AppCash 23 Review – Scam or Legit Survey Site?

AppCash 23 claims to help its users make over $700 just by completing 20 simple tasks. Obviously, the kind of claims they make is outrageous and people are very skeptical when it comes to interacting with them. The way they operate is also not transparent and the management side has remained anonymous despite a lot of tarnishing rumors spread about them.

User reviews for the most part are negative and consensus clearly points south. Of course, this platform does not ask people for money, but they do collect personal information and that definitely isn’t cheap. If you are thinking about using this platform or similar ones, then the following content is for you.

We have explained the way this business model works so that you know exactly what is happening behind the scenes. In case you need assistance with analyzing a platform or if you are trying to recover our money but are unable to do so, then get in touch with us through the form provided below. 

AppCash 23 Review

AppCash 23 is a survey website. Just like most forms of survey sites, they pay a certain amount for your time and the amount of earnings directly depends on the number of tasks completed by the user. The concept itself isn’t something to worry about.

In fact, the interface looks clean. One of the main reasons why people are afraid to proceed with them is because of the exaggerated claims they make about rewards. Survey sites have been around for decades and most of them will likely be some sort of a hustle.

The legit ones do pay, but it certainly won’t be enough to quit your day job or make a considerable amount of money. AppCash 23’s claims of making $700 is too aggressive and for all the right reasons people are staying cautious while dealing with them. 

Is AppCash 23 Scam or Not?

AppCash 23 has a decent business model. They are considered a scam by many people because of a lack of transparency and high-pressure marketing tactics. For starters, know that they do not require users to pay any money which is a good sign.

However, through surveys and other processes, they do collect a lot of personal information. Trusting this platform with our data is indeed a huge gamble and it may not be worth the rewards offered by them. We are not saying that they will leak the data for sure, but as the risks present are unparalleled, one needs to be careful.

Personally, we would never exchange our personal data for a few dollars for any reason. We suggest our audience not entertain these types of offers for safety reasons. 

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    Can you really make money with it?

    It apparently is possible to make money with this platform and other legit survey sites. However, do not expect to rake in thousands of dollars weekly or monthly. The ideal target should be around $50 to $200.

    If any platform promises you quick returns, then do in-depth research because there are tons of phishing scams out there. Income from survey platforms will be a nice supplement to your income, but it will never be big enough to replace job income in most cases.

    As far as AppCash 23 is considered, the chances of making money with them are indeed bleak. At the end of the day, it might not even be worth your time. So, think twice before signing up, and do not take anything for granted. 

    AppCash 23 User Reviews

    AppCash 23 as expected has got too much negative reputation. While few people claim to have made money with them, the majority of them say otherwise. On social media platforms and Quora, you can find tons of feedback about them. We did spend a lot of time trying to find more facts.

    Unfortunately, as almost every claim is unverifiable, we just have to be neutral and wait for some more time for the truth to come out. User input is always a valuable piece of information and it is not wise to make a move especially when we don’t have all the variables. In other words, a slow and steady approach is the best. 


    Just like we mentioned before, start to treat your data like a precious commodity because it can make or break your finances. Do your homework before joining any platform that asks for your personal information.

    When it comes to trusting apps like AppCash 23, make sure it is worth the risks involved or simply walk away if you don’t like to take chances with anonymous platforms. 

    What do you think about Let us know your take on the matter below. 

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