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EUFM is an unlicensed broker that is offering a lot of high-risk investment opportunities to the public. Even regulatory bodies have issued warnings against them, but still, that hasn’t slowed them down. Their platform looks decent at first.

However, if you go over the small print and other important details, you will quickly realize the way they actually work and it isn’t something pleasant. Policies enforced by them contain a lot of hidden catches and they have complete control over the data feed which means, they can influence the price of the asset to a considerable degree which might be enough to conduct stop-loss hunts.

Information regarding parent firms is scarce and we do not have anything nice to say about them. While they offer high leverage, do not let that factor alone entice you.

To know all the risks involved, go through the following content. If you have lost funds to this entity, then get started with the recovery process by filling out the form below. 

EUFM Scam Review

EUFM is located in Marshall Island which means as far as safety goes, it is non-existent. As this platform is not legally required to match certain standards, there is no such thing as the safety of funds. To put things across in a simple manner, the capital amount of investors is never safe with them and in case of bankruptcy or other unforeseen event, the users won’t get their funds back.

There is no insurance mechanism present as well. Think about it, when there are literally hundreds of regulated brokers out there, why would any rational investor move forward with this platform?

Aren’t the risks involved too unjustifiable? Always stick with licensed entities and never indulge in unlicensed platforms regardless of what features they offer. 

EUFM Trading Platform

This broker offers basic web-based trading software. The default indicators present might be enough for someone that is just starting out. However, for the vast majority of traders, the interface itself is a huge deal breaker. Fans of algorithm trading will be disappointed as the software isn’t advanced enough to automate the trading process to the desired level.

If you are someone that relies on custom tools and indicators, then you possibly cannot do much with this broker. Considering everything they have to offer, the costs are high, functionality is low and practicality is not ideal. Undoubtedly, there are better alternatives out there. As there is no unique edge offered by this broker, it is better to stay away from them. 

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    Account Types

    There are 4 types of accounts offered by them. The minimum capital requirement is over 3000 EUR which is way too high. Many regulated brokers often do not ask for more than $250 capital. The leverage offered depends upon the account type which makes things complicated.

    To unlock all the services this platform has to offer, one might have to spend six figures which are ridiculous given today’s market landscape. Things like financial feed and economic calendar are marketed as extra features by them.

    Think about it, aren’t the services mentioned above kind of basic things? Regardless of which angle we look at them, flaws are certainly plenty.

    Contact Information

    In case you need to get in touch with the customer support of this firm, then the following details will be helpful for you.

    Address – Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, MH96960

    Phone – +12654 65189

    Email –

    Funding and Withdrawal

    This platform accepts funds through credit cards only. There is a lot of confusion regarding the fee structure and no one knows the kind of processing time this firm needs. Surprisingly enough, there is a bonus and other incentives present.

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    However, double-check the terms and understand them carefully before accepting the offer. Policies are vague and obviously, it is designed to put odds against the traders.

    Withdrawal fees and dormant account charges are not revealed upfront. In short, ambiguity and uncertainty are too high and this trait alone will make any experienced trader move in the opposite direction. 

    EUFM User Reviews

    Despite the kind of engagement and traffic they receive, user reviews about them aren’t much. The sample size is simply too low and the available data gives contradictory impressions. Do not trust any comment with referral links attached.

    Remember, if there is any conflict of interest present, then it is always better to do research and then proceed. As this firm is new, the user reviews aren’t giving a clear picture. Nonetheless, as time passes, reality will find its way to the top. 

    Is EUFM a Scam?

    EUFM is a sketchy entity and it will be nothing short of a miracle to get money back from them. Avoid depositing with them for your own benefit. If you are reading this post a little too late, then try to withdraw your capital. In case you are unable to succeed, use the contact form below to get in touch with our experts.

    We will go over your specific case and help you initiate the recovery process in a hassle-free manner. The best part is, we have decades of experience and at this point, nothing can surprise us anymore. 

    Verdict is an offshore entity that almost acts like a cash grab. They do not have the best interest of the users at heart. The main goal of entities like this one is to make money and they use any tactic necessary to achieve their desires. So, walk away and stay safe. 

    Do you have any personal experience with the platform? Feel free to comment your views below. 

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