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Asset Global Recovery is a firm that has earned a reputation over the years. Their platform is working for a noble cause the kind of fees charged by them are very reasonable. In terms of PR, this firm has done a decent job and has established their brand in a good manner. However, when you look at the other things associated with reputation such as user feedback, success stories and other forms of social proof, perception about them quickly changes.

For starters, they have got only a handful of testimonials online which is scary as it does not correlate with their popularity. Out of the handful of customer reviews, few users have expressed frustration and have voiced their opinion in a sarcastic way. On the other hand, positive comments do exist and look like people are happy or at least satisfied with them.

Unfortunately, due to the small sample size, the data is not something that indicates the reality of the situation precisely. This firm without any doubt tries to maintain transparency and their customer support is also more than adequate.

If you, like many other people, are a victim of online fraud and are trying to figure out whether or not to stick with this platform, then continue reading to get a firm answer. Remember, the chances of successful recovery depends upon many factors and as long as you act quickly, the odds will be on your side.

Asset Global Recovery

Public Image

Asset Global Recovery has mentioned on numerous occasions that their goal or the main motive of their firm is to assist people that have lost money online in the recovery process. The fact that they have a firm mission is a good thing and it goes without mentioning that their cause by all means is global. Firms that are authentic and driven by principles always outshine their competition because on top of every form of marketing they will earn word of mouth mode which is the best in terms of conversion.

This platform has got recognition from most of the popular forums and the news outlets. Even the big giants in the sector such as AP news have also written about them and that kind of PR tells you a lot about the firm’s management side. Though the information on all the top employees are not published, the amount of data present about them is good enough to earn them credibility.

At the time of writing this article, we could not reach their website for some reason and it would have been nice if they had provided an explanation. However, their phone lines are open and finding the contact information about this firm on the web is not a big task for most users. All in all, their marketing efforts are above par and they surely know the ways to create an online buzz.

Customer support

This platform can be reached via email, telephone and contact form. To set an appointment with them, clients just have to put in their contact number and basic details about their query. We do not know if they charge any consultation fees, but we strongly believe they won’t charge for it as it is a standard practice followed by many reputable platforms.

After all the required information is made available to their team, they will answer all your questions and let you know the real chances of getting the funds back. Due to their website not being accessible at this time, the working hours of this firm is unknown, but using other sources we did find all of their contact details for you. 

  • Address – 1000 Potomac St NW # 5, Washington, DC 20007-3501
  • Phone – (202) 381-0450

How does Asset Global Recovery Investigation work?

The investigation process of this platform cannot be shared by them for obvious reasons. However, certain basic concepts can be mentioned so that clients understand the way used by institutions to hunt down scammers and make them pay up for their actions that inflicted damage upon many people. First and foremost, they start out by collecting things that help them to gather details.

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    Things like scammers account number, crypto addresses will go a long way in narrowing down their actual information. Once all the data is collected, the firm will have to choose the best way to close in on the scammer and the kind of legal procedures it might involve. If the crook is in a place wherein the law is a little tricky or strict, then more paperwork has to be done so that when the final trigger is pressed, there won’t be a chance for him or her to wiggle away.

    As soon as everything is set and complete, the relevant law enforcement agency will be informed and they will take care of the rest. As you can easily tell, there are a tremendous amount of people working behind the scenes and unless the victim has relevant experience, it will be overwhelming for them to do everything on their own.

    The only thing a client has to do in order to increase their chances of getting back funds is choose a reliable firm and let them take care of the rest. Remember, the sooner you act, the better the results are going to be in general.

    Asset Global Recovery Costs and Fees

    After going through the paragraph above, you might have already realised that it is impossible to put a firm price tag on the entire process. The investigation cost depends upon a lot of variables, locality and the complications are too many. Due to the unpredictable range of costs, there is no one size fits all approach taken by this industry and this platform is not an exception.

    After consulting this firm and letting them know the details, if the case is something that has a decent chance of success, then clients are required to pay around $1500 and the cost might go up if the underlying case is complicated.

    Moreover, as one investigation requires the input from a lot of professionals such as attorneys, private investigators and financial analysts, the costs are on the higher side, but they are not all overpriced. For the exact information or for a valid estimation on the costs involved, contacting the support team is the only way.

    Common Types of Scams

    Scammers and crooks are present in literally every sector. However, they generally like to stick with the investment and trading sector as it is easier for them to loot the public without leaving much trace and exiting their operations without creating heat. Retails traders now have access to almost all of the data and the gap with institutional and the retail crowd is narrowing every passing day.

    Sadly, the newbies in the retail space do not understand the law and the mechanics of the market and that makes them the perfect prey. Below, we have listed a few common types of scams present on the internet. Take a look at them so that you can learn to identify the real opportunities from the fake ones.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Forex and Binary Scam

    Trading is a term that gets a lot of searches online. People love the markets and everyone is trying to build their wealth by taking advantage of the growing economy. However, if you do not choose the right broker or platform, things might not end up well for you.

    To ensure you get a safe trading environment especially while navigating the forex market, always choose regulated platforms only. Establishing binary options positions is extremely risky and for the most part, this industry is unregulated and the time decay is enormous. If you are familiar with exotic derivatives, then trade only with exchanges that are regulated in your country and never invest with any online portals that operate in mysterious manners. 

    Investment Firms Promising High Returns

    Ponzi schemes are also on the rise and the retail side for some reason are still chasing huge numbers though it is obvious that they are all fake. MLM schemes will always crash and burn the people who entered late and they will not be able to do anything about it.

    To avoid getting duped by sleazy platforms and salesmen, do not invest with any firm unless they are regulated and authorised to conduct control operations. Also, report all the scams to the concerned authorities even if you have not lost anything to them. 

    User Feedback

    Asset Global Recovery has earned less than 10 to 20 reviews about them on Trustpilot and other reputable platforms. Compared to the traffic statistics of their website and the kind of media attention they received, the numbers are dull and it is causing concerns to many people. Moreover, on Trustpilot some of the comments made do not appear to be genuine and some others appear to be from bogus user profiles.

    Lack of adequate testimonials is obviously a red flag and apart from waiting for more data to pop up, there is nothing we can do about it. Constructive criticism or outright criticism are things every firm gets and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if the feedback is over optimistic, then it is better to be slow and conservative in our approach. 

    Is Asset Global Recovery Legit?

    Whenever we review a company, we look at all the different angles and metrics to get the sense of their business. Realistically speaking, the recovery agencies have a success rate of around 50% at best and they are effective when it comes to fighting the common types of scams. In the long run, consistency is hard to maintain above the range mentioned in the previous sentence and it is a fact.

    This firm features a lot of things that earn them credibility, their model is transparent and as far as cost and fees go, the price point they have selected is clearly the best. On the flip side, ratings and customer reviews about them are not reassuring and the fact that they have so little user feedback is not adding up to the kind of image they have created for themselves.

    We would advise our readers to be careful while signing any kind of agreements with them and if needed, do hire a lawyer so that you understand all of the terms and conditions clearly. Lastly, do not forget to check the prices of other competitors too.

    Bottom Line

    Online scams are plaguing the world of finance in ways that are harsh and cruel. People are getting looted and sometimes the scammers even pretend to be recovery experts and double dupe the same victim. Clearly, this space is getting flooded with new firms and sadly, a lot of them are not really what they say they are.

    The only way to choose the right firm to get your work done is by doing solid research on them and thanks to the internet, with few persistent checks most of the time you will get all the data you need. So, do your homework without fail and stick with firms that have reasonable terms and costs combined with reputation. 

    What do you think about Asset Global Recovery and their success rate? Do comment your answers in the thread below. 

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