Bishop Sycamore Scam – ESPN Football Scam

Bishop Sycamore was an institution that had a positive image from their inception. Of course, people questioned a few aspects about the way it operated. However, there was nothing about them that caused chaos in the public. Everything about this school changed after it’s recent football match against prestigious IMG.

While the match was airing, ESPN commentators discussed a few things about this institution that made a lot of people question the legitimacy. The questions asked definitely caught the attention of the people and the video became viral.

Now, a lot of people are expressing their hatred against this school and some on social media are even calling them names that are unpleasant. There are a lot of debates going on and for some people the whole situation might be overwhelming.

We suggest you to go through the following content to know the entire situation in detail. After all, data is not really that hard to find about anything nowadays, right?

Bishop Sycamore Scam

Bishop Sycamore History

To find information about this institution, we had to dig a lot of details. Bishop Sycamore claims to be one of the finest academies in Ohio. Their website almost looks like a sales pitch and clearly, the level of exaggeration present is borderline unethical.

While their online presence and profiles are almost impeccable, the same cannot be said about their actual whereabouts and operational model. For starters, they do not share much contact information. The legal work and documentation is not crystal clear and lack of transparency is evident.

If we take a look at the number of enrolment, the figures(literally 2) do not paint them in a good way. Founders and coaches of this institution are well known in the community. However, when it comes to the academy itself, the stream of unanswered questions appears to be never ending. 

Background Story

Football is a game which most people love. In the western hemisphere, this game is something that is almost worshipped. People, especially teenagers, often dream to make it big in the realm of sports as it will elevate their status to a whole new level in almost all aspects of life.

To put dreams into action, getting into the proper academy is crucial and this step should be taken with care. Bishop Sycamore calls itself an online college. While few people associated with this organisation are open with the public, a lot of information about them appears to be fabricated.

The worst part is their website does not talk about a lot of aspects. For example, the “About us” section does not contain any information about the physical location. The number of new recruits year on year is not made available to the public.

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    Stiffing allegations are made against them. As the information about them is scarce, it is not a wise move to give them the benefit of the doubt yet. 

    Founders and Coaches

    Thanks to the controversies, the founders and the coaches of the team have become popular in a very short period of time. Let us start the rundown form starting from the founder. Andre Peterson is the founder of Bishop Sycamore.

    If his name sounds familiar that might be due to the fact that he has a long history with the sports sector. Peterson denied all the allegations made against the school and said that he had no reason to lie about anything. He made it clear that he is not making any money from this organization and added that he has no need to spread lies.

    According to him, Bishop Sycamore offers a chance for newbies and underprivileged students to get a taste of the league games which usually comes with a high price tag. Recently, Ray Johnson, the coach of this academy was fired.

    Though the break up was not ugly by any means, it did make a lot of people question the logic behind the decision. Ray Johnson is fighting a number of lawsuits and information about him is somewhat hard to procure. Official sources say that he was fired as he did not keep track of the team’s injuries. 

    Bishop Sycamore Main Issue

    After thoroughly analysing the entire situation, few questions will pop up in everyone’s mind. The main issue with Bishop Sycamore was about transparency and structure. First things first, let us address the elephant in the room. Is this school an imaginary entity?

    While the founders might say otherwise, the data disagrees with the statement. It is common knowledge that all non-charted organisations should report their enrolment to the treasures of the respective district. Bishop Sycamore’s data is nowhere to be found and even on their website, the location itself is a big mystery.

    Think for a moment, how can we give them the benefit of the doubt even after seeing so many obvious traits? On the other side of the equation, parents of the players have made severe allegations. Moreover, the hotels have also accused this institution for stiffing. 

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    Bishop Sycamore and ESPN

    Most probably people would have never found out about the real nature of Bishop Sycamore if it wasn’t for the coverage they received on ESPN. In the last match this institution lost 58-0 to IMG.

    While the defeat was embarrassing for the team, during this match, the commentators stirred up the topic and for the right reasons it went viral. Marketing group that was responsible for arranging the football match has somewhat gracefully accepted the blame and many teams have made a decision not to play against Bishop Sycamore.

    Until the dust settles, the future does look bleak for everyone involved with this institution. Nonetheless, the chances of Bishop Sycamore coming clean is pretty low. 

    Bottom Line

    Whenever a huge scandal like this one involving Bishop Sycamore and ESPN occurs, it teaches us the importance of background checks. The police have confirmed that there are a lot of reports filed against this school and rest assured, the matter will be handled by them thoroughly.

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