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If there is one thing that never changes in the online world, that is the creativity of the crooks who are looking to make a quick buck. They always keep themselves updated and with time, their strategies will be the first one to change. Background Check Text Message scams are on the rise once again and people have to learn the proper way to deal with them.

Though, some people may be able to detect these spam links at their very inception, the majority of the public doesn’t have a clue about them. Moreover, the amount of damage these types of attacks inflict is huge and it may result anywhere between losing funds to identity theft. Obviously, the intention of the people running this hustle is sinister, but due to technological restrictions, authorities can’t put an end to them yet.

So, the only real way to deal with them is to learn the way they work, understand their traits and report their activities when they make a move. In other words, educating the public is the only cure to this disease.

In order to make you aware of the way these hustles work, we have gathered all the important details about them below. Go through them and it will help you to navigate around the internet more cautiously.

Background Check Text Message Scam

For any phishing attempt to be successful, the scammers need to ensure two things and they are attention grabbing headlines and believable narratives. The messages using the format of Background Check narrative easily makes the victims curious as it is something which does make one feel anxious.

At the end of the message, a cloaked link will be provided using which the receiver can get more information about the case. Obviously, the cloaked link is a trap and once the user clicks it, it will make them spew out their confidential information. The crooks might ask for the details pretending to be a reputable organisation or they can simply spread malware, compromise your system’s integrity and let the software do all the work for them.

Either way, the following results will never be in the best interest of the receiver and it will be a difficult task to recover the funds especially if the crooks are well-versed with the banking loopholes.

The intention of the Masterminds

People who set up hustles or traps on the internet have only one goal which is to make money off of you. First and foremost, they focus on marketing, in other words, they come up with new narratives in order to reach more people under false pretense.

They position themselves in such a way that the victim will easily do as they are told and in today’s world that translates into clicking the cloaked links sent to them. As soon as the victim clicks the link, scammers will have access to all the confidential information which they can use to commit identity theft or financial fraud.

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    Usually, most criminals sell information on the dark web, but ultimately it will end up in the scenarios mentioned above. Now that you understand the way these schemes end, be very careful if you receive any message from unknown entities. If you unknowingly click the link, then file a complaint with your local cybercrime unit to be on the safer side.

    How to Spot the Scam?

    Over the years, many people have shared their stories on many niche-related forums only for one thing and that is to help other people make better decisions. Thanks to years of data and user feedback, we can spot certain specific patterns and traits every scam follows. Remember, there might be a few exceptional crooks who wouldn’t commit or exhibit any of the characteristics mentioned below, but most of them do feature them.

    Ultimately, it all comes down to your level of alertness and that’s the hard reality. Recently, there are a lot of dedicated government organizations which inform people about the new viral scams going on the internet, but judging by their popularity, it still has a long way to go.

    So, as a precautionary method, always do a thorough check before clicking any link and if you notice any abnormalities, then delete the text as soon as possible. 

    Grammatical Errors – This is the most obvious sign out there. Whenever a reputable company sends a text, they make sure that it is well laid out and doesn’t contain any kind of errors as that kind of behavior will paint them in a bad way. The fake firms or fly-by platforms don’t usually give attention to typo errors and their message sometimes will not make any sense.

    Whenever you encounter a message which is vague at best, then do not reply to them or even interact with them. Note down the sender’s details or any other information which might help law enforcement agencies to track them down and delete the message.

    Suspicious Links – There are a few ways the suspicious links are cloaked in order to make the receiver believe in the authenticity of the text. For starters, they might use URL shortener services as most of them are free and undoubtedly they are convenient for their needs. Alternatively, they might buy domains that closely resemble well-established websites and they might even copy the theme too.

    So, always give attention to details and if something simply doesn’t make sense, then it is time to click away from the platform. If you notice cloaked links then report it to the concerned organization or brand and they will do the needful.

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    Phishing – Phishing for sensitive information is a skill all crooks appear to have mastered. They will create some kind of sensational narrative encouraging the receivers to click the link and once they do so, it will ask them for a few banking details. As soon as the victims deliver all the data, the crooks will wait for the ideal window of opportunity and will empty their bank accounts or worse sell their details to other third parties.

    For any reason, if you believe your details may be at risk, then enable all the security features such as 2FA, Pin numbers, etc. While the tasks mentioned above might seem unnecessary to a few people, it is certainly worth it and especially when money is involved, it is wise to be alert all the time.

    Unknown Senders – If you ever receive a message from a sender or a service that you haven’t signed up for, then know that your contact information is compromised. While it is impossible to figure out where the leak might have occurred, don’t forget to block the sender as soon as possible. Also, if it contains too much spam, then don’t dare to click on the link instead report it to the concerned authorities. 

    Recover Funds from Background Check Text Message Scams

    The people who are reading this detailed blog post before interacting with spam emails will definitely appreciate the information we have presented them with. Unfortunately, we do realize that there are a lot of people who have clicked the link and have lost a significant amount of money to the online breed of criminals.

    If you need assistance in recovering your funds, then fill out the form on our website and let us know the details of the transactions. Each case is unique and as soon as we have all the data we need, our team will show you the best way to deal with the situation free of cost. 


    Background Check Text Message Scams are becoming a common thing in many countries. As of now, authorities have no solid plan to put an end to this specific hustle. So, as end users always be alert while dealing with unknown or new firms, and never let a few well-crafted words trick you.

    If you have anything to mention about our Background Check Text Message Scams report, then feel free to comment below. Your feedback will encourage us and boost our morale.

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