Traders Agency Review – Good and the Bad

Financial markets are now more accessible than ever before. Technological improvement has enabled almost everyone on the planet to get involved with any asset they want. People have slowly realized the power of compounding and the search volume speaks for themselves. Unfortunately, most people are now aware of the mechanics of the market which is why they are looking for proven methods and trading courses. Traders Agency is a brand that sells a lot of self-help types of products.

All of their offerings are related to the markets and the price range of their items varies a lot. They have a presence on every major platform and their popularity is soaring on the social media platform. Moreover, they have provided decent quality content, but nothing about them is truly exceptional or unique.

We noticed quite a few flaws too and we will go over them one by one later in this post. There are a lot of con artists selling courses on the internet and that’s why you need to be very careful. As far as this platform is considered, read on to find all the details about their firm.

Traders Agency Review

Joshua Martinez is the creator of Trader Agency. He does a lot of videos for his brand and he also apparently publishes a lot of articles in the trading space. His videos cover the basic topics about trading and he does a good job of teaching people the generic stuff. However, the main problem with this person is the lack of details, evidence, and transparency.

For starters, apart from the claims that he is active in the market for more than 10 years, there isn’t much information provided about him. We as consumers are not told about his qualifications, trading records, and other related metrics. Moreover, they haven’t even provided a basic verifiable trading history.

In the About Us section, this guy claims to have turned $500 to over $39,000 which is undeniably impressive, but just like every other charlatan, there isn’t any credible data to support their claims. While his teachings might be presentable, his track records aren’t that clean, and as such you shouldn’t believe his claims blindly. After all, we cannot give the benefit of the doubt to everyone, right?

Traders Agency Course Details

There are a ton of products peddled by the Traders Agency. Their goal is to offer everyone some kind of a product to get them hooked on to their platform. From a mere $19 a month subscription service to a high ticket sales program of $2000, they have something to offer to all kinds of traders. Over the years, they have dropped certain products and replaced them with new ones.

On top of the changes, the prices of their products are also subject to change. So, for all the relevant information about the returns policy and fees, you have to take a look at their official website. Moving on to the customer service they offer, it is very basic and doesn’t have that professional touch.

You can get in touch with them through telephone or email, but in this era, it does feel a bit odd to see a platform that doesn’t offer a Live Chat feature. As there are not a lot of customer reviews present, we don’t know the kind of treatment you can expect from them.

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    Realistic Claims

    This platform deserves applause for one thing and that is the way they have explained things in the disclaimer section. They clearly accept that all of the results shown are done through virtual accounts and they also stress the fact that the results they have showcased are not typical or guaranteed. Though, they are not as transparent as they could have been, being open with the public is certainly a nice gesture on their behalf.

    Moreover, they are FTC compliant which means unlike a lot of other options, they don’t employ a lot of exaggerated or pushy sales tactics. All of their trading systems don’t make any outright promises on the amount of profits and they mainly stress about the value of education. In other words, their course may be preferable for newbies, but experienced professionals may not be interested in them.

    There are few automated systems sold by them, but running it requires a degree of technical expertise. Moreover, automated systems are prone to volatile times and at the end of the day, you shouldn’t employ any software unless you know all the components involved.

    The Truth about Traders Agency Results and Backtest

    On their homepage, this platform states that the founder of the program has managed to capture over 50,000 pips in three years. The numbers portrayed by them are stunning, to say the least, and it will certainly turn heads for obvious reasons. However, there is literally no proof to support their claim.

    If their strategy was really that great and adaptable to any market, then why are they hesitating to publish the statistics of their trading systems? If they were really scared of giving away their system, then at least they could have shown Myfxbook records, right? The fact that they are trying to downplay the evidence is evident and as such, they shouldn’t be the ones you should get involved with. 


    Testimonials tell us a lot about the reputation of a company and it is a leading indicator used by many reviewers out there. Unfortunately, a few companies will twist the information present, and employing fake profiles will turn the ratings in their favor. Nonetheless, the truth is something that they can’t hide for long.

    There are dozens of testimonials featured on this platform, but all of the comments are clearly cherry-picked and none of them contains any constructive criticism which is strange. Apart from the comments on their website, we were unable to locate the user feedback on any forums yet, but eventually, they will appear.

    For the time being, we definitely are not inclined towards believing the feedback on their website as there is no transparency element in them. As time alone can tell us about their authenticity, the best thing to do would be to wait for more data to be gathered.

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    Is the Trade Agency a Scam?

    We cannot be conclusive about this statement yet. After going through their platform and observing every trait they display, there are a few good things and bad things about their business model. They are decent in some areas and obviously are exaggerating in other segments. After analyzing every fact available right now, it is not wise to buy their programs as it costs thousands of dollars, but if you really want to try them out start with the minimum package so that you can assess their quality.

    If you are satisfied, then you can always buy more. For any reason, if they have blocked your order or not honored your refund request, then get in touch with our team by filling out the contact form on our website. We offer free consultations and show you the best legal options relevant to your specific case. 


    Traders Agency has earned a lot of traffic and is present on most social media platforms. They do help people learn about the mechanisms of trading, but the price tag of the product is too steep on one end, and on the other, it doesn’t let people test out all the things. Our best advice to you is to wait and see the way they age. After all, delaying instant gratification is always a good thing. 

    Have you purchased the Traders Agency Product? Do you think it is worth the cost? Comment your opinion below.

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    7 thoughts on “Traders Agency Review – Good and the Bad”

    1. Do not sign up for anything else, I’ve been trying to get my 1497. and 297. and 99. refunded for weeks, though they said that I have a 6 month 100% MBG, but so far I’ve just been ignored, the tunnel trader from what I’ve heard since signing up, isn’t as profitable as they claim, and that’s if you can figure out how to get it set on the Ninja trader platform, and no one has said what it costs to use that after 2week trial. If you were lucky enough to get refunded, take your money and run, don’t make the same mistake again.

    2. sansoftime1121

      WoW, I Wouldnt Have Thought U Would Have Stuck Around For The Next Phase Of “Being

    3. Tunnel Trader customer

      I have purchased several of their subscriptions as well as the Tunnel Trader. The ONLY thing I have been happy with is the Ross Givens subscription. (that is a whole different review worth telling-he cares for your success, you can tell)

      Other than that, everything else is not the best experience. The 1000 dollar Tunnel Trader is NOT worth the money they priced it at. It looked good when they demonstrated it, but I have not been able to repeat the experiences. The training they provide is limited unless you pay for additional War Room to learn the indicator.

      It is hard to believe they would take a normal everyday indicator (free on many platforms) add bells and whistles and tell the audience it is really worth over 3000 dollars, but we are going to make “such a deal” and charge you 1000 dollars TODAY ONLY.

      Of COURSE, I agree i took the plunge and made the purchase, but I had never heard of them before I saw the infomercial. Like many things in life, I had to learn for myself. As I have posted before; many of these companies are awesome at getting positive reviews. Best case in point is reading reviews in the MQL website when you are thinking of purchasing an indicator for the MT4 platform. Most of those indicators SUCK, but they have people writing positive reviews and you just scratch your head and ask “how”?. Did I buy the same indicator?

      The Speciale report is a joke as well. 50 bucks to get alerted to his experience when he is all over Trading View providing free ideas? Whats up with that?

      They pride themselves in being a subscription service and maybe that’s all they are.

    4. Carlo Curatolo

      TA ONLY DISPLAYS REVIEWS FROM PEOPLE THAT SAY GREAT THINGS ABOUT THEM AND HOW MUCH THEY’RE MAKING. I’ve never seen a company with how great they are. There will always be people that are not satisfied. Thanks to companies like you show the REAL life here. Keep up with good work.

    5. Hello. Im using Siri mode to type out this comment so sorry if words are a little scrambled but I will cut to the chase and not complicate the read for the viewer. So I started receiving emails and then eventually text messages from Joshua Martinez and Traders Agency which is OK I guess I mean sounded like something good maybe opportunity and at the time I was looking into traders all over the Internet kind of just getting my feet wet sort of thing and I’m sure I was tracked or whatever. It wasn’t till I was getting hit with so many text messages and emails that it was like I had to focus on them just to see how to get rid of them or two to let them down I mean I tried it just like anything else with a open mind… and so one morning I get a text from Josh Martinez directly and in his words he came out and said “You attended our live webcast meeting last night via and you missed out on a gain of anywhere from $1500-$2000 in the last two days last night you missed out on $600 just in the two hours that you could’ve Made profit from and these gains just within a couple days in one night” and that is how he put it and aright I get it and it’s actually good I mean advice for someone to invest there interests in become a part of, sure sounds Great and apparently very profitable in a short period of time. So long story short I have been receiving many text messages and emails until I joined but that last one he sent me that morning I pretty much immediately signed up and it was for The $995 tunnel trading course with the mentality of making good profit within days and how great the system apparently works quickly now I know the stock market ups and downs different periods of time affects everything and I have no idea what $2000 he was talking about in those days and who made it was $600 he made that night even though I was attending the webinar and you know just watching no idea what you’re talking about but if I’m attending webinars and I’m not joined to the agencyWe are there letting you know people listen into meetings for free without joining to get them to join obviously so no hard feelings to Joshua Martinez seems like a nice guy to meet in person and I think we’re about the same age and you know it is what it is so I eventually did not go with his course I paid it and I asked for a refund in the agency told me a email saying here’s a refund for your $10 course that I also signed up for and that was it just a $10 refund I replied and since then I did eventually receive a phone call and talk to customer service briefly but didn’t go into it as much but it’s not right because I asked for the refund within 30 days it was actually like 15 days 10 days after I sign up no excuses just simply bluntly saying this is not going to work for me I don’t like the platform the format thought it would be something it isn’tI appreciate you guys reaching out to me and you know helping others make the most out of life with money and what not and yeah thanks but no thanks please refund me I haven’t heard anything back since, all they gave me back was the $10 course refund apparently disregarding my email that I sent to customer service stating very clearly with screenshots showing my receipts and everything I would like a refund for this $995 they replied by sending me $9.99. So If I were you I would honestly ask Yourself If anything from Traders Agency is worth purchasing, and proceed With caution and do some research first.

    6. TraderAgencyUser

      I decided I wanted to begin investing again and find out the best companies that can help me especially in education of trading and making it simple as possible. My time is valuable and it makes sense to find a company that can HELP you, TRAIN you, EDUCATE you, and PROVIDE you with knowledge to trade and HOW to trade whatever you choose. I found Traders Agency and decided to attend some webinars and listened to them, checked out their systems and education stuff and signed up for the free things. OK, now we begin to make a decision on what to do. I bought their system membership and got the lifetime membership for the onetime cost onetime payment forever. Great deal! I downloaded their software and what made me buy into this was the fact they have this WAR ROOM “training” and the “Blue line.” I was especially interested in the auto-trader that will buy/sell at the points mentioned. I would pay for this. Who wouldn’t? They give you “Buy signals” and “Sell signals.” I still have not achieved this yet. I need to have an account with a brokerage firm. I applied to one of them but it seems to be handled by the reps. Interesting. Okay, I get verified and issued my account. I connect the account to their platform and I can use it to trade. Their platform also allows for fake trading to provide you with the ability to trade without killing your bank account. This is a great idea and should be taken advantage of. So, I’m looking for the “indicators” they talk about like better than sex. I’m still looking for the way for me to know how to invest in those “strategies” that would make me “X” amount of money every week and every month. So far, all I get are all these emails that tell me to “Login to the training right now.” It’s freak’n all hours of the day and night and guess what? They are all pre-recorded videos and all they do is TALK ABOUT themselves (Joshua Martinez and Roger Scott) and keywords such as “channels,” “indicators,” and “strategies.” I will not go to these “trainings” ever again. It’s a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME! I absolutely DID NOT get anything out of them. It’s all talk gratifying themselves and the way they are “going to show you” how to “create gains” using their system by showing charts of companies stocks going up and down and they talk about how you can get the edge off this. NO S*** Sherlock! Roger Scott, the man who had one of the top ten families in the world as their investor who he cannot name for confidentiality sake is the biggest talker and BS’er around. When is that ever going to happen? Where does it happen? Again, the entry and exit strategy. It’s nothing more than a promise at this time and in the meantime I am attempting to go through their online education portal watching the videos. I also attended one of the live training you get with an analyst and it was mostly talk again while showing the graphs and data and then it went into selling another charts system that you need, but guess what? That system is already in the Traders Agency platform I purchased. Good thing I called to find out and I also found out this person should not have done this because he’s associated with that chart system and not the Trader Agency’s chart system I already have. He did not tell us all this. But, he sure loved the fact that he probably made a few thousand dollars during that session and didn’t tell the Traders Agency staff nor did he tell the Trader Agency’s customers who logged in to this “training.” So, all this WAR ROOM training and other early hours training is nothing more than videos of talk and the the live analysts are mostly talk and I don’t get anything. I’m waiting on the way for me to use their “Blue line” indicator to set my system on auto and buy/sell futures so I can at least hit the rate they say I could be making. I’m not sure if I will ever see it. There you have it.

      1. Oh! Oh! Oh! They don’t do that to me. I am not One of them or their friend. An avertisement from Google had me spent $5.00 and after that there is an upsale for $19 another for $99 another for $297 for education. When l start attending live Webinar with Josh, l saw The need to upgrade to The Futures degeneró. I did The upgrade. And l asked my Money back On all the previous purchases l made. They honored my request immediately and they also gave me a white glove installation of the software tunnel Trader On Ninja Trader 8. Whenever, l have a question, l Call or email; l always have a prompt and courteous answer. Because l sign up for the Futures Trader edge, l will have 3 live webinar a week with One of their analyst Monday through wednesday from 9 AM EST to 11 AM. That’s make 152 live webinars a year. And Right After l can go to the war Room for another session if l so desire. After installation of The self directed auto software , it starts to be profitable On a SIM account. They advised, you have to hace 25 winning trades On a SIM account before moving to live trading with the auto Trader. Fair enough, Right. I suspect What your problem is. For the knowledge you have previously about The market, you feel this is preliminary. I came from The complicated chart pattern
        I couldn’t trade The Market. But, with simple top down analysis, trend lines and Fibonacci l can trade any Market. Simple is Better. All The talk The analyst is doing is about the market nothing else.l would suggest you move to the Futures edge. I don’t think you are in the Right place. Email Customer servive and tell them you Want to upgrade to Futures edge, you are going to be better Off. I have been in both rooms, they only talk about trading, nothing personal. Well! At least for the time l have been associated with Them.

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