Miracle Watt Scam Review – Hoax Explained

Positive online comments should be treated with caution. The Miracle Watt Energy Saver consumes very little energy or none at all. Customers who purchased this gadget were dissatisfied with it.

With new internet frauds emerging every day, we’ve taken on the responsibility of evaluating goods, shops, websites, and other services in order to protect you from making bad choices. 

This product evaluation acts as a wake-up call. We’re praying for a safe and timely arrival of everything.

Miracle Watt Scam Review

One of the reasons this gadget is causing such a stir on the internet is that it claims to save you up to 90% on your energy bills. Additionally, the MiracleWatt Energy Saver is being offered at a 50% discount. Additionally, when you make a larger purchase, you get a greater discount.

However, if you delve beyond the surface of the internet’s seemingly favorable evaluations, you’ll discover that there are no real consumer reviews for this product. The ostensibly favorable evaluations were created by affiliate marketers who couldn’t give a damn whether or not the product worked. At the end of the day, all they care about is their commission.

While this website seems to be legitimate, you should use caution in determining whether or not this gadget will really save you electricity.

Miracle Watt Buzz

Despite the fact that this energy-saving gadget has received many good reviews, they do not cover the whole story. The following are a few reasons why you should avoid purchasing any energy-saving gadget.

When the item is removed from the box, you will see that it is a capacitor linked across the power line. While this may provide some power factor adjustment, you are not charged for reactive energy in your house. As a result, you incur no savings.

Additionally, the gadget capacitor consumes about 100 mA of capacitive current via the line. This capacitor will eliminate any inductive current drawn by a device drawing less than 100 mA. It will not drain any more power when you need it. Even if no changes are needed, it will continue to draw current.

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    It seems to have just enough impact to keep the advertisements from being totally deceptive, but the gadget is otherwise completely worthless.

    Miracle Watt Flaws

    The one thing I couldn’t discern from the official website video, and which the presenter omitted to mention: Is the capacitor within the Watt Rescue really rated for AC line connection?

    Is there a risk of fire if a lightning strike occurs nearby? I’m unsure if this capacitor is safe since it is potted in epoxy. For safety reasons, capacitors connected directly to the alternating current line must have an “X” rating.

    Positive internet reviews, whether on YouTube or on blogs, are entirely false. This is because the contents were almost identical, copied and pasted with little modifications.

    Additionally, we’ve seen many of these kinds of evaluations using the same gadget, and they’re all identical. They are wasteful.

    The Real Mechanisms

    “There is no way any device this size can maintain a home electrical ac power supply or achieve the promised savings,” you should be informed. Electrical consumption is estimated based on the overall amount of energy used, not on the phase-corrected VAR.

    230–240 VAC appliances such as water heating, cooking, drying clothing, air conditioning, and heating use the majority of electricity in homes. No item connected to a 110 – 120 VAC outlet can “reduce energy consumption” in the same way that equipment connected to each 120 VAC leg delivering 240 VAC electricity through phase correction methods can. 

    Prior to making a purchase, ask the seller to explain and guarantee the ICE and ELI connections for the 200 AMP service that is typical in the majority of houses.

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    Energy-saving gadgets, such as the Miracle Watt and others, pose a risk of fire or electrocution.

    These gadgets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all seem to have a common casing. They do not save energy. 

    A complaint we received on April 10, 2023:

    I purchased Miraclewatt in October 2022 for $59.00, but after installing it, I did not notice any savings at all.

    And on April 18, 2023, someone reported to us:

    I purchased 2 MiracleWatt devices approximately 3 months ago, but I haven’t noticed any change in my electric bill. How can I determine if they are actually working?

    On May 4, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    I noticed an unauthorized charge of $59.00 on my account on May 3, 2023. I did not authorize this charge and it appears to be fraudulent. I contacted Margin Holdings Limited regarding the charge, but they denied any involvement and instructed me to dispute it by emailing support@propowersave.com. The charge appears on my statement as ‘MIRACLEWATT’.

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    66 thoughts on “Miracle Watt Scam Review – Hoax Explained”

    1. I was happy the first month after installing it, but found out it was a 50% “COLA” discount from the electrical company, on the second month went back to the old, normal charge. (one unit, one bedroom small apartment).
      Just another scam and I consider it paying $59 as STUPIDITY TAX.

    2. Kenneth Lee Sauer

      I fell for this Miracle Watt SCAM—sad to say! But I don’t want others to be scammed too. I bought one of these devices in June of 2022. I had it plugged in for about 4 months. My electricity bill actually went UP! So, I unplugged it. And it’s been sitting on my desk since. I thought it was too late to ask for a refund by then. But I decided to try anyway. We’ll see!

      1. I like you have been scammed by Miracle Watt too. I was just wondering how you made out with getting a refund. I have not had any success when contacting them. Thanks!

    3. Everyone needs to stop making everything about politics. For the past seven years or more this country has been divided. STOP making everything about politics.
      But if you continue to do so at least you will keep alot of us laughing at you and shaking our heads thinking what idiot wrote that. LOL

        1. L get this device may not work. However, your claim against our president are not verifiable. So, Trump adheres to the Constitution and our laws. Biden, known thief and China supporter, is the real evil and is ok with you? l see to take it.

          1. If you like the scum of the world, then you want to live in dictatorship, because he broke so many laws, he’s a traitor, you think he cares about you? He cares about what you can do for it (him). You drank the cool aid for scumbag DT , similar to buying this. You can’t tell when you’re being lied to .Used car dealers probably luv u, wake the FU.

        2. Do you know what the spirit and power upon Elijah is? Malachi 4:5 says God is sending Elijah back to earth to make all things new. Elisha, John the Baptist and Elijah had this anointing. It appears Trump is the Malachi 4:5 anointed Elijah. Jesus said judge a tree by its fruit or results. I like Trump’s results.

    4. Why does every conversation in this country turn to politics. I just wanted to know if this could possibly work, because I know nothing about electricity. I now believe I have heard from some people that do. Thank yuou very much. What a scam!!!

      1. Ron, good point. It should be about the product, not politicians. They have done more harm to this country than this crummy device.

    5. anonymous and frustrated

      Thought I was looking at reviews of an electrical device. Not a political debate. Stop being spoon-fed sheep. Realize that NEITHER trump nor biden or any other figurehead have any real impact on our country or the world other than their ability to divide and separate the public into one of two camps. When one has a belief, they must look to others to confirm said belief. They then identify with each other. When confronted with the opposite belief, they become emboldened in their own belief even further. Now the ideology has become part of who they view themselves as. This destroys one’s ability to re-evaluate their views without re-evaluating themself. Which most people are not comfortable doing. Meanwhile, the companies who really make the decisions that you think are being made by the figureheads, sit back and rake in the dough while you are busy arguing with each other. I have news for you. They are two sides of the same coin. They are both rich, and both getting richer. No matter which side is currently in office. While the rest of us continue to get poorer, and people like you guys continue to argue with each other and fail to see the bigger picture. And all I want to know is whether or not an electrical device actually works or is another of an endless stream of scams. Just like the scam you guys are arguing about. Which by the way, has nothing to do with this device !

      1. Totally Agree.Goverment is Goverment. I can find no real documentaion that states any of these products work.I’ll keep my cash and turn off the lights. See I already saved money.

        1. the best way to save came from a wise old man whom and wisdom not education, when you walk out the door go around and unplug every thing you can, that is real saving and real wisdom.

      2. Actually, a president can have a big impact on this country; economics, policy making, world stage, strength of our military, etc.

        There are those trying to use politics here and should focus on the product. These people are trolls and have need help in their lives.

    6. Why would you bring politics into an ongoing scam? Most scams come from China, Africa, and India. These people are desperate for money!
      If you want to criticize politicians then criticize biden’s son for giving stealth technology to China. Look it up since you wanted to make this a political argument!!! The link is below. The dems sold us out to the chinese all for a few dollars. Cherish your freedom while you still have it!!! China is going to invade Taiwan soon. With us fighting Russia and maybe China? We can’t hold to battle fronts and China can put together 800 million troops. We’re screwed. FYI: Walter has what’s called Trump Hate Syndrome…my sister has it as well…lol. Some patriotic music to listen to: Tom McDonald: Brainwashed, America, Snowflakes, No Lives Matter, Fake Woke, Sheeple, and there’s more.

      Hunter Biden’s Company Partnered With Chinese Military to Acquire Stealth Tech, Assisted By The Big Guy and John Kerry


    7. I worked at a facility that was very conscious of power factor and harmonic content on the power lines. This was exclusively on 3-phase, “Y” ( or Star ) configurations. Devices for accomplishing power factor and harmonic corrections were at least 10 times the size of this device. With the predominance of switching power supplies, the the shift is now capacitive (ICE). In years before with many inductive devices (mostly motors) the power factor shift was inductive (ELI). Our electricians were very good at measuring power factor and the neutral wire current resulting from phase imbalance and harmonics. A detailed explanation would require some knowledge of electrical power generation and use. This device can’t possibly work as claimed.

      1. Yes, large industrial facilities like the one you worked at are charged for their power factor and they go to great lengths to correct it back to 1.0

        Residential customers are NOT charged for their power factor so there is no need for homeowners to worry about it, and this little device is not able to correct power factor in any meaningful way.

    8. Thank you! I believe it is a scam. I own a pro-sound service and usually have to clean-up electrictry prior to using it in my sound equipment. The ac condition equipment cost hundreds of dollars. Occasionally I to resort to rented generators (invertors) to reliabley power equipment worth several thousand dollars

    9. I had to laugh when I saw this device marketed. So one capacitor isn’t going to do jack…..for an electrical device to save money and smooth the lines and correct the PF you need a lot of current draw hence: Power factor correction capacitors reduce power consumption caused by heavier inductive loads by balancing a motor’s working power and supplied power. These capacitors are used in facilities that have high inductive loads such as saws, compressors, and conveyors.

    10. This is pure BS. I am a Power System Engineer and I can tell everyone this is impossible. It is a physical impossibility for their claims to be true and we would be violating all the basic electrical transmission laws that control the generation and use of electrical energy . DO NOT BE SCAMMED BY THESE SCHEISTERS!

      1. Harley Davidson



      I am tempted to accept this review of Miracle Watt, but I do not know if it is produced by the Power companies.

      1. LOL, Take a class in electricity. You can find some old textbooks that have not been distorted by greedy capitalistic thieving lying money-grubbing round earth power company executives. It is only $69.00 just buy it already. Then come back and tell us how much money you are saving.


      1. Have you investigated to owners of this company or are you just another hater? I say your wrong and the owners are all lying thieving democrats.
        Maybe it’s biden himself. Sorry, but nothing is out of bounds for obiden and his gang’s agenda.

        1. Um…I guess you can type ny words you like, but the facts don’t support your Anti-Biden claims. It is FACT that Trump Is a lying, conniving, corrupt criminal and will be criminally indicted for his schemes…(he already has paid millions in fraud danages). Weak minded folks who don’t know better support Trump and the moronic MAGA movement.

      2. Must be hard being an Alcoholic, Walter.. Maybe you should dry out and realize how much better Trump was than your boy Biden and that other moron Obammmmma. I hope one day you can wake up feeling good instead of the constant hang-overs.. Cheers, mate!!

          1. Fred asked:

            “Tell me how Trump, who did nothing for the USA, is better than Biden?”

            Why don’t you ask that question now? (in March, 2023)

            Trump did nothing?! He built a Wall! Biden is tearing it down. Trump stopped 98%+ of illegal immigration. Biden has re-opened the floodgates. We don’t even have a southern border now.

            When Trump was President Vladimir Putin never dared to invade another country. But Biden was viewed by Putin as a flake, which convinced him he could invade Ukraine. Trump’s many other accomplishments are too numerous to mention here, but they can easily be found online.

            Now it’s my turn to ask a question:

            Why do you HATE someone you don’t know; someone you’ve never met?

            Everything you “know” about Donald Trump has been put into your noggin by the U.S. media. But they hate Trump for publicly making fools of them.

            For the past 6 years the media’s anti-Trump rhetoric has rained down on everyone in the U.S. As you demonstrate, that indoctrination has been very effective.

            The entire U.S. media endlessly predicted that Hillary would win in a landslide. When Trump made fools of their predictions by demolishing his opponent, the six (6) CEO’s, who control 98% of the U.S. media, got together and plotted their revenge on election night.

            As a result, ever since President Trump’s election there has not been a favorable news report about him. Instead, the country is being indoctrinated non-stop, 24/7/365 by the media’s Trump hatred. Their slant is invariably one-sided, anti-Trump, and it never, ever lets up. Over time that has a significant effect.

            American voters are the media’s primary target, and many have been turned into unthinking Trump haters. They don’t hate him for rational reasons, even though they believe their reasons when asked. The real reason they hate Trump is because they’ve been programmed to be proxy haters for the media.

            Those six media CEO’s hate Donald Trump, but their hatred alone can’t destroy him. So they’ve indoctrinated the country with their ‘Big Lie’ tactic: smearing him as a criminal, as a liar, as a traitor… none of which is true. If it was, the FBI would have uncovered evidence of it and he would have been indicted instead of being exonerated.

            The media’s ‘ad hominem’ tactic has been very effective. For example, it’s convinced you to hate someone you don’t know, and have never even met! You know nothing about him, but you still HATE him, based only on the media’s lies and misrepresentation.

            You’ve been indoctrinated by the same experts who convince consumers that Brand X laundry detergent is superior to Brand Y. They’re the same experts who brag that they can “sell ice cubes to Eskimos.”

            And they probably can, too. Now they’re using their formidable talents and their knowledge of human nature to make people hate their fictional ‘evil orange man’ creation. And since it’s easy to transfer that emo-hatred to the real Donald Trump… it’s Mission Accomplished! You’ve been programmed to vote for a real scoundrel, because his honest opponent has been smeared as a bad person via the media’s Big Lie tactic. And Diogenes is still wandering around DC with his lantern…

            The media’s Big Lie tactic has convinced you and millions of other Trump haters that The Donald is a bad man, so this comment will be about as effective as a rainstorm on a duck.

            Personally, I’d be surprised if this caused even one reader in a hundred to reconsider his or her personal emo-hatred regarding the media’s Trump-monster creation. That’s how effective the media is, when it’s all one-sided.

            Hating someone you don’t know anything about except what a partisan, one-sided media tells you indicates laziness: if Trump was even half as bad as the media portrays him he could never have gotten elected.

            But you never gave that a passing thought, did you? And you still believe everything the media says about Trump? Why? Such unconditional hatred indicates total indoctrination; belief in an impossibility over reality.

            Being told what and how to think by the media is much easier than doing your own due diligence. That’s work. It takes considerable time and effort to analyze and compare candidates, but it’s much easier to simply vote the way you’re told, which requires no thought.

            You’re allowing a handful of CEO’s to indoctrinate you as their proxy hater, while they’re secretly laughing about the army of Trump haters they’ve created by indoctrinating them with negative ‘news’ stories, limiting commentary to only Trump haters and similar tricks of the trade.

            They’re scamming you for their own benefit — but you get nothing for it, except possibly helping to destroy an honest man.

            Don’t be that guy! They’re scamming you; don’t be a media chump.

            “MiracleWatt” is a scam — and Trump hatred is a bigger scam. And observe the direct result of the media’s indoctrination: president Biden — an actual disaster for our country.

            FYI: Donald Trump is the most ethical elected in the federal gov’t. Did that hit your emo-buttons? Thank the media.

            It is a fact is that if Trump had gotten even a jaywalking ticket, the FBI would have found it during their 3+ year long investigation. Instead, they found nothing.

            Scores of the world’s best investigators were hand-picked, with the remit: “Get Trump!” Working 80 hour weeks, they scrutinized every aspect of Donald Trump’s life, interviewing hundreds of his friends, family members, associates, business partners, schoolmates, investors, and customers, from his ROTC days right up until the FBI’s Mueller finally gave up, and threw in the towel.

            The FBI found nothing; no felonies, no misdemeanors, and no lies when they interviewed him.

            How many federal electeds could withstand an investigation like that?
            Pelosi? Hillary? Beuller? Anyone…? Name one.

            If Trump was the same guy portrayed in the media, the FBI would have found dozens, if not hundreds of lies, felonies, misdemeanors and other wrongdoing. But after more than three years, they came up empty-handed.

            Remember that when you hear someone’s derogatory comments about Donald Trump. We only hear such pejoratives from someone who’s been indoctrinated and thus, believes them.

            Don’t be that guy! The media is indoctrinating too many chumps already.

        1. ALL Trump did was give tax cuts to the rich AND sell bumper stickers and hats. NOTHING else! Biden has already cut the deficit that TRUMP DPOUBLED in his first year in half. Cut prices on derugs, made Medicare negotiate for drug prices, cut Insulin down from $700. to $35. And much much more. ANYONE who believes Trump did ANYTHING GOOD for America are obviously listening to his whoppers. Trump spewed OVER 30,000 lies while in office and has NEVER ever spoke one word of truth.

          1. Not sure why you defend a president who has double digit inflation. You should know as you pick up your groceries. Have your own thoughts. Do not defend any politician. None of them care.

          2. Are you a moron? The deficit created by the spending biden has done has created inflation. His debacle in
            Afghanistan, the insurgency at the border, China/Russian collusion, and his dementia have created a failing country andopeymuch more. Despite Trump’s spoiled brat mentality didn’t deter his presidency for making this country great again. Biden is the second from lowest president ever. His ratings are dropping even amongst Democrats! Get off that indoctrinated Kool-Aid.. Dopey!

      3. Thomas Gascoigne

        Nope, this is clearly a hoax brought to the US by China and Hunter, with considerable help from “The Big Guy”. Just one more example of the Biden administration cheating the American middle class and enriching himself! On Tuesday let’s vote these bums out in favor of MAGA Republican candidates! Let’s turn this ship around so that we have both houses of Congress so that when President Trump is re-elected he can once again make America great. Once he’s in office, we can get back to winning! Nobody gets tired of winning, except maybe Walter, the guy that is yelling above.

        1. You see loser 45’s polls lol if that’s called winning good grief. Lost 2020 election, lost 2022 mid terms badly but keep calling it winning ha-ha-ha!

    13. I am a Master Electrician and I agree that it would take way more than this device to save power, especially since most of the power costs are admin and carrier charges.
      Anyway, the majority of devices that cause inefficient power usage is motors, so if you are running heating elements like stoves, dryers and electric heaters there will be no savings for them. Heating elements do not cause disturbance to the sine wave to motors do.
      If you look up the work power factor it will explain what causes inefficient power and that it is motors that cause this problem. That is where a capacitive bank is used to correct the inefficiency of electric motors.
      So for them to tell home owners that they will reduce their power bill with this unit is definitely false information.

    14. Their ad says that it stops electricity from entering your home wiring when nothing is being used, which is where the supposed savings occurs. Since there is a capacitor inside, it may prevent a small amount of electricity from entering your home wiring because it enters and is stored up in the capacitor. Now, electricity is electrons moving through a conductor, such as the wiring in your house. When no circuit is completed by, for example, turning on a light switch, no electricity flows through your wiring, so it doesn’t cost you anything.

      1. You have to think of it as a water hose.If the hose is shut off your not using water.If nothing is on in your house, no power is being used.

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