Appbitfpro Review – BiTF Copy Trading Platform – a SCAM?

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On December 3, 2023, we received the following complaint regarding BiTF:

I was defrauded of $15,000 USDT by the platform It appears that this site is involved in fraudulent activities.

So is BiTf at a SCAM? Review was registered for one year on July 3, 2023, through The registrant contact is from Fujian, China. The hosting is CloudInnovation infrastructure.

It has a 2% SEMrush Authority Score with 5 backlinks from 4 referring domains.

Only one page from the site is indexed on Google, the homepage, titled “Better trading Better life.”

It was designed to appear like a mobile app, but it’s made from just one image and two links leading to download links for their app.

According to the information they provide through the image, the BiTF Trading Platform is a cryptocurrency trading platform that claims to be “The World’s Largest Crypto Copy Trading Platform,” offering to copy trade “10,000+ Elite Traders at Zero Cost to Earn Higher Profits.”

It also mentions a “Global Trading Competition” with a prize pool of 100 BTC.

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    Additionally, it boasts partnerships with notable entities such as Juventus, a well-known football club, and PGL Major, suggesting cross-border cooperation with the esports industry.

    Lastly, it encourages downloading the “BIT crypto trading app” for trading crypto assets.

    Red Flags

    There are several red flags to look for that could suggest a potential scam:

    1. Unrealistic claims: Promises of high returns with low or no cost can be a common tactic used by fraudulent platforms to attract unsuspecting investors.
    2. Lack of Company Information: A legitimate trading platform should provide comprehensive regulatory information, including licenses, registration numbers, and compliance with financial authorities. The absence of such information is a red flag.
    3. Limited Contact Information: No specific contact details like addresses, emails, phone numbers, or social media accounts are mentioned. Legitimate services usually have multiple channels for customer support and inquiries.
    4. Dubious partnerships: Claims of partnerships with reputable organizations require verification, as they can be falsely made to gain credibility, as indeed they are in the case of
    5. Singular Focus on App Downloads: Directing users solely to download apps without providing substantial information about the company, its operations, or its security measures is unusual for a financial service provider.
    6. High-Value Competition Prize: Offering a 100 BTC prize pool is an extraordinary claim and would typically require substantial backing and transparency about the terms and conditions of such a competition.
    7. Downloadable APK: Providing an APK file for Android devices circumvents the security protocols inherent in the official Google Play Store, which could potentially expose users to security risks if the APK is not from a trustworthy source. Remember, downloading APK files from non-official sources can pose security risks to your device and personal data.

    BiTF Trading Platform Reviews

    Apart from several analytic assessments of, there seems to be a noticeable absence of reviews or discussions related to the BiTF Trading Platform.

    The website has designated as ‘Suspicious,’ which stands as one of the lone flags raised against it.

    This context positions our Appbitfpro Review as a pioneering analysis of this application.

    Complaints We Received

    On January 5, 2024, we received the following complaint:

    $19,000 has been frozen by the app, and now they are requesting tax payment.

    Appbitfpro Review Conclusion

    In concluding our review of and the BiTF Trading Platform, we’ve embarked on a cautious journey through the claims and features presented by the service. We’ve scrutinized the platform amidst the burgeoning and often murky waters of cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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    The heart of our concern lies with the user who reported a substantial loss—$15,000 USDT—a figure that warrants serious attention and a thorough investigation. This claim, coupled with the platform’s short domain registration period, lack of comprehensive regulatory information, and scant online presence, casts a long shadow of doubt over the legitimacy of

    Our examination reveals a platform that, while alluring with promises of zero-cost copy trading with elite traders and lucrative competition prizes, seems to lack the transparency and substance typically characteristic of reliable financial services. The absence of detailed contact information, questionable partnership claims, and reliance on APK downloads instead of official app store offerings further exacerbates the concern for potential users’ security and the safety of their investments.

    The Bottom Line Regarding

    While we cannot definitively label as a scam without a full legal investigation, the flags we’ve identified are serious and should give any prudent investor pause. We urge our readers to exercise the highest level of diligence and caution. Should you have experiences similar to the alarming report we’ve received, we encourage you to share your stories and help build a clearer picture of the platform’s operations.

    This review is not just an assessment; it’s a call to vigilance in an industry where transparency should be paramount, yet is often found lacking. As we continue to monitor, we remain committed to providing updates and supporting our readers with personalized advice where needed. Stay informed, stay skeptical, and prioritize the security of your digital endeavors.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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