Rally Cryptocurrency Review and Update

Rally will introduce Creator Coin, a cryptocurrency that will allow influencers, content producers, and broadcasters to operate their own virtual economies. Despite the fact that Creator Coin is entirely virtual, it is a novel method for individuals with a following to earn real money.

Influencers will be able to create their own cryptocurrency using Creator Coin, which they can use to reward followers and increase engagement. This sounds similar to me because it fits into what I refer to as the “Leisure Economy,” in which we will eventually be compensated for our time spent playing video games and developing new vocations.

I’m referring to esports athletes, cosplayers, influencers, YouTubers, livestreamers among other individuals. Rally is aiming for all of these people, CEO Kevin Chou said in an interview with GamesBeat.

For instance, a streamer may create a Creator Coin and give it to followers who tune in to their livestreams for a certain amount of time. Fans may then use the custom-branded money to purchase virtual goods in games or from another streamer. They would not be required to create an account or a bitcoin wallet.

Rally Cryptocurrency Review

Rally Vision for the Future

Rally has already created Taki, an influencer platform for these people and their followers. Taki’s mission is to bridge the divide between artists and fans while also providing new revenue sources for artists. It allows fans to buy items such as video chats and pre-made birthday greetings from musicians.


Rally’s mission is to facilitate interaction between artists and fans, and Creator Coins play a significant role in that effort. For instance, one of the Creator Coins influencers accepts money from fans seeking guidance on how to create a deck for Blizzard’s Hearthstone game.

According to Chou, the money is built on blockchain, a decentralised ledger technology that is safe and transparent and does not need any technical knowledge to use. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Rally collaborated on a part of Creator Coins’ core technology with Chou’s other company, Forte, a blockchain gaming business. On the other hand, Forte has no connection to Chou’s work at Rally. Rally works with influencers, whereas Forte works with big corporate teams.

“I’ve spent almost two years on this project. “And we’ve developed a great deal of advanced technology,” Chou said. “Because blockchain technology is so difficult to deal with, we took a long time to develop it. However, we’re thrilled to be removing the covers, and a number of artists have already expressed their admiration.”

The Inventor Coins are a kind of digital money that any inventor may customise. They also serve as the basis for an easy-to-use blockchain toolset that will enable artists to improve their communities’ engagement and revenue models.

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    The Rally, which is comprised of executives from Twitch, YouTube, Disney, Kabam, and Facebook, seeks to make it simpler for broadcasters to earn a livelihood. It may be a tough battle for those who are not already famous.

    For Creators

    Chou believes that if the initiative succeeds, creators will be liberated from the shifting value systems of big social media platforms, which now retain a significant portion of a creator’s earnings. The author will be excluded from the advertising/partnership programmes, platform soft currencies, and subscription programmes of the social platform. According to Chou, all wealth produced in a Creator Coin system belongs to artists and their communities and is fully decentralised from large digital platforms.

    Additionally, the creators have the final word. Along with eliminating platform gatekeepers and letting creators to select their own payment processing and transaction costs (Rally does not charge fees), creators no longer have to worry about demonetization, deplatforming, or censorship inside their Creator Coin ecosystem.

    The developer gains visibility into who owns money in the community, transaction verification, and scarcity control by using blockchain technology.

    Writers on traditional social networking sites are compensated with a tiny portion of income earned by advertising, subscriptions, or sponsored posts.

    According to Ral, creators will be able to grow their audiences and earn revenue in the future by establishing their own digital economy fueled by their own currency, where they will be able to offer individualised rewards and benefits, individualised digital item collection and trading, and methods and incentives for their fans to donate, all while keeping 100% of the profits.

    It is already in use by creators.


    OneNightStanz, a Twitch broadcaster, has been experimenting with Creator Coin. In the first five days of his debut, his community pushed over 200 transactions of his currency by mostly playing games with OneNightStanz.

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    “We’ve seen a lot of activity, and it’s wonderful to see the community rallying behind Creator Coins,” Chou said. “It has swallowed their towns completely. As a result, it’s been a lot of pleasure to watch.”

    Fans may purchase Creator Coins by visiting Rally’s website and making a credit card payment. Additionally, artists may purchase their own Creator Coin and give it to their followers as a kind of remuneration for their devotion. Certain Twitch broadcasters, for example, will reward followers who upgrade their Twitch subscription tier.

    Users may give Creator Coins as a tip or contribution to other users, or they may contribute them to the creator (no chargebacks). Users will be able to spend Creator Coin in a variety of ways in the future.

    Many people would just want to keep Creator Coin as a souvenir to show their devotion to a creator. Smart creators will also utilise Creator Coin as a customised loyalty tool, recognising and rewarding top coin holders with unique perks and incentives. For example, ChewieMelodies, one of the first music producers on Creator Coin, is giving top holders a unique song request on Twitch.

    Frequently, fans assist artists with moderating, video editing, art/graphics creation, and other critical community functions. Creator Coin may be used to compensate loyal subscribers for previous or future support, and more automated methods for creators to establish earnable programmes will be accessible in the future.

    Rally Coin History

    On July 29, Rally released the first Creator Coin. Over 500 people registered in the first five days (July 29- August 2). As of August 5, 11 more Creator Coins have been distributed, with the goal of doubling that number by the end of the month. DownToQuest, a Twitch channel, sold over $15,000 worth of DTQ money, resulting in a circulating supply of about 140,000 coins at an average price of 80 cents per coin.

    Rally will expand its toolkit for artists to manage and monetize their Creator Coin economies in the future, as well as expand the methods for fans to spend and redeem their Creator Coin. Creator Coin is a platform-independent cryptocurrency. While Rally is being created in cooperation with Twitch developers, the coins will be universally available.

    How does Rally work?

    Rally made it simple to buy a coin instantly, even if there was no seller present. There is no need to wait or to go through a lengthy procedure in order to find a buyer willing to sell at a certain price. A newbie to the creative world may have 100 followers. If you want to purchase, someone may be hesitant to sell.

    Creator Coin utilises a technique known as “token bonding curves” to allow automated buying and selling. The transaction is executed on Ethereum via the use of a smart contract (a blockchain software). The currencies are stored in the smart contract, which also acts as a middleman for individuals interested in purchasing coins. “There is always a market,” Chou said, “and I am not dependent on another seller.”

    Additionally, Rally designed the coins in such a manner that any manufacturer may customise them. “Within the next decade, our goal is for everyone on the world to have their own token,” Chou said. “It enables you to create a public blockchain to represent the value of your digital brand – or the value of your company, brand, economy, or just your financial reputation. That, in our view, is critical.”

    Real world uses

    This fictitious currency may be used on any social media platform, including Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Discord. “It’s a public blockchain,” he said. “ Nothing similar is available on an Amazon or YouTube server. It is the creator’s initiative. You’ll be able to create your own smart contract.”

    Consumers, according to Chou, would be able to readily get Creator Coins. No wallet will be required, nor will the account need to be linked to a funding source such as a credit card or bank account. This is one of the factors impeding the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

    For now, you may join using your Twitch account, which automatically generates the bitcoin wallet. In a matter of seconds, you may earn tokens or purchase tokens using a credit card. How about the cost? This is contingent upon supply and demand. You sell your Creator Coins for the price your fans are prepared to pay you as a creator. All of this will eventually come together.

    Each creator is tasked with the responsibility of creating a genesis token or block. They collaborate with Rally to get about 50,000 tokens. The price of a token may begin as low as two cents. The author then distributes them to admirers and arranges for them to receive the money. After the economy’s borders are defined, people would be able to trade the coins for US dollars or other cryptocurrencies, according to Chou.

    The streamer may create their own personalised coin with their name and keep it as their own property. It is difficult to forge since it utilises blockchain technology to verify ownership. The streamer may provide the coins to their most devoted fans, who may subsequently use them to get VIP status.

    For instance, they might pay for exclusive access to a Discord channel, public shoutouts, and game requests. As the streamer’s brand grows in prominence, fans may purchase the coins and exchange them for more valuable ones. The broadcaster may sell the coins for cash or distribute them as rewards to his or her audience. This may result in the streamer earning a large profit.

    The streamer may gain fans by selling limited-edition digital trading cards through Rally. These cards were very rare and could only be acquired by depositing the streamer’s money, according to Rally’s blockchain. It is conceivable for a market to emerge for the streamer’s own brand.

    The long-term strategy

    Chou is well aware that a large number of individuals have been duped by bitcoin companies and initiatives. And he is convinced that it will never happen here again. Rally will establish regulations to ensure that the coin’s developers do not go afoul of the law. According to Chou, Rally, on the other hand, would not circulate money and therefore will not be subject to government oversight.

    “We’ve made great progress on regulatory and compliance fronts,” Chou said. “Our main objective is to provide utilities. We’re ensuring that artists take advantage of this opportunity. We are not compensating a celebrity to get others to “purchase this token.”

    This is not the case. This is a collection of resources that we have made accessible. It’s similar to how WordPress is used to make websites: we give it to the developer, who then uses it to produce unique items such as limited-edition digital autographs.”

    Bottom Line

    Rather than fundraising, Rally is presently focused on community development. To earn the public’s confidence, Rally is establishing guidelines for artists to follow in order to prevent conflict with fans or authorities.

    The designers are prohibited from abusing the system or using it maliciously. “Blockchain technology is used because it enables a very transparent system,” Chou said.

    Chou has no immediate intentions to start a business. Rally is still referred to be a side project. “In five years, we hope to see a really robust, decentralised community,” Chou said. “We aim to provide a safe environment for artists and their followers in which no one can alter the rules or boot them from a platform.”

    “It goes without saying that you are an expert in this field. That is not to say you can do anything you want with it. This implies that the rules are established by the community. We’re all rooting for the network’s success. We all hope that billions of people will take advantage of it. And if that happens, it will benefit everyone.”

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