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Veteran Sheepdogs of America Scam – 2021

Veteran Sheepdogs of America Scam >> Life in Afghanistan is not easy. Long before the United States intervention, the place had its own challenges. On one hand, the terrorists were gaining a lot of traction and funding. While the people that were on the right side of the ethical scale were losing their ground.

At the time of writing this post, the US has withdrawn all of their armed forces and is working towards moving all of their citizens towards safety. Amid this heated situation, few organisations have made accusations against the Biden’s administration saying that the caged service dogs were left behind on purpose.

The role of bomb sniffing dogs and service dogs are irreplaceable. On Twitter Veteran Sheepdogs of America handle is making bold claims about their latest accomplishments. Though their motto appears to be noble, we do not know who runs the organisation and how they function.

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    Note that the Pentagon has made it clear that they have not left behind any service dogs, but still this organization says otherwise. To know more about the drama unfolding around this event, grab a drink and continue reading. 

    Veteran Sheepdogs of America Scam

    What is all the Fuss about?

    The heart of the Veteran Sheepdogs of America scam appears to be confusing. For any outsider the first thing he or she needs to figure out is the reason behind the noise. Dogs and humans share a profound bond and that is the product of evolution.

    One of the main reasons as to why this matter got so much attention is because few organizations accused Biden’s administration of leaving behind the military dogs on purpose. The United States have spent trillions of dollars on War and they are one of the most equipped and capable armies to ever exist.

    Personally, we think that they would never do such a thing. As the emotions of people were running high, this matter enraged people and the battle via Twitter became intense. The more we look into the matter, the more bleak it gets.

    We strongly believe that the intentions behind the people that started the fuss are sinister and baseless. 

    Veteran Sheepdogs of America Organisation

    The Veteran Sheepdogs of America organisation is supposedly working towards retrieving all of the service dogs owned by the US military. At first glance, the organisation appears to have noble intentions and the photos posted by them on Twitter compliments the narratives well.

    Dozens of attempts are being pictured and it is indeed sad to see the way things have turned out. Numerous people have alleged that this organization is nothing more than a scam as their claims are not only unverifiable but contradictory to what the Pentagon says.

    As we mentioned before the US government has made it clear that they have not left any dogs behind. When that is the case, what is Veteran Sheepdogs of America really doing?

    The answer to this question is difficult to find and impossible to verify. Given every bit of information, we think it is wise to give the Pentagon the benefit of the doubt. 


    When this matter first gained traction, the Fox News people blew the matter to huge proportions. Consequently, the American Humane Society also weighed in. If you notice the tone of the statements, they were not aggressive and no one made direct accusations.

    However, people were concerned about the safety of the animals and it highlights the Patriotism element well. Politics might have gotten involved with the entire scenario at some level and that might be the driving factor behind the virality.

    At the end of the day, thanks to quick communication and reaction at the top of the pyramid, everything is made public and the dust is settled. Of course, there are few things that need to be addressed. Sadly, unless and until the culprits come forward, the matter won’t be fully resolved. 

    Pentagon Clearing the air

    Any accusations made against the military or the government is indeed going to carry a lot of heat. No politician or government official wants to surround themselves in a sea of controversies, right? Veteran Sheepdogs of America undoubtedly created a buzz.

    The Pentagon was quick to respond and the way they put things into perspective was crystal clear. We have covered their statement before, but just to brush up on the topic.

    The US military has not left any dogs behind. All the allegations are false and baseless. Clear cut statements made by the officials are more than enough to put any debate to rest. 

    Is Veteran Sheepdogs of America a scam?

    It looks like it, but without all the data in hand, we can only speculate on the legitimacy factor. The main issue with this firm is that it has a very anonymous nature that is borderline shady. For example, we do not know the people who run it, the way they raise funds for the activities, compensation structure, etc,.

    As the key elements of this institution are literally next to impossible to verify firsthand, we are forced to give them the benefit of the doubt. Nonetheless, never believe anything put out by them unless it is something that is backed up by solid data. 

    Bottom line

    Things happening in Afghanistan at the moment are heartbreaking. The future does not look good for the residents and unless the government reemerges, things will not get better.

    While chaos is ruling the streets, new issues like the Veteran Sheepdogs of America scam is taking place and it is distracting the public from the main issues. Our advice for everyone is to always take every information on the internet with a conservative mindset and never do something on impulse.

    What do you think about the Veteran Sheepdogs of America scam? Share your views with our community by commenting below.

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