Bella Thorne scam – OnlyFans Story

Bella Thorne has faced backlash after claiming to be the “first” person to utilise OnlyFans.

Earlier this week, the actress claimed on her Instagram Stories that she was the site’s first member.

“Everyone jumping on OnlyFans, but I got the heat for being the first, cool,” she tweeted, adding, “Legit everyone in my news feed is following in my footsteps, but y’all were frightened when I received heat.”

Bella Thorne scam

It didn’t take long for a large number of individuals to express their displeasure with Thorne’s tweets. After all, as many pointed out, she was not the first to use OnlyFans, and her claim essentially erased the efforts of sex workers, many of whom are women of colour, who have utilised the site from its inception.

“Bella Thorne claims to have’founded’ OnlyFans, detracting from the Black and Brown social workers who built the site into what it is today,” one Twitter user put it. “And the fact that it was established in 2016 and she joined this year… her brain’s worms are working overtime.”

Others, on the other hand, noted that Thorne is not the first star to join OnlyFans, noting that Cardi B, Blac Chyna, and a slew of other celebrities have done so before.

Thorne was already in hot trouble for reportedly making more than $2 million in August after allegedly delivering a $200 pay-per-view “nude,” which heightened the emphasis. When she disclosed that no real nakedness occurred, the action was immediately labelled a “scam.”

Not only that, she was accused by a number of other OnlyFans producers of instigating a policy change limiting the amount of money individuals could charge for tips and pay-per-view material, a move that had a significant effect on the earnings of many sex workers.

Though Thorne later apologised and said that she was simply attempting to “normalise the stigmas” associated with sex and sex work, her most recent statement garnered widespread attention on many websites.

“I’d completely agree with #BellaThorne if she claimed to be the first to join and then coerced the platform into implementing additional laws and regulations impacting employees,” one person commented.

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    “Remember when Bella Thorne used OnlyFans to swindle people with PPV material, and the business reacted by implementing new rules and restrictions that reduced the revenue of all non-millionaire users?” Another critic inquired, before sharing pictures of her most recent Instagram Story with the comment, “This is her now, are you angry yet?”

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