Phoenix Souls Review – No.1 Sketchy Firm

Phoenix Souls( is a recovery agency that claims to have achieved impressive milestones. On their platform, 75 scams are said to be reported every hour and they supposedly have helped their clients get back upto 2 billions dollars. The figures they feature are all great and for any victim of an online scam, it is quite natural to feel inclined towards hiring them. However, before you proceed with them you also need to be aware of their dark side that raises a lot of questions and concerns.

Everything about this platform is not exactly transparent and as far as evidence and documentation goes, there is no hard core evidence to support the theories and vague statements presented by this firm. This platform has also not earned much reputation online and customer reviews about them are non-existent. The contact details put up on their platform consists of an email address and location, but no telephone number.

Due to the way they operate which is needless to say is mysterious, many people are hesitant to even approach them. Moreover, their fees structure and other legal details are also hidden and this kind of sneaky behaviour is hurting their reputation a lot.

For any reason if you want to hire this agency then read the following details about them without fail and then take a firm action. Remember, not all recovery agencies hold their end of the bargain and some of them are known to loot the people using fancy terms and made-up narratives. 

Phoenix Souls Review

Team Members and Support

This firm features photos of their employees on their website. Firms that are genuine usually take this approach as they want to show the clients the kind of expertise their team brings to the table. Reputable platforms link to the employees profiles and write a few lines about the value they bring to the table. On this platform, the script is twisted to suit their needs and the information about any of their employees are bleak and that fact alone shatters the confidence factor.

For starters, there is no information or designation details put up under the images. The LinkedIn profiles are not found and after searching the web for hours, we still could not find any details about any of the people in the list. Some of the photos featured by them also look very similar to stock photos and that’s not the kind of trait we were hoping to unravel.

Perhaps, the most annoying thing about their platform apart from lack of transparency is the fact that it is very hard to get in touch with the support staff. If any client faces issues or has specific queries that need to be addressed immediately, then they have no other option than to wait and settle for mediocre response time.

Staff of this firm can be reached through contact form and email only. They might call you using telephones, but the arrangement with those numbers are not made clear and the lack of dedicated telephone support is obviously frustrating to say the least. All the contact information about them is listed in the following section.

  • Location – Warsaw, Poland
  • Email –

How does Phoenix Souls Work?

The answer to this question is not exactly easy to answer because of the lack of details. No recovery agency openly shares about all of their trucks because it would hinder their cause, but they all do provide a way of monitoring the status of the case to ensure that the end client always knows the things unfolding in real time. Phoenix Souls talks a lot about their team and the way their fur is structured.

They claim to be around from 1995 and have allegedly helped firms recover over 2 billion dollars of lost or stolen funds. Along with the big numbers, they also claim to have helped military operations and their team supposedly consists of experts with decades of experience. Confusing thing about them is that they never mention anything about the practical aspect.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    While it is true that actions taken by them depend upon the nature of the fraud and the country the culprit is located in, they could have been open about the investigation process. To get in touch with them, people have to sign up for a free consultation and share the details of the incident.

    Once they have all the data, they will let you know the course of action required and people are allowed to either get a second opinion or to stick with the initial plan if they are satisfied with it. If you choose to proceed with them, then they will take care of all the legalities from there and that includes handling different areas such as legality, finances, tracking, etc,. They are also supposed to gather evidence and present them to the concerned officials if required. 

    Agendas and Missions

    According to their About Us section, the main goal of this firm is to help people get back their money from fraudulent platforms and exchanges. They even talk about private investigation services and all of their staff are said to be highly trained and qualified. Just like a lot of firms, they also focus more on the trading related scams as it is the one that makes the public bleed more financially.

    Their main speciality is cryptocurrency tracing. There is no list put up by them that shows the list of coins they track and recover, but we hope all the top 10 currencies are involved. Here’s a list of services they offer related to the crypto world. Note that, apart from the things mentioned below, they might entertain other cases too and to get a firm answer, you need to sit for a consultation with them. 

    • Forgotten Wallet passwords
    • Deleted Data
    • Viruses
    • Cryptocurrencies transferred to invalid addresses
    • Storage with defects
    • Funds lost in forks
    • Wallets in Watch only
    • Old wallet versions

    Remember, when dealing with lost or stolen funds the success rate will never be above 40% to 50% and that’s the reality of the sector. So, take proper precautions and always enable 2FA authorization and remember to save your passwords in a secure location or via traditional methods. Also, make sure you follow all the recommended practises such as using VPN, dealing with only official websites while browsing the web in order to stay safe online.

    Phoenix Souls Scambassador

    Victims of online scams are often ridiculed and some of them might feel embarrassed to even report the incident to authorities due to the social stigmas. To encourage people about the steps they need to take when they have been cheated and to create awareness, this firm is taking an initiative and it is called Phoenix Souls Scambassador. Anyone regardless of their age or location can join them and help in creating awareness of the latest trend in the sector and get to work with them.

    We do not know whether they offer affiliate programs to the candidates selected, but if you are interested in the position mentioned above, you need to visit their website and fill out a short form. Unfortunately, their response time is unknown, but generally it should not take more than 5 business days. 

    Forex Broker Blacklist Section

    Fraudulent forex brokers and offshore entities that cause nothing but financial damage to the retail side has been almost impossible to eradicate. This firm also helps people get their capital back from shady brokerages and they have a dedicated blog section that writes about viral yet unreliable platforms in this niche. At the time of publishing this post, the dedicated blog section has over 4 pages.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    However, considering the posts till date, it does not look like this section is updated frequently. Nonetheless, their efforts are appreciated and honest unbiased content is always well received by the public. If you are unsure about the authenticity of any broker, simply check their regulatory status and the compensation scheme they offer. In case, if they are unregulated or if they do not offer any kind of insurance, then flee away from the platform you are looking at and continue searching for other alternatives.

    Plus, do not start depositing huge money even if you are dealing with a regulated broker, always start small, master the space you are interested in and let the data tell you when to take things to the next level. Skill set simply cannot be developed overnight and any person or thing that suggests otherwise is not beneficial for you for all the right reasons. 


    Phoenix Souls claims to be around for more than 2 decades. They proudly put up the images of their top employees and they brag all day about their goals and missions. With the kind of image they are trying to project, one might think that they have a large number of user feedback online.

    Shockingly, there is nothing about them mentioned by clients on any of the related forums and even on social media platforms, the data is scarce and as a result we cannot rely on it to reach hard conclusions. Lack of input by the clients is a serious concern and it should not be taken lightly for any reason.

    After analysing the reasons behind the lack of data, the data suggests that there is a high chance this firm has bluffed about their accomplishments which is highly unethical. So, think twice before even getting in touch with them and for best results stick with firms that have stood the test of time. 

    Is Phoenix Souls Really Trustworthy or just a scam?

    Scams operating in the recovery sector are on the rise. Individuals have to be careful when it comes to choosing the right kind of agency to assist them or the process might never be successful. This platform’s business model is extremely suspicious. They never mentioned anything about retainer fees and the costs involved are also not stated.

    Their policies are unclear and the way things are set up discourage people that have reasonable knowledge about this niche. If you are a victim of online hustles, then we suggest you look elsewhere. Use the contact form below to get in touch with our team and they will analyse your case and provide free consultation.

    In fact, all of our services are free and we never burden our followers financially. The only thing you have to do is take the first step by letting us know the details and we will take care of things from there and let you know the real probability of successful recovery within a couple of business days.


    Phoenix Souls appears to be a fake recovery service. Their narratives are great and their presentation is also decent. However, some of the traits they display are borderline criminal and at the end of the day, the risk is not worth it. Try to stay away from them and if you do want to check them out, do not forget to follow the precautionary methods mentioned above. 

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    3 thoughts on “Phoenix Souls Review – No.1 Sketchy Firm”

    1. Hans-Henrik Thomsen

      Just writing a quick warning here abiut this scam story. It involves:
      – A Blue Wallet view-only amount of 1.9 and 10.1 BTC
      – Escrow name used an insurance that funds will come to you – proofed by your biometric data
      – The need of a Merchant – recommended bu Phoenix Souls – from the Darkweb to provide a hardware wallet in the shape of a suitcase, all
      communication via Discord.
      – Paying 4000 USD for the wallet, then later revealing a shipping cost of 2250 USD
      – Then later again 4500 USD and additional 3500 USD in “refundable” insurance cost
      – All costs needed to be added with 25-30% because of fees
      – The use of a fake shipping company, see images, that I found out was not exising. I soon as they found
      out I had caught them, they took down the fake shipping website and stopped all contact.
      – So the scam was not wether I would revceive the 1.9 BTC o r nit – it was all about the bloody wallet and
      the cost for the transport and insurance.

      The guy from Phoenix Souls calls himself Billie – I think he is ALSO the Merchant, Glenys Pitkinn. My they rot in hell!

    2. Have you ever met anyone that has tried to use Phoenix souls? Had they been able to give any testimonials on how their experience went? I’m. curious either way, how they were duped or if somehow they got the help they needed.

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