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Elgan Investments Review: Crypto or Real Estate Scam?

Elgan Investments is a vague investment website that presents investors an opportunity to dabble with the real-estate sector. The conflicting element is the YouTube channel associated with them because on the channel, almost everything is about cryptocurrencies.

Information regarding the management side is too limited and the way they are creating cash flow is not clear. Of course, they have a massive social media following.

However, the lack of clarity is worrisome and retail investors should be very careful while interacting with entities like this one. If you are interested in learning more about them and the flaws present in their narrative, continue reading.

Elgan Investments

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    In the realm of online investing, you always have to take a look at the management side of the firm. As a rule of thumb, if the team is transparent, they will usually be trustworthy.

    Note that, there is no fool proof way to find the gauge a firm just by looking at the transparency factor. Elgan Investments reveals few details about their employees. Sadly, the information provided is not sufficient enough to instill confidence.

    There are a lot of uncertainties and the lack of proper regulatory status is indeed a huge concern. Disclaimers are present, but given their aggressive marketing, it is indeed hard to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

    Want to be kept updated regarding similar scams?

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    Elgan Investments and Crypto Daily Trade Signals

    The relationship between this website and the Crypto daily Trade Signals YT channel is kind of mysterious. On one hand, the channel only talks about cryptocurrencies and links out to this portal.

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    On the flip side, this website appears to be peddling investment opportunities linked with the real-estate sector. There is plenty of money made to be in both the sectors. Nonetheless, it won’t be easy and the chances of one institution getting involved with both sounds way too good to be true.

    In simple words, the link between associated parties is bleak. Moreover, there are no logical footprints to follow. So, it is better to stay away from them at least for now. 

    Elgan Investments Investment opportunities

    Elgan Investments offers few investment plans to the public. The exact conditions aren’t outlined at first glance. Available deals appear to be related to the hospitality and the real-estate sector. Projects picked by them look good on paper.

    However, unlike their claims, there will be some risks involved. Also, the numbers are hard to predict and difficult to sustain. Making money from any business is always risky. So, make sure to invest only what you can afford to lose.

    For any reason, if you want to go big on a scheme, talk with your financial planner before pulling the trigger. After all, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

    Can you really make money with it?

    As investors, this question is something that always should be on your mind. This firm tiptoes around a lot of hot topics and sectors. Unfortunately, the information provided does not talk anything about their actual business model.

    We do not have any metric to gauge them. Plus, their audits are not publicly available. Apart from trusting them blindly or giving them the benefit of the doubt, there isn’t anything we can do.

    Given the way the world works, we possibly cannot justify proceeding forward with them in any way. To paraphrase things, ask yourself, do you really want to take chances with a firm that displays a lot of concerning traits?

    Elgan Investments User Reviews

    Just like we do with all the investment portals, we tried to search for user reviews about them. Though their domain age is old, there wasn’t much information about them. The reviews we found were negative and the number of comments wasn’t statistically big enough to reach any conclusion.

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    For example, on December 12, 2022, the following complaint regarding was reported to the Better Business Bureau:

    It’s a youtube channel promising huge returns on dogecoin and other crypto currency. The channel is “Crypto Daily Trade Signals” and the scammer goes by the pseudonym of Darrel.


    He will claim its not a scam because he never says to buy but this is not true. He gets people during his livestream asking for superchat money. He preys on people’s hopes of getting rich quick.


    Hides behind youtubes disclaimer that it’s only for entertainment purposes only but the proof is in the livestream. Most are clickbait videos mainly about investing in dogecoin and promising 1000% return rates.

    The complainer mentions the following email address: and this telephone number: (408) 212-0139.

    Also, they have received only a few mentions on social media platforms. As the narratives and social proof aren’t adding up, it really depicts their character in a questionable manner to say the least. 

    Scam or Legit?

    Both the firm and the popular YT channel associated with it appear to be shady. The firm doesn’t share enough details and the channel pedals risky trading advice. As we mentioned before, there are disclaimers, but the approach taken by them is not a subtle one.

    Due to the obvious risk factors and ambiguity, you need to stay away from them. Going forward, look for firms that are transparent and more importantly, take professional help before making any big moves. Remember, it never hurts to do due diligence. 

    ElganInvestments Review Conclusion

    Are you considering investing in Elgan Investments? Before you make a decision, it’s important to do your research and determine whether or not this company is legitimate.

    Many online reviews have labeled Elgan Investments as a scam, citing a lack of transparency and unclear business practices.

    In addition, there are concerns about the relationship between Elgan Investments and the Crypto Daily Trade Signals YouTube channel, as well as the potential risks associated with their investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

    It’s always important to be cautious when investing, especially when it comes to online opportunities.

    If you’re looking for ways to make extra money from home, consider starting a virtual assistant business, opening an online store, or becoming an affiliate marketer.

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    Other options include taking online surveys, tutoring online, or using your skills as a graphic designer or freelance writer to earn money in your spare time.

    Be sure to also consider the value of social proof and seek out the opinions of industry experts and long-term investors before making a decision.

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    Many websites and YouTube channels claim to help you make money. While some of them look legit, you should do proper research before proceeding with them. Always, have an open mind and let facts and evidence dictate your decision making process. 

    Do you know more about Elgan Investments Platform? If yes, feel free to share your take on the matter below. 

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