– False Promises and Real Dangers is a trading platform where users can trade cryptocurrencies with high leverage. The platform claims to have 9 million users across 32 supported countries, which, on the surface, appears impressive. However, upon closer inspection, several issues come to light. Our investigation found significant regulatory concerns and ambiguities in their “About” section. These issues raise questions about the platform’s transparency and legitimacy. If you are considering starting trading on,

We strongly recommend reading our comprehensive review to understand this platform’s potential risks and drawbacks. Our review will provide you with the necessary insights to decide whether to engage with for your trading activities. Review launched on 16/02/2024 and claims to have amassed 9 million users while supporting 32 countries, a highly unrealistic claim given the platform’s recent inception. Our thorough investigation uncovered several alarming issues. Although the website prominently advertises app availability on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, attempts to download these apps reveal that they do not exist.

Furthermore, account creation on is restricted by the need for an invite code. Without this code, users cannot sign up, suggesting an attempt to control user access in a way reminiscent of pyramid schemes. This restricting sign-up raises substantial concerns about the platform’s intentions and legitimacy.

Additionally, numerous user reports highlight troubling practices, such as requiring upfront fees for processing withdrawals. Despite paying these fees, users have found that their withdrawal requests remain unfulfilled. This practice of demanding upfront fees without following through on withdrawals is a significant red flag, pointing toward potential fraudulent activity.

The lack of transparency, coupled with these dubious practices, casts serious doubts on the credibility and reliability of Potential users should exercise extreme caution and thoroughly research before engaging with this platform. The combination of misleading claims, restrictive sign-up processes, and unethical financial practices suggests that may not be a safe or trustworthy trading platform.

Red Flags

  1. Fake Claims:’s assertion of 9 million users and support for 32 countries is highly dubious, given its recent launch in February 2024. Such exaggerated claims are typically used to create false credibility and attract unsuspecting users.
  2. App Availability: The platform advertises apps on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. However, no actual apps are available for download. This misleading information is a significant concern, suggesting deceptive marketing practices.
  3. Unclear ‘About’ Section: The ‘About’ section on lacks transparency, providing vague or incomplete information about the platform’s founders, team, and regulatory status. This absence of clear information raises questions about the platform’s legitimacy and intentions.
  4. Invite Code for Signup: Account creation on requires an invite code, making it inaccessible without one. This restriction is suspicious and often associated with pyramid schemes, where access is tightly controlled to manage recruitment and financial flow.
  5. No Customer Support: lacks customer support, including email, phone, or chat options. This absence means users cannot resolve issues or seek assistance, indicating a lack of commitment to user satisfaction and service.

Domain Has Been Seized

When attempting to download the app from, users discover that the New York City Police Department and the Kings County District Attorney’s office have seized the domain. This development is a major red flag, indicating that the platform is likely involved in illegal activities. The seizure of the domain suggests serious legal issues, potentially including fraud, money laundering, or other criminal activities.

The involvement of such prominent law enforcement agencies underscores the severity of the situation. Users who have invested their funds or shared personal information on are now at significant risk. This seizure confirms the suspicions raised by other red flags, such as the platform’s fake claims, misleading app availability, and lack of customer support.

Potential users should steer clear of and immediately cease any engagement with the platform. Those involved should seek legal advice to understand their options for recovering lost funds or protecting their personal information. This incident is a stark reminder of thoroughly vetting online trading platforms before committing any resources. review
Domain Has Been Seized

Complaints We Received

On June 5, 2024, we received the following complaint:

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    I was scammed by over the last few months and lost $51,000. Review Conclusion

    In conclusion, presents numerous red flags that should not be overlooked by potential investors. The platform’s exaggerated claims of 9 million users and support in 32 countries and misleading information about app availability are serious causes for concern. The requirement for an invite code to sign up and the complete absence of customer support further diminish its credibility. The vague “About” section adds to the opacity and distrust surrounding the platform.

    The most alarming development is the seizure of the domain by the New York City Police Department and the Kings County District Attorney’s office, which indicates possible involvement in illegal activities. This seizure confirms the suspicions raised by the platform’s other dubious practices and underscores the importance of avoiding

    I strongly advise potential users to stay away from and consider more transparent, regulated, and reputable trading platforms to ensure the safety of their investments and personal information.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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