Bitcode AI Scam Review – Avoid Them

Bitcode AI is an automated trading system that claims to have a high win rate. Allegedly, even celebrities are involved with this software. Note that most of the things they claim or showcase appear to be exaggerated and unverifiable. They do work with a lot of unregulated platforms and as far as data goes, they have nothing credible to present to the retail investors.

Also, the conflict of interest is high and the gimmicks employed by them clearly tells us a scary tale. Owners and employees are unknown and they do not have social media presence. Liability clauses and other policies present are also not doing end users any favor.

All in all, after carefully considering everything about them, we strongly feel that you should stay away from them for your own good. If you are interested in learning the way this entire hustle works, then continue reading.

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Bitcode AI Scam

Is Bitcode AI Regulated?

Bitcode AI hides behind a liability clause. They are not authorized to do control functions and they certainly do not hold any required licenses. Even the brokers they redirect users to are unregulated.

In simple words, this funnel is present for marketing purposes and the beneficiaries are the underlying broker and the owners of this platform. Your capital is not safe with them and they do not provide any insurance in case the firm goes belly up.

Segregated accounts are not present and the chances of making money with them is almost zero. Website registrant information is also hidden and as we mentioned before, it will be a daunting task to even trace out the real culprits behind this portal. So, do not expose yourself to all the hassles and be wise enough to say no to any opportunity that seems too easy. 

How does Bitcode AI Work?

Bitcode AI as the name suggests supposedly uses AI technology to place trades. Apart from using buzz words, there is nothing useful in their homepage or narrative. Fund allocation per trade is not mentioned. Success rate is not specified.

No audited reports are available. Risk management system which is a crucial part of a trading system is also not put up by them. As key parameters and metrics are missing, trading with them will have less odds than gambling. Over the long run, no one will be able to break even with this kind of pathetic software.

Lastly, know that they do not provide demo accounts which means unless you are willing to risk your capital, you cannot test them out. Value proposition is negatively skewed and no rational investor would ever dare to use this kind of interface. 

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    Success Rate, Profits and Draw Down

    Creating a trading system is all about finding some sort of mathematical edge. There are a lot of ways to analyze the market, but it all boils down to win rate and drawdowns. Regardless of which system one might use, losing trades will be inevitable, right?

    Bitcode AI just like all the other bogus trading software refuses to reveal their trading history. As a result, we cannot possibly know the win rate of the algorithm.

    Moving on, even profits generated by the system are not specified which means literally there is nothing that instills confidence. Ask yourself, would you be comfortable funding a trading system that has no edge? Isn’t that a sure way to blow up your account? Thanks to the data, the choice we need to make becomes crystal clear. 


    Bitcode AI has received few mentions on the web. The testimonials aren’t something that can be considered a significant aspect because the number of user inputs is not large. Most of the positive comments have referral links attached which means we cannot believe anything they imply.

    Though truth has to come out eventually, we suggest you wait until there is a significant sample size. Once the numbers are up, we as end consumers can make an informed decision with pretty good accuracy. 

    Recover Your Money

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    Bitcode AI: Scam or Legit?

    Bitcode AI is a fraudulent trading system for sure. It does not talk about any parameters and they have no audited reports showcased. If their algorithms were really that good, then why are the founders and the entire management team hiding from the public?

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    If anyone indulges with them for long, then they are guaranteed to lose money. Due to unjustifiable trading conditions and obvious traps, you should walk away from them.

    Going forward, do not use any trading system or other automated methods without knowing the risks involved. Also, never invest more than what you can afford to lose. 


    Bitcode AI is the perfect example of a modified form of get rich quick offer. Whenever you are presented with an opportunity that claims to make your life easier, always take a conservative approach. Lastly, know that trading is a game involving numbers and you need to know your edge before pulling the trigger. 

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