Bitcoin Loophole Scam Review – Notorious Platform

Bitcoin Loophole is a suspicious trading interface that supposedly helps people make as much as $4000 per day. This software is aggressively marketed by a lot of affiliates and the newbies are falling for the trap all over the world.

Details regarding the actual way this algorithm works is very scarce and according to few reports and user feedback, this platform acts like a funnel that directs people to offshore brokers and gets paid heavily for doing so.

The tone of this review is going to be educational and our main goal is to expose their real source of revenue and the unethical ways they employ so that people can learn to spot scams like this one from a mile away. Brace yourself and read the following content to understand different aspects of their business model and the kind of conflict of interest present between them and the innocent investors.

By the time you are done with this report, you will be able to see the kind of things that every sketchy platform tries to hide. 

Bitcoin Loophole Scam Review

How does the Bitcoin Loophole Work?

This is the million dollar question, but apparently no one knows the answer to it. The exact way the algorithms work is not explained by the creators or the promoters of this platform. Their website talks a lot of nonsense about the markets.

If you read in-between the lines, they emphasize and exaggerate as much as they can about the profit potential. However, they shy away from providing any kind of proof. Moreover, their liability clause clearly states that the kind of returns advertised are not typical and chances of losing money is far greater than achieving profits.

Legitimate trading tools and platforms always cover things like market approach, volatility settings, risk management protocols and much more. As this one does not even touch any aspects mentioned above, proceeding with them will most certainly have the worst odds possible. Bitcoin is the kind of the crypto realm.

Of course, many people have become rich because of this asset class. Nonetheless, just because few people made money, it does not mean that everyone involved with this space will get a royal elevator to the riches. So, do not follow any advice blindly instead always be rational and unless you find evidence, never invest in any project or firm. 

Developer Information

Quant funds that hire really smart people to find an edge in the market always maintain a strict professional relationship with the clients. They reveal the details of the fund managers and the profile will reflect everything you need to know about them.

Bitcoin Loophole asks people to trust their interface with their money. However, they never provide much information about the developers or the team members. If their software is indeed successful and can help anyone make thousands of dollars per year, then why are they not embracing the attention?

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    From their website data to almost everything associated with their digital footprint, the people behind this firm have never left a clue about their whereabouts. Even the contact section on their platform does not contain any information apart from a lousy contact form.

    Everything about them is sketchy and the lack of transparency is revealing their true nature. After all, they cannot hide the truth, especially in the online space, right?

    Bitcoin Loophole Contact and Support

    Bitcoin Loophole does not provide any contact information whatsoever. If people register with them and face any issues which are guaranteed to happen at some point, then guess what? You won’t be able to fix it or get help from anyone. Literally, there is no customer support provided by them.

    What kind of platform that too in the finance sector acts in this way? Isn’t the fact that they are unreliable and characterless very evident? The facts clearly show the reality of this firm and it is clear to us that they do not want anything else apart from the user’s data and funds. 

    Secret Sauce of Bitcoin Loophole

    If you are a newbie in the cryptocurrency or online trading sector, then you might want to know the real motives behind fraudulent firms and software. Web portals such as Bitcoin Loophole work with a lot of offshore brokers and they mainly act like lead magnets.

    Their only intention is to convince the public into depositing with a sketchy entity and gets paid for it. Due to the fat commissions provided by unregulated brokers, the creators of bogus interface will go to any length to twist the facts and create a false image for themselves.

    Nonetheless, the only thing they are after is money and it can be gained only if they cause an intentional loss to the users. So, for obvious reasons you should never proceed with them or else you might have a tough time ahead. 

    Too many Flaws

    If we list all of the flaws and borderline criminal things carried out by this firm, then you will most certainly get bored. The list of things that are catastrophically wrong with them are many.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    To make things simpler for everyone, we just have covered a couple of factors in-depth and the information should be more than adequate to reach a firm conclusion. 

    No Testing

    Automated ways of trading have been around for decades. The main reason as to why most programs die is because they fail to adapt to changes. Due to the technical limitations, software is never really the answer to making huge gains in the market consistently.

    Constant testing is required to find and fix flaws and needless to say, the cost of running a good bot is pretty high. Bitcoin Loophole does not talk about the tests they have conducted with their system. We as consumers have too little control over the trading activity and the available options are not sophisticated by any means.

    Lack of testing means we do not know everything about the algorithms and that is a huge deal breaker. 

    Lack of Evidence

    Legitimate trading interface that enables people to take advantage of the markets with algo trades always provides a lot of proof. In the trading realm, seeing evidence is of paramount importance and without it, you as the end consumer should not give the benefit of doubt to anyone.

    As a rule of thumb, all the popular services that help people make money usually publish trading records on a frequent basis. Some of the reports might reflect losses, but in the markets the swings won’t always be favorable and as long as you are managing risk well, it should not be a problem. A handful of companies even opt to go for real time monitoring and the retail crowd likes that feature.

    Bitcoin Loophole does not provide any document or content that can be considered as evidence. From their identity to performance, everything is hidden by them and the only way to test them out is by investing money with them.

    Anyone that trusts them with funds and personal information is going to be exposed to a lot of danger. So, do not indulge with them for long instead be wise enough to walk away from them. 

    Bitcoin Loophole Feedback

    Bitcoin Loophole shows a lot of social proof both on their website and promotional video. In their video, they show a lot of positive comments and it seems as if everyone is happy with their choice.

    However, if you notice carefully, it is easy to spot that the identities of the so-called users are never revealed and none of the statements are verifiable. As far as we know, the comments generated are most likely from bogus profiles. Apart from their website, we could not find any testimonials about them on the web.

    The online world has enabled people to create manufactured backstories and social proof. Due to the technical limitations, the crooks get away with the scam initially, but eventually the truth will come out. Whenever you spot any make money online opportunity, always do in-depth research.

    More importantly, never believe any claims unless you see solid proof along with tangible data. People till date have never managed to find one bot to make money consistently and that situation is not likely to change any time soon. So, be in touch with reality and if someone says otherwise, never be inclined towards trying it out blindly. 

    Is Bitcoin Loophole a Scam?

    Yes. Bitcoin Loophole will make the creators, affiliate markers and the unregulated brokers rich, but all of the clients are not likely to make money. In fact, most people will probably lose a lot if they choose to proceed with them. Here and there, the bot might make you some profits.

    However, as they work with unregulated brokers, a lot of issues will pop up and it is going to be difficult for the retail investors to get their money back. If you have already signed up with them and are experiencing a lot of hassles, then get in touch with our team by filling the contact form below.

    We will show you the ways of getting money back from scam brokers, fraudulent vendors and pretty much any kind of online hustler. Our services are available to everyone for free and it will always remain like that.

    Government agencies and law enforcement authorities are sadly not that quick to react to finance crimes. Simply put, the best way to gain an edge when it comes to recovering money is to hire an agency and we will direct you to the best ones in the sector.


    Bitcoin Loophole is a trading software that uses a lot of unethical tactics and shady methods. Their firm is faceless and the people behind them are mannerless. Social proof is faked by them and the odds of anyone making money with them is pretty close to zero.

    Do yourself a favour by staying away from them. We can guarantee you that if you avoid them, you will never ever regret your choice. 

    What do you think about the Bitcoin Loophole Scam? Use the comment’s section to voice your opinion. 

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