AnvexTrades247 Review – AnvexTrades247 Scam Warning!

Anvextrades247 claims itself to be a diversified Financial Market Forecast agency specialized on trading in Stock Market, CFDs, Gold and FX Real Time Trading.

They also falsely claim that they are an “international household name in 199 countries with trading turnover of 2.2 trillion dollars on a daily basis.” 

This firm does not provide any specific information about what services they provide or who is behind the website. They are only here to portray themselves as world-class financial investors but in reality, they are only here to scam you.

Just in case you are wondering, yes this website is not at all genuine and think twice before giving them access to your funds.

Anvextrades247 Review

Licenses and Regulatory Status

A company which claims to be the “global manager of financial investments” does not even have a valid certificate or any licenses. They are clearly running an illegal business.

They are ready to go to any lengths to convince the audience that they are legit and here for the public. But make sure to always look at the licensing information before handing over your funds to a fraudulent website.

We know that there are a lot of unregulated forex brokers and investment websites. Nonetheless, they are only pretending to know what they are doing but in reality they have no clue whatsoever. Needless to say, the data also dictates the same.

Anvex Trades Business Model

Anvextrades247 claims to offer diverse business options to customers as they trade in monetary, financial and crypto currency in a large-scale market. However, the claims that they are making are bogus and there is no evidence to prove that they are genuine.

We spent a lot of time analyzing their business model and what we came across is that they promise a lot of things which they never deliver. For example they say they provide a secure wallet wherein the customers can choose when and how to withdraw. But on the contrary they do not have any adequate information mentioned on the website.

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    They also falsely promise 24/7 professional expert support and to respond to chats immediately but they never respond and you only have to chat with yourself.

    Anvextrades247 Investment schemes

    They are 4 investment plans they offer that range between 10% to 100%

    10% Returns

    • Minimum investment : $300
    • Maximum investment : $999

    20% Returns

    • Minimum investment : $1,000
    • Maximum investment : $4,999

    40% Returns

    • Minimum investment : $5,000
    • Maximum investment : $9,999

    100% Returns

    • Minimum investment : $10,000
    • Maximum investment : NA

    As you can see for yourself the investment plans are so vague and returns are ridiculously impossible to achieve. If you look at the plans closely you can definitely call their bluff.

    Fake social proof

    The flaws in their website continue by providing fake user testimonials. They use stock photos and automated review generators to generate only positive reviews. The reviews are almost all repetitive and do not provide any specific information regarding what services were provided but instead rambles on how great they are. 

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    Do not fall into the trap just by looking at those fake user testimonials and lose your hard earned money. The facts we have collected are solid. So, do not ever go by the fake social proof they have posted on their website.

    Referral Program

    They offer a welcome bonus as well as a referral bonus.

    They supposedly offer a 3 level referral bonus.

    • Level 01 gives you an instant 15% commission
    • Level 02 gives you an instant 10% commission
    • Level 03 gives you an instant 5% commission

    The referral program narrative might sound attractive but in reality no one knows whether they will hold on to their end of the bargain.

    Anvextrades247 Contact Details 

    Anvextrades247 does provide their contact details but unfortunately they never respond.

    • Tel : +1 (832) 409-2462
    • Email :
    • Location : 30 SW 59th Court Miami, Florida, 33144 United States

    Anvex Trades: Scam or Legit?

    Anvextrades247 is undoubtedly a scam. To put things into perspective they do not have a legitimate website, they are trying to trap the audience using fake user testimonials and the owner of the website is unfortunately anonymous.

    They are using unethical ways to loot users’ money but soon they will be going down and it is you who will lose the money if you invest in their website. 

    The website is also not at all popular on third party review sites and has a very low trust score. So the facts themselves speak for themselves and we advise you to hold onto your money.

    For example, here’s a review that was received on December 6, 2022 at the Better Business Bureau by a person who reports being defrauded for $15,000:

    I was contacted by Dee Whitakerr on Instagram on 8.24.2022 to invest in cryptocurrency. I sent her $7000 via cash app to a “wallet address”. She drained my trading account, stole my money and disappeared.

    Then Sofi Rebecca came into the scenario via WhatsApp app messaging me on 9.17.2022, explaining that she would help me. She asked for money for an “air drop” fee, then more money or a “Wirex” card“ so that my funds, which she promised, would be reinstated into my trade account and could be withdrawn to my bank account.

    I also paid Sofi Rebecca and additional $7000 and as of today’s date of 12.02.2022 she has also disappeared and stolen my money.

    I have an additional $1000 sitting in “pending“ since 11.14.2022 that I invested in with the company. I am financially broke!

    My savings and checking accounts are drained completely and now my home is in foreclosure because I cannot make ends meet. My husband and children have been severely impacted by this financial loss. I know this may not seem like a lot of money to you fine ladies and gentlemen for reading this, but this has impacted my whole life severely.

    I work very hard for my money and these two women have scammed and ripped me off of all my hard earned money and not only me but several other people which I just recently found out about.

    Anvex Trades has come up on numerous websites as a scam company!!! Had I known this from the get-go I never would have invested but I started doing research after the fact and was shocked at what I found. I have so much more information on my WhatsApp app to support any additional documentation you may need from these two SCAMMERS – Sofi Rebecca and Dee Whitakerr.

    For the person who wrote this AnvexTrades247 Review, and for anyone else scammed by them, know that we can help you recover your money!

    Anvextrades247 Verdict

    Anvextrades247 has only one intention, which is to run away with all your money. Do not ever bother to invest or trade your money with the help of their website because the last thing they will do is help you get profits. 

    First things first, don’t ever compromise your safety for the bogus impressions that they try to create. In short, think logically and never invest into any platform that promises you great returns without providing adequate data and evidence. 

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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