Bill Gates Patent for Cryptocurrency

Bill Gates Patent for Cryptocurrency >> Microsoft has filed a new patent application outlining a method for creating bitcoin via physiological processes such as brain activity.

Bill Gates Patent for Cryptocurrency

Bill Gates Patent for Cryptocurrency

The application “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data” explains how a “brain wave or body heat produced by the user while doing an information service provider-provided activity, such as seeing an advertising or using specific internet services, may be utilised in the mining process.”

Microsoft plans to utilise the data collected as a “proof-of-concept” by monitoring people’s brain waves while they view ads. This is how a blockchain system checks the completion of a transaction or activity, and how a cryptocurrency model confirms money generation.

“Instead of the enormous processing effort needed by certain traditional cryptocurrency systems,” the patent adds, “data produced by a user’s physical activity may represent proof-of-work, and therefore a user may unintentionally solve the computationally tough issue.”

The human user would need to have a sensor connected to or implanted in their body in order to get this validation data. Microsoft envisions users being compensated in bitcoin for completing certain activities in exchange for consenting to their bodies being monitored in this manner.

Along with brain waves and heat, the patent proposes monitoring “body fluid flow” and “organ activity and movement” to track a variety of activities, including accessing social media, search engines, email, browsing websites, or interacting with chatbots.

It is unknown what will become of this patent; despite its publication a month ago, it has not yet been authorised. Nonetheless, as The Register notes, big technology firms often use patents to fight potential copyright infringement rather than developing goods, making this unlikely to reach the consumer market.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is often mentioned these days due to his major participation in pharmaceutical firms, vaccine development, and funding of the World Health Organization. The worldwide media makes an effort to portray Bill Gates as a great benefactor while also shielding him from assaults and criticism, but it is doubtful that they will be able to conceal his whole network of ties.

Additionally, Bill Gates’ business is a member of the ID2020 Alliance, a digital initiative focusing on digital rights. The Alliance is a strong supporter of the Rockefeller Foundation,, Accenture, and a variety of vaccinations, as well as Gavi, a nonprofit organisation that distributes these vaccines globally. The Secretariat of the Alliance is headquartered in New York.

Vaccine Narratives

The Vaccine Alliance works mostly with African and Asian nations. Only Albania, Croatia, Moldova, Ukraine, the Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan are served by the organisation in Europe. They are all mentioned as founding partners.

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    Gavi has been working on the Vaccine Alliance coronavirus outbreak since February 2020. Dr. Seth Berkley serves as the organization’s CEO.

    Although it is generally better to leave theological interpretations of patent numbers to religious specialists, it is obvious that the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, the pharmaceutical industry, and the World Bank Group are all engaged. Governments are responsible for epidemics, illnesses, and famines.

    They are always attempting to assume the role of government, highlighting their incapacity to resolve issues on their own. However, since the West does not recognise China’s position on this subject and does not want to do so out of fear of losing power, the globalist media will continue their blame-shifting campaign.

    He asserts that when more information about the coronavirus becomes available, misleading narratives regarding China’s involvement in the outbreak proliferate and data is distorted.

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