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Quantum AI Scam Review – Exposed

Quantum AI is the refurbished version of sketchy trading software that claims to make its users a lot of money. If you check out their website and associated websites, you will quickly realize that there is nothing about them that earns them any credibility.

This platform works with unregulated brokers and the chances of anyone getting back their capital is too tiny to even justify. Narratives used by them are all gimmicky and transparency is something they seem to avoid at any cost. From the way they are structured to the kind of things they peddle, clearly they are not present to make the lives of traders easy.

Moving on to profit claims, the numbers are too exaggerated and they use boatloads of high pressure marketing tricks to fool the public. Learn their real way of doing business by going through the following content.

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    Quantum AI Scam Review

    Who is behind Quantum AI?

    This is the first question that popped up in our mind when we started to explore this platform. We did some digging and could not find any person directly linked with this software. To rephrase our take, the founders are unknown and any details about the people working for this app is completely hidden from the public.

    If their interface was so good, then why are they operating in this manner? Whenever you see any product in the finance niche with no name attached to it, then it is not worth the risks involved.

    After all, if someone finds the golden solution to volatility, they certainly would not give it away for free, right? Lack of transparency clearly shows the ugly side of the firm and there are no second thoughts about it. 

    How does Quantum AI Work?

    Quantum AI supposedly uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict movements in the underlying assets. If you are a newbie, then this sort of vague narrative might impress you. However, know that everything they have mentioned about their algorithm is imaginary and there is no quantifiable metric.

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    For example, they have not stated the actual indicators the software looks at. No one appears to have any idea about ideal starting capital and key things like spreads and leverage are never discussed. Looking at the way they push people using get rich quick claims, clearly they are sales people that have a ton of conflict of interest.

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    To make things simple, we can easily sum up this part by saying that the algorithms have no real edge and the win rate probably is around 50% at best which is pathetic to say the least. 

    Trading Platform

    Quantum AI claims to support different trading platforms. However, if you try to login, you will find nothing more than a web based interface with limited functions. The default software is inadequate for professionals and without any doubts, they are deal breakers. There isn’t much control provided to the user as well.

    As they don’t reveal average win rate and drawdowns, trading with them will be nothing short of gambling, the odds are against you in every scenario. Due to lack of adequate data and statistical edge, it is better to stay away from them. Given the kind of interface they feature, if anyone places trust on them, there won’t be a happy ending for sure. 

    Real Business Model

    This platform makes money by referring people to offshore brokers for a fat commission. Their only goal is to entice people and convince them into depositing with their affiliated brands. Clearly, the conflict of interest will be high and due to high commissions involved, sketchy software like this one often uses a lot of gimmicks.

    Basically, they always try to create FOMO and a sense of urgency to hook the clients. For any reason if the methods mentioned above do not work, they will use high pressure marketing tactics or even lie blatantly to achieve their end goal.

    As we mentioned before their goal is to get paid and they do not care about ethics or morals. In the future, before joining any new platform, always take a thorough look at the incentives of the service providers, it will help you make better decisions. 

    Quantum AI Profit Claims – Scam or not?

    Quantum AI claims to make retail investors steady profit from the markets. They have not advertised any specific number, but they do give a mixed impression. As a rule of thumb, you should always run in the opposite direction whenever you come across a sales pitch with a get rich quick tag line.

    Though this one allegedly helps its users make thousands of dollars daily, the reality suggests otherwise. Over the long run, chances of earning profits are slim to none and you should definitely not take any chances with them.

    After all, if making money was that easy, wouldn’t everyone be involved with it? Undoubtedly, this platform is a scam and as such, you should stay away from it. 

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    Quantum AI User Reviews

    We did find a few testimonials about them and some of them are surprisingly positive. There is definitely manipulation taking place and the numbers are not adequate enough to make a judgment. If you come across any comment with a referral link attached, then do not trust it blindly.

    On social media platforms, there aren’t many mentions about them and on forums, their ratings are bleak as well. After seeing the way they work, the ethics they uphold, the lack of user input makes them look intolerable. 


    Quantum AI is a scam and the facts are all too obvious. They have clone websites as well and they will cause nothing but harm to the users. If you have lost money to this platform, get in touch with us. Using chargebacks, wire recalls and other methods our team will help you retrieve the funds as quickly as possible. 

    Stay away from fraudulent software like Quantum AI for your own good. If you have something to say about them, the thread is all yours. 

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