– Unmasking the Truth Behind the Claims - Review presents itself as a comprehensive platform offering trading, swapping, P2P transactions, and crypto staking. The website claims features in prestigious publications like Forbes, Bloomberg, and The New York Times. However, upon closer inspection, these outlets have no actual articles about The platform also boasts over $327 million in transactions, which appears unrealistic for a relatively unknown website. If you are considering investigating or engaging with,

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Website Launch: March 21, 2024

Upon investigation, has an “About” section but lacks crucial information such as the owners’ identities and the business’s physical location. This lack of transparency is a significant red flag, as legitimate companies typically provide detailed information about their leadership and operational headquarters.

The website claims to have been featured in reputable publications like Forbes, Bloomberg, and The New York Times. However, a thorough search revealed no articles about in these sources. This discrepancy raises serious questions about the credibility of their claims and suggests that the endorsements might be fabricated.


Furthermore, the site boasts over $327 million in transactions. This figure seems highly improbable, given the website’s obscure status within the cryptocurrency market. Typically, well-established platforms have high transaction volumes, not relatively unknown entities like The claim appears to be an attempt to project legitimacy and success without verifiable evidence. also advertises 24/7 customer support, a common feature of reputable online services. However, our investigation revealed that no customer support is available. Attempts to contact support through the provided channels were unsuccessful, indicating that the customer support claim was misleading.

Additional Red Flags for

  1. No Verification: When completing the sign-up process on, no verification, such as email or phone number confirmation, is required. This lack of basic security measures makes fraudulent activities easier and indicates a potential disregard for user security.
  2. Unrealistic Return on Investment: claims a guaranteed return on investment of up to 2.6%. In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, such high and guaranteed returns are highly unrealistic. Legitimate investments carry risks, and no credible platform can promise guaranteed returns without some level of uncertainty.
  3. Unrealistic Claims: makes several implausible claims, such as transaction volume and 24/7 customer support, which have been proven false upon closer inspection. These exaggerations suggest a deliberate attempt to mislead potential users about the platform’s capabilities and reliability.
  4. Unclear “About” Section: The “About” section on is vague and lacks critical information about the company’s founders, team members, and physical location. This lack of transparency is a major red flag, as reputable companies typically provide detailed and verifiable information about their operations.
  5. No Social Media Presence: has no presence on major social media platforms. In today’s digital age, legitimate businesses maintain active social media profiles to engage with customers and provide updates. The absence of such profiles for further indicates that the platform may not be trustworthy.

These red flags collectively paint a concerning picture of, suggesting that potential users should proceed with extreme caution and conduct thorough due diligence before considering any form of engagement with the platform.

BBB Complaint

On April 30, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $165:

A friend told me about a company he saw on YouTube. The draw of the offer is that you can sign up for a free crypto account, and if you use the promo code “new,” you’ll receive 0.13 BTC (approx $8000) in your account wallet. You then have to pass KYC:

1. Successful registration
2. Upload a form of identification and a selfie
3. Upload a document showing proof of address, such as a bank statement or utility bill, and have a total wallet balance of $10,000.00

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re supposed to be able to withdraw or transfer funds from your account. However, as soon as you try, you receive an error message stating: “Suspicious activity has been detected in your account by our automated anti-fraud system. To proceed with the withdrawal operation, you must complete the identification process for your account in accordance with our service terms and AML/KYC policy. To complete this process, you must make a test payment in any currency from the provided list. Once verified, the funds will be credited to your account balance and made available for withdrawal. The test payment amount is 0.0025 BTC (approx $159).”

You’re advised that your deposit is safe and can be withdrawn at any time. After you make the payment, your account is flagged as high risk, and you will need to deposit an additional 0.006 BTC (approx $381) to clear the flag. At that point, you’ll be able to withdraw or transfer your funds. When you contact customer service requesting the return of the initial deposit, they tell you that your deposit has become part of your wallet balance and cannot be separated until you deposit the funds to remove the high-risk flag. From this point on, they continuously hound you to make the 0.006 BTC deposit.

This site is very well put together, with almost all the right language (upon close inspection, you’ll find typos and accidental omissions). When you Google the site for reviews on its legitimacy, the search results include information for another company spelled very similarly, PAXFUL.COM, which is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange and generally receives favorable reviews. There are some warnings to be wary of P2P transactions, as there have been several reports of people being scammed. Read through the reviews carefully and make sure you’re looking at the right company: PAXFUR.COM (scam) not PAXFUL.COM (legitimate). I didn’t notice the spelling difference, and it cost me. Staking Plan

  1. 7-Day Duration:
    Daily Return: 1.3% offers a staking plan with a 7-day duration, promising a daily return of 1.3%.
  2. 30 Days Duration:
    Daily Return: 2.1%
    The 30-day staking plan claims a daily return of 2.1%
  1. 14-Day Duration:
    Daily Return: 1.6%
    For 14 days, offers a 1.6% daily return.
  1. 90-Day Duration:
    Daily Return: 2.6%
    The longest staking plan spans 90 days and boasts a daily return of 2.6%.

Scrutinize these staking plans with their promised high returns. High returns in the crypto market often come with high risks, and offers that seem too good to be true usually are. Potential investors should conduct thorough due diligence and consider the overall credibility of the platform before committing any funds.

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    Fake Claims makes several dubious claims that raise serious concerns about its legitimacy. The website asserts having over 3 million active users and a trading volume of $3,401,847. These figures appear highly questionable since it is not a recognized or established trading platform. The platform’s recent creation makes high user and trading volume numbers improbable.

    Furthermore, claims to be featured in prestigious publications such as Bloomberg, Forbes, and The New York Times. However, thorough searches reveal no articles or mentions of in these sources. These false endorsements likely mislead potential users and investors into believing in the platform’s legitimacy and success. Potential users should approach these claims with skepticism and exercise caution when considering any involvement with

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