Delaware BPO Robocall Scam – Big Hustle

Delaware BPO Robocall Scam is a type of hustle that appears to be re-emerging from time to time. It basically consists of an automated call that persuades people into clicking certain inputs. If anyone falls for the traps, then he or she will face huge bills and it goes without saying that no genuine service is being offered by the counter-party.

Last year, a similar type of event unfolded and it was put to rest by the authorities, but now it appears to have emerged and is causing quite a buzz. The exact way these crooks are operating is unknown. Nonetheless, we do have a complete picture of their ideas and motives.

As there is a pretty good chance of you encountering this hustle, read the following content. We have discussed the situation in-depth so that you can stay one step ahead of the scammers at all times. If you have any other queries regarding this case, then do comment below and we will answer them as quickly as possible.

Delaware BPO Robocall Scam

Robocalls and automated phone call frauds have been around for ages now. These types of hustles always use a convincing narrative and sadly, there is no way to filter them out.

In other words, currently, it is impossible to eradicate them and that’s why educating the public is our only rational choice. Automated phone call scams force people into clicking their desired inputs and fleeing away. The victim will usually have to pay a huge bill because of these hustles.

Some people have been successful in recovering the amount lost partially, but in most cases, it might not be worth the effort. So, you need to be careful and to be on the safer side, keep an eye on the current trends by visiting authoritative blogs and channels. 

What is the Delaware BPO Robocall Scam?

Delaware BPO Robocall Scam is nothing but trouble that appears to be brewing from the United States. Anyone that receives a call from this firm will hear a script being read out and the phone line will get cut automatically.

The voice asks the person to press a random number, but you should never do it. If anyone presses the number it asks you to then he or she will be charged a significant amount for it.

Basically, it is a tele-caller type scam that has adopted a few modern gimmicks. The source of this hustle is largely unknown and to date, we have not got any data about the people behind it. We have listed a few numbers used by this scam and they are as follows. 

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    • 833-245-2841
    • 855-918-3726
    • (800)787-6847

    In case you aren’t using any spam block services, then block these numbers manually. Keep in mind that it is better to be prepared than to regret things later. 

    Damages Caused by Delaware BPO Robocall Scam

    As the number of people talking about the Delaware BPO Robocall Scam was huge online, we were worried about the damages caused by them. Unfortunately, we did not find any way to quantify the amount of money the public lost to them.

    Nonetheless, there is a good possibility of these crooks making more than 6 figures. While there is no central authority to monitor these numbers, if you have been scammed by them, do report them to the relevant authorities.

    Most regulatory bodies do not investigate every single complaint, but if they get enough requests, they will act on it. In other words, by feeding authorities details about the incident, they will be able to detect the patterns quickly which will undeniably help in the investigation process. 

    Delaware BPO Robocall Scam Public Reaction

    We live in an era wherein information moves at a rapid pace. The news about the scam calls started popping up in the most popular forums. People were worried because the numbers used were all something they did not recognize.

    Moreover, the script itself was vague and disturbing. Few people even said that they racked up huge phone bills because of the incident. On social media platforms, people shared the numbers used in this racquet and helped one another in a formal manner.

    Though this event created a buzz, at the time of writing this post, there are not many new comments unfolding which is a good sign. 

    Recover Money from Scams

    Telemarketing fraud and other types of online scams affect you not only financially, but mentally as well. People that have lost money to crooks often face a hard time because of information overload. Plus, the recovery process is also complicated and you may not be able to handle everything on your own.

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    However, that does not mean you should not take action. If you have lost funds to a fraudulent platform, get in touch with us. We will provide you with guidance and help you with everything for free. Our team has decades of experience and all it takes to connect with them is a click. 

    Safety Tips

    To combat telemarketing fraud, many apps are designed by various entities. Install the one that you prefer(your carrier might also offer this feature) and never follow the instructions from random strangers.

    If the party at the other end of the line claims to be someone from the government or bank, always ask for details. More importantly, do not input sensitive information unless you have verified the source. Remember apps and security protocols will protect you to a certain extent, but ultimately you have to be alert at all times. 


    Delaware BPO Robocall Scam created a big buzz and died prematurely. We were impressed by the way people shared information with one another on social media platforms.

    Now, as all of the facts are made known to you, be alert and do not deal with things you do not know or understand. 

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    3 thoughts on “Delaware BPO Robocall Scam – Big Hustle”

    1. Deleware BPO scam is continuing. Got my third call 1/11/2022. *69 info said call was from 1-800-849-8188 but that’s listed for another company not in Deleware, so they’re spoofing their phone number. It would be helpful to comment on WHO to contact to report people like this. I report unwanted calls to the do-not-call registry (I’m registered.) It’s at I also use which helps somewhat. Apparently a new system is implemented for cell phones which cuts down on spoofed calls. But it isn’t implemented on land lines for some reason.

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