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Miracle Watt Scam Review – Hoax Explained

Positive online comments should be treated with caution. The Miracle Watt Energy Saver consumes very little energy or none at all. Customers who purchased this gadget were dissatisfied with it.

With new internet frauds emerging everyday, we’ve taken on the responsibility of evaluating goods, shops, websites, and other services in order to protect you from making bad choices. 

This product evaluation acts as a wake-up call. We’re praying for a safe and timely arrival of everything.

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    Miracle Watt Scam Review


    One of the reasons this gadget is causing such a stir on the internet is because it claims to save you up to 90% on your energy bills. Additionally, the MiracleWatt Energy Saver is being offered at a 50% discount. Additionally, when you make a larger purchase, you get a greater discount.

    However, if you delve beyond the surface of the internet’s seemingly favourable evaluations, you’ll discover that there are no real consumer reviews for this product. The ostensibly favourable evaluations were created by affiliate marketers who couldn’t give a damn whether or not the product worked. At the end of the day, all they care about is their commission.

    Want to be kept updated regarding similar scams?

    Get instant emails when we publish new scam warnings!

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    While this website seems to be legitimate, you should use caution in determining whether or not this gadget will really save you electricity.

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    Miracle Watt Buzz

    Despite the fact that this energy-saving gadget has received many good reviews, they do not cover the whole storey. The following are a few reasons why you should avoid purchasing any energy-saving gadget.

    When the item is removed from the box, you will see that it is a capacitor linked across the power line. While this may provide some power factor adjustment, you are not charged for reactive energy in your house. As a result, you incur no savings.

    Additionally, the gadget capacitor consumes about 100 mA of capacitive current via the line. This capacitor will eliminate any inductive current drawn by a device drawing less than 100 mA. It will not drain any more power when you need it. Even if no changes are needed, it will continue to draw current.

    It seems to have just enough impact to keep the advertisements from being totally deceptive, but the gadget is otherwise completely worthless.

    Miracle Watt Flaws

    The one thing I couldn’t discern from the official website video, and which the presenter omitted to mention: Is the capacitor within the Watt Rescue really rated for AC line connection?

    Is there a risk of fire if a lightning strike occurs nearby? I’m unsure if this capacitor is safe since it is potted in epoxy. For safety reasons, capacitors connected directly to the alternating current line must have a “X” rating.

    Positive internet reviews, whether on YouTube or on blogs, are entirely false. This is because the contents were almost identical, copied and pasted with little modifications.

    Additionally, we’ve seen many of these kind of evaluations using the same gadget, and they’re all identical. They are wasteful.

    The Real Mechanisms

    “There is no way any device this size can maintain a home electrical ac power supply or achieve the promised savings,” you should be informed. Electrical consumption is estimated based on the overall amount of energy used, not on the phase corrected VAR.

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    230–240 VAC appliances such as water heating, cooking, drying clothing, air conditioning, and heating use the majority of electricity in homes. No item connected to a 110 – 120 VAC outlet can “reduce energy consumption” in the same way that equipment connected to each 120 VAC leg delivering 240 VAC electricity through phase correction methods can. 

    Prior to making a purchase, ask the seller to explain and guarantee the ICE and ELI connections for the 200 AMP service that is typical in the majority of houses.


    Energy-saving gadgets, such as the Miracle Watt and others, pose a risk of fire or electrocution.

    These gadgets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all seem to have a common casing. They do not save energy. 

    23 replies on “Miracle Watt Scam Review – Hoax Explained”

    Why would you bring politics into an ongoing scam? Most scams come from China, Africa, and India. These people are desperate for money!
    If you want to criticize politicians then criticize biden’s son for giving stealth technology to China. Look it up since you wanted to make this a political argument!!! The link is below. The dems sold us out to the chinese all for a few dollars. Cherish your freedom while you still have it!!! China is going to invade Taiwan soon. With us fighting Russia and maybe China? We can’t hold to battle fronts and China can put together 800 million troops. We’re screwed. FYI: Walter has what’s called Trump Hate Syndrome…my sister has it as well…lol. Some patriotic music to listen to: Tom McDonald: Brainwashed, America, Snowflakes, No Lives Matter, Fake Woke, Sheeple, and there’s more.

    Hunter Biden’s Company Partnered With Chinese Military to Acquire Stealth Tech, Assisted By The Big Guy and John Kerry

    I worked at a facility that was very conscious of power factor and harmonic content on the power lines. This was exclusively on 3-phase, “Y” ( or Star ) configurations. Devices for accomplishing power factor and harmonic corrections were at least 10 times the size of this device. With the predominance of switching power supplies, the the shift is now capacitive (ICE). In years before with many inductive devices (mostly motors) the power factor shift was inductive (ELI). Our electricians were very good at measuring power factor and the neutral wire current resulting from phase imbalance and harmonics. A detailed explanation would require some knowledge of electrical power generation and use. This device can’t possibly work as claimed.

    Thank you! I believe it is a scam. I own a pro-sound service and usually have to clean-up electrictry prior to using it in my sound equipment. The ac condition equipment cost hundreds of dollars. Occasionally I to resort to rented generators (invertors) to reliabley power equipment worth several thousand dollars

    I had to laugh when I saw this device marketed. So one capacitor isn’t going to do jack…..for an electrical device to save money and smooth the lines and correct the PF you need a lot of current draw hence: Power factor correction capacitors reduce power consumption caused by heavier inductive loads by balancing a motor’s working power and supplied power. These capacitors are used in facilities that have high inductive loads such as saws, compressors, and conveyors.

    This is pure BS. I am a Power System Engineer and I can tell everyone this is impossible. It is a physical impossibility for their claims to be true and we would be violating all the basic electrical transmission laws that control the generation and use of electrical energy . DO NOT BE SCAMMED BY THESE SCHEISTERS!

    I am tempted to accept this review of Miracle Watt, but I do not know if it is produced by the Power companies.


    Have you investigated to owners of this company or are you just another hater? I say your wrong and the owners are all lying thieving democrats.
    Maybe it’s biden himself. Sorry, but nothing is out of bounds for obiden and his gang’s agenda.

    Um…I guess you can type ny words you like, but the facts don’t support your Anti-Biden claims. It is FACT that Trump Is a lying, conniving, corrupt criminal and will be criminally indicted for his schemes…(he already has paid millions in fraud danages). Weak minded folks who don’t know better support Trump and the moronic MAGA movement.

    Must be hard being an Alcoholic, Walter.. Maybe you should dry out and realize how much better Trump was than your boy Biden and that other moron Obammmmma. I hope one day you can wake up feeling good instead of the constant hang-overs.. Cheers, mate!!

    ALL Trump did was give tax cuts to the rich AND sell bumper stickers and hats. NOTHING else! Biden has already cut the deficit that TRUMP DPOUBLED in his first year in half. Cut prices on derugs, made Medicare negotiate for drug prices, cut Insulin down from $700. to $35. And much much more. ANYONE who believes Trump did ANYTHING GOOD for America are obviously listening to his whoppers. Trump spewed OVER 30,000 lies while in office and has NEVER ever spoke one word of truth.

    Not sure why you defend a president who has double digit inflation. You should know as you pick up your groceries. Have your own thoughts. Do not defend any politician. None of them care.

    Nope, this is clearly a hoax brought to the US by China and Hunter, with considerable help from “The Big Guy”. Just one more example of the Biden administration cheating the American middle class and enriching himself! On Tuesday let’s vote these bums out in favor of MAGA Republican candidates! Let’s turn this ship around so that we have both houses of Congress so that when President Trump is re-elected he can once again make America great. Once he’s in office, we can get back to winning! Nobody gets tired of winning, except maybe Walter, the guy that is yelling above.

    Installed in sept 2021 still no decrease in electric usage or costs. item is a SCAM. They will not give a refund

    I am a Master Electrician and I agree that it would take way more than this device to save power, especially since most of the power costs are admin and carrier charges.
    Anyway, the majority of devices that cause inefficient power usage is motors, so if you are running heating elements like stoves, dryers and electric heaters there will be no savings for them. Heating elements do not cause disturbance to the sine wave to motors do.
    If you look up the work power factor it will explain what causes inefficient power and that it is motors that cause this problem. That is where a capacitive bank is used to correct the inefficiency of electric motors.
    So for them to tell home owners that they will reduce their power bill with this unit is definitely false information.

    Their ad says that it stops electricity from entering your home wiring when nothing is being used, which is where the supposed savings occurs. Since there is a capacitor inside, it may prevent a small amount of electricity from entering your home wiring because it enters and is stored up in the capacitor. Now, electricity is electrons moving through a conductor, such as the wiring in your house. When no circuit is completed by, for example, turning on a light switch, no electricity flows through your wiring, so it doesn’t cost you anything.

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