billions of transactions on an annual basis. The kind of growth they have witnessed is unlike what any other company has ever achieved.

Naturally, they handle a lot of transactions, and credit card fees amount to a significant share of profits. On the other hand, UK VISA cards in particular also charge high fees for processing transactions and for sellers, the conditions are not exactly friendly.

Recently, Amazon put out the word saying that they are not going to accept UK-issued VISA credit cards. The decision made by the firm appears to be final. Crooks are utilizing this news bit to their advantage and are sending bulk phishing emails.

As things are easy to manipulate, especially in this online era, people do need to be fully alert. Also, if you are ever in doubt, do not jump into action instead buy as much time as you can and crosscheck things firsthand. Due to the unimaginable amount of threats present, it is our duty to safeguard our interests. 

Amazon Visa Credit Card Scam Explained

Scammers are sending frequent bulk emails to people pretending to be from Amazon. The link sent by them will lead to a phishing page and users will be forced to enter their banking information. To entice people to participate, they even claim to offer gifts and rewards.

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    As you can tell by now, the rewards are all imaginary, and once they have the data, only bad things can happen. Free gifts and vouchers are something that everyone desires, but do not let it block you from seeing reality as it is.

    If the underlying offer is too good, be cautious and do a thorough background check before moving forward with it. After all, the proposition cannot always be inclined toward the customers at all times, right? 

    How to avoid Phishing Scams?

    The best way to avoid phishing scams is to learn how to recognize them. Cybercriminals that create phishing sites and pages usually are skilled, but as always they leave plenty of clues behind. If you have a trained eye, then you can spot the flaws all over the place.

    First and foremost, start your analysis by looking at the URL, make sure you only indulge with official channels. For any reason, if you are being redirected, talk to customer support. Note that banking details are not something that you will be asked to share for any reason.

    So, if anyone asks you personal questions, then see through their lies and alert the relevant authorities quickly. Unfortunately, there is no way to control phishing scams, but if enough people are aware of the way it works, this whole industry will starve to death. 

    Need Help?

    Credit card fraud or cryptocurrency theft regardless of which way you are scammed, does sting both emotionally and financially. Sadly, most countries do not have dedicated bodies to handle these types of cases.

    Of course, people can fight their cases on their own, but it is time-consuming, to say the least. If you need any help with the recovery process, all you have to do is fill out the contact form below and get in touch with our experts.

    Our staff will guide you through all the legalities and will help you with the whole process. The best part is our services are all free and we are fighting for the greater good of the community. 

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    Amazon Visa Credit Card Scam Buzz

    The Amazon Visa Credit Card Scam created a lot of buzz. On Reddit forums, many people were asking about it, and on social media platforms, the public was sharing their stance on the matter.

    Thanks to the way the internet works, people were able to sense the danger a bit early and we are happy to report that there aren’t any serious incidents yet. Crowd mentality is definitely changing and with one click of a button, information is easy to access and share. If the awareness curve proceeds at this pace, then it will be easy to eradicate these events completely in the near future. 


    Scams are an ever-present problem for decades now. Hopefully, the new emerging fin-tech might be able to help customers to the maximum extent. However, until technological advancement occurs, it is in our hands to look after our own well-being. So, stay updated and never do any rookie mistakes. 

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