Coinxstacks and Pacpintrade: Scam Alert Review

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On December 1, 2023, we received the following complaint:

I have been scammed by, a website with an investment plan similar to another scam site, Pacpintrade. After investing and reinvesting several times, I tried to withdraw my funds. This is where the problems began. Initially, they requested a card withdrawal, followed by an insurance payment. Then, they required me to register on a new site and pay a registration fee. Subsequently, I was charged a high withdrawal fee. Despite being assured that this would be the last payment, they demanded more money to finalize the withdrawal. My account balance was, or at least appeared to be, over approximately $22,000, including all the fees.

My experience with Pacpintrade was similar. I had to pay a final fee of $750 to withdraw my funds, but due to an error on their part, they requested that I pay again. In this case, my loss was around $8,000.

This report exhibits several classic signs of online investment scams:

  1. Repeated Payment Requests: A common tactic in scams is the continuous requirement for additional payments. In legitimate investments, withdrawal procedures are typically straightforward and do not involve multiple unexpected fees. The pattern of asking for a card withdrawal fee, insurance payment, registration fee on a new site, and a high withdrawal fee is indicative of a scam designed to continually extract money from victims.
  2. Moving Target for Withdrawal: The scammer’s assurance that each payment would be the last, followed by yet another demand for money, is a classic scam strategy. This approach keeps victims hopeful and engaged, leading them to pay more in the hopes of recovering their initial investment.
  3. Similar Patterns with Different Sites: Your experience with both and Pacpintrade follows a similar pattern, which suggests these sites could be operated by the same group of scammers or using a common scam playbook. The fact that both sites have similar investment plans and withdrawal issues is a red flag.
  4. High Account Balance with No Access: Showing a high account balance that victims cannot access is a psychological tool used by scammers. It creates an illusion of wealth and potential gain, motivating the victim to continue paying fees in the hope of accessing these funds.
  5. Lack of Transparency and Regulation: These sites likely lack proper financial regulation and transparency. Legitimate investment platforms are usually regulated by financial authorities and have clear terms and conditions regarding withdrawals and fees.
  6. “Final Fee” Scam: The tactic of requiring a final fee to release funds, only to claim there was an error and request additional payment, is a classic scamming method. It exploits the victim’s commitment and desire to recover their investments. Review was registered on June 4, 2023, for one year, through Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a It is protected by Whois Privacy Protection Foundation and hosted by Hostinger International Limited.

It has a 2% SEMrush Authority Score with 7 backlinks from 5 referring domains.

Coinxstacks presents itself as an investment platform focusing on various digital economy sectors, including cryptocurrency, real estate management, crypto mining, stocks, bonds, and agriculture. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in the Netherlands, it claims to offer a range of investment plans with varying minimum investments and interest rates. The company emphasizes its mission to make cryptocurrency trading accessible to all, asserting that no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency is needed to invest with them.

The website lists four main investment plans, categorized based on the investment amount and offering different interest rates and bonuses. These range from a minimum investment of $50 to a maximum of $500,000, with promised returns escalating with higher investments.

Coinxstacks states that its project originated from Bitcoin enthusiasts and mentions a legal registration with the UK Government in October 2022. The site highlights the use of advanced technology for secure and fast transactions and emphasizes a diversified investment strategy.

The website describes a simple process for account creation, deposit, and withdrawal. It promises immediate reflection of deposits and swift processing of withdrawals to the user’s Bitcoin wallet.

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    Coinxstacks claims to be officially registered with the Netherland Company House, with a registration number provided. It mentions a founder named David Vincent, who transitioned from FOREX to cryptocurrency trading.

    The provided address is Nieuwe Stationsstraat 20, 6811 KS Arnhem, Netherlands. However, no specific email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts are mentioned.

    A WhatsApp link on the site leads to the following number +31 6 37694801, a Netherlands number.

    Red Flags Indicative of a Scam

    1. Unrealistic Returns: The promised returns on investments are exceptionally high and unrealistic, especially considering the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Such high returns are typical of Ponzi schemes to attract investors.
    2. Vague Operational Details: The website lacks specific information about its operational strategies in cryptocurrency trading and mining. There is an overemphasis on the potential returns without clear details on how these returns are generated.
    3. No Verifiable Track Record: There is no evidence of a successful track record or verifiable testimonials from clients. The figures and statistics provided on the site lack external verification.
    4. Questionable Company History: The narrative about the founder and the company’s evolution appears fabricated or exaggerated, especially with claims of sudden proficiency in high-volatility trading.
    5. Generic and Overreaching Claims: The site’s content includes broad and non-specific claims about their services and benefits, which is typical of scam websites trying to appeal to a wide range of investors without providing concrete information.
    6. Absence of Contact Information: The lack of specific contact details like email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts reduces the website’s credibility. It limits the ability of potential investors to conduct due diligence.
    7. Pressure Tactics: The investment plans and website content seem designed to pressure visitors into making quick investments without ample time to consider the risks.
    8. Inconsistencies and Errors: The website contains several inconsistencies and errors, such as fluctuating narratives about the company’s background and expertise, which can be indicative of fraudulent intent.

    In summary, while presents itself as a versatile and lucrative investment platform, several red flags suggest it could be a scam. Potential investors should exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough independent research before considering any investment. It’s always advisable to consult with financial experts or regulatory bodies before investing in such platforms. Reviews

    Coinxstacks, an online investment platform, has garnered attention on Trustpilot, though not for commendable reasons. The site has a poor rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars, based on 5 reviews, suggesting significant dissatisfaction among its users.

    A detailed look at the reviews reveals a stark divide in customer experiences. A majority, 80%, have given Coinxstacks a 1-star rating, indicating severe issues and dissatisfaction. These negative reviews consistently describe Coinxstacks as a scam. Multiple users recount similar experiences of being asked for additional payments during the withdrawal process. They mention being required to pay for card withdrawal, insurance, new account registration, and high withdrawal fees. Despite making these payments, the customers report that they ultimately did not receive their funds, leading to total loss of their deposits.

    One review in particular details a deceptive practice where the company supposedly makes deposits to wallets like Coinbase, but these transactions are fake and unsupported by the wallet services. The physical address of Coinxstacks is noted to be in the Netherlands, but there’s skepticism about the legitimacy of this location.

    On the other hand, a single review, accounting for 20% of the total, rates Coinxstacks at 4 stars, praising the company as reliable and lauding their investment experience with instant and free withdrawals. This positive review stands in stark contrast to the overwhelmingly negative feedback from other users.

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    The profile of Coinxstacks on Trustpilot remains unclaimed, and there is no history of the company soliciting reviews from customers. This lack of engagement on a platform like Trustpilot can be indicative of a less proactive approach towards customer feedback and reputation management.

    In summary, the Trustpilot reviews for Coinxstacks paint a worrying picture, dominated by allegations of scam-like behaviors and dissatisfaction, overshadowing the singular positive review. This discrepancy in customer experiences is a red flag for potential investors considering Coinxstacks for their investment needs. Review was registered through Hostinger Operations, UAB on June 14, 2023, for one year. It is protected by Privacy Protect, LLC, and hosted by Hostinger International Limited and/or Cogent Communications.

    It has a SEMrush Authority Score of 2% with 9 backlinks from 5 referring domains. Review Screenshot of

    Pacpintrade positions itself as a digital asset investment firm based in Poland, emphasizing its role in the crypto asset market. The platform offers investment opportunities in digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a promise of high and fixed interest returns. It claims to utilize advanced analysis for its investment strategies.

    The site details various investment plans, categorized by the amount of investment and the duration of the investment. These plans offer high compound and daily interest rates, automated profit top-ups, and referral incentives. The investment amounts range from as low as $50 to as high as $150,000.

    Pacpintrade outlines its investment philosophy, focusing on clear investment goals, suitable asset allocation, minimizing costs, and maintaining long-term discipline. The company emphasizes the importance of diversified funds and controlled costs for successful investment outcomes.

    The company provides insights into the valuation of digital assets, explaining their dependence on price action and public investment interest.

    The company’s contact details include an email address (, a phone number (+44 741 748 346), and an office address (ul. Helenowska 24, Pruszków, Poland).

    The following WhatsApp number is also provided on the site: +357 94479916. It is a Cyprus number.

    Pacpintrade acknowledges the risks associated with digital asset trading and states that its services are currently unregulated within Poland. It also details its compliance with legal authorities and financial institutions, including provisions for international transfers of personal information.

    Red Flags and Potential Indicators of Scam

    1. Unrealistically High Returns: The promised high and fixed interest returns on investments are unusually high, raising concerns about their sustainability and realism, a common trait in Ponzi schemes.
    2. Lack of Regulatory Oversight: The admission that the services are unregulated in Poland could indicate a lack of oversight and accountability, increasing the risk to investors.
    3. Complex and Vague Investment Strategies: While the website mentions using advanced basic and technical analysis, it lacks clear, detailed explanations of these investment strategies, making it difficult for investors to understand how their money is managed.
    4. Limited Information on Company Leadership: There is a lack of detailed information about the company’s leadership and their qualifications, which is crucial for building trust and credibility in the financial services sector.
    5. Generic Content and Marketing Jargon: The use of broad and generic marketing language without substantial proof or specific details can be a tactic to allure investors without providing tangible evidence of performance or security.
    6. Inconsistencies and Potential Misinformation: Any inconsistency or signs of misinformation in their communication or website content can be a red flag, suggesting a lack of professionalism or potential deceit.
    7. Pressure Tactics: The presentation of investment plans may pressure potential investors into quick decisions, a common technique in investment scams.
    8. Risks Associated with Digital Currency: The inherent risks of digital currency trading, especially in an unregulated environment, are significant. The platform’s acknowledgment of these risks, while honest, also serves as a warning to potential investors about the volatility and unpredictability of such investments.

    In conclusion, while Pacpintrade presents itself as an innovative digital asset investment platform, the high-return promises, regulatory concerns, and lack of detailed company information are significant red flags. Potential investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence or consult with financial experts before considering investment. Reviews

    Pacpintrade, a digital asset investment firm, has a mixed reputation on Trustpilot with a TrustScore of 3.5 out of 5, based on 12 total reviews. The distribution of ratings is quite polarized: 75% of the reviewers give it a 5-star rating, suggesting high satisfaction, while 25% rate it 1-star, indicating serious dissatisfaction.

    The negative reviews highlight several alarming issues. Customers report deceptive practices during the withdrawal process. For instance, one user mentions being told that withdrawals could be done in any wallet and with any cryptocurrency, but later found that only Coinbase wallets were used and the deposits were fake. Additionally, there’s a mention of a fee of $750 for “encryption,” which raises suspicions of fraudulent activities. Another user claims that after paying for a ‘withdrawal card,’ they were asked to pay for an ‘upgrade,’ suggesting a pattern of continuously extracting money from clients under various pretexts.

    These negative reviews consistently describe experiences where users are asked for additional payments with no successful withdrawal, a typical sign of a scam. The users label the platform as a scam and warn others against investing in it, citing blocked accounts and continuous demands for money as major issues.

    On the other hand, the absence of any 2, 3, or 4-star reviews and a high percentage of 5-star reviews might indicate a skewed or unbalanced representation of customer experiences. The platform’s profile on Trustpilot is unclaimed, and there is no evidence of the company actively seeking reviews, which can sometimes affect the authenticity and balance of the reviews.

    In summary, while there are some positive reviews, the severe allegations in the negative reviews, including claims of fake deposits, unexpected fees, and blocked accounts, are significant red flags. These issues suggest potential fraudulent activities, and they warrant caution and thorough investigation for anyone considering using Pacpintrade’s services.

    Coinxstacks & Pacpintrade Review Conclusion

    After a comprehensive review of and, several critical observations emerge that not only raise serious concerns about each entity individually but also suggest the possibility of a connection between the two platforms.

    Both and exhibit strikingly similar operational patterns, particularly in their approach to client withdrawals and fee structures. In both cases, clients report being subjected to a series of escalating fees and requirements, which is a common tactic in online investment scams. This pattern includes requests for card withdrawal fees, insurance payments, registration on new sites with accompanying fees, and significant withdrawal fees. Additionally, there are instances of “final fees” that are repeatedly followed by requests for more payments, a tactic designed to exploit victims’ hopes of recovering their investments.

    Both websites advertise unusually high and seemingly unrealistic returns on investments. Such promises are characteristic of Ponzi schemes, designed to attract unsuspecting investors with the lure of high returns in a short period. This aspect is concerning, as it deviates from typical returns in legitimate investment operations, especially in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

    Neither nor provides sufficient regulatory information or transparency regarding their operations. Despite claims of registration with government entities, there is a noticeable lack of verifiable proof or substantial detail that can be independently confirmed. This lack of transparency is a significant red flag in the investment sector, where regulatory compliance and clarity are paramount.

    The reviews on Trustpilot for both platforms paint a concerning picture. For, the predominance of 1-star reviews describing experiences consistent with scam tactics is alarming. Similarly,, despite having a mix of reviews, shows a pattern of negative feedback that echoes the scam-like experiences reported for The absence of moderate reviews (2, 3, or 4-star) for further casts doubt on the authenticity and balance of the customer feedback.

    The similarities in operational tactics, the nature of the investment plans, the pattern of customer complaints, and the overall lack of transparency raise the question of a possible connection between and While direct evidence of a relationship is not explicitly available, the parallels in their modus operandi suggest that these platforms could either be operated by the same group or are using a similar scam playbook.

    The Bottom Line Regarding Coinxstacks & Pacpintrade

    Based on the available information, both and exhibit multiple characteristics of online investment scams. The continuous requirement for additional payments, high promised returns, lack of regulatory clarity, and consistent negative customer feedback are substantial red flags. The similarities in their operational patterns suggest a potential relationship or shared scamming tactics, warranting significant caution.

    Investors are strongly advised to exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough independent research before considering any investment with these platforms. Consulting with financial experts and verifying the legitimacy through regulatory bodies is recommended to avoid potential scams.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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