Uber Text Scam – Here’s How to Spot a Trap!

The Uber Text Scam is not what you think it is. Most people are under the assumption that it is a huge phishing attack, but that is not necessarily true. Even the top management of Uber is aware of the situation and they are doing their best to inform users about the reality of the situation.

This incident or the chain of messages sent by the firm can be caused due to a lot of reasons. While the ways of stopping these spam messages are fairly straight-forward, you need to be aware of a few things or chances are you might lose a lot of money.

Many users have reported that they were charged fees for replying to the premium numbers and the chances of getting back the money from this event is indeed small. As you can see, the main thing causing a lot of confusion is ignorance and creating awareness is the only solution to mitigate any possible damage.

To understand what the texts are all about along with the ways of putting an end to spammy chains, continue reading. 

Uber Text Scam

What is the Uber Text Scam?

Many people lately have been getting texts from Uber requesting for a little specific information along with other personal details. Users are worried about them as they do not recognise the strange requests.

The frequency of the texts is also too much and some users are getting texts every once in 5 minutes. Few unlucky people that replied to the texts were charged a premium for it and the ways of recovering money from them is nothing short of a miracle.

Automated messages are generated because of a few reasons such as automated bot requests, new account sign ups, mis-entered numbers and phishing. The Uber team has not done much to put an end to it, but they are very well aware of the scenario.

Keep reading this post to learn about the remedies you can use to avoid spam texts.

Possible Explanations

As we mentioned before, there are a lot of reasons and theories as to why you might be getting endless texts from Uber. Nonetheless, the following points are the main things you need to keep an eye on.

Remember that the text message by itself is not the problem. However, if you feel like your account might be hacked, then you need to take proper steps to ensure security. After all, you cannot take chances with matters like these, right?

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    New Account

    Someone that has got access to your contact information might be trying to open a new account on Uber. If you have not registered with the app and are receiving texts, then this is the most probable cause. The actual culprit is hard to find because of obvious reasons.

    So, do not let your guard down and never forward code or other registration details to any third party. Keep in mind that Uber never asks for your personal information via phone or texts and third parties have no right to request any kind of information from you.

    For best results, simply ignore the texts if you have not initiated anything. Alternatively, report the number as Spam to your carrier and they will take care of the rest. 

    Automated Bots

    Automated bots might be trying to open an account or take control over your existing one and this might have triggered the text messages. Uber is no slouch when it comes to detecting bot traffic. However, it may have some flaws which the automated software might be exploiting.

    Remedy to this type of issue will be found relatively quickly. Till the issue is fixed, block the numbers or simply ignore the texts. To prevent this type of incident in the future, do not share your phone number on third party websites and never input your contact information on any site unless you are sure about their intentions. 

    Phishing Attempt

    This one is the real dangerous possibility which might catch you off guard. Scammers always are on the hunt to find things that they can monetize. One of the easiest things they do to take control over your account is a phishing attempt.

    By any chance, if anyone calls you and pretends to be someone from Uber, then do not feed them any detail. Plus, keep in mind that Uber never asks for too much personal information and they never send cloaked links.

    If the text message you have received contains spelling errors or suspicious links, then report the incident to Uber and voice your experience by using social media platforms and other niche related forums. Cyber criminals never hesitate to use big brand names to get their work done.

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    So, the only way to help the public recognise these types of attacks is to report it in time and raise awareness as soon as possible. 

    How to deal with the Uber Text Scam?

    Majority of the users that have received text messages can put an end to further notices simply by blocking the number. Note that if you reply stop, then there is a good chance that you might be charged for it. So, avoid interacting with the sender instead use other ways of putting an end to it.

    You can also use Spam detection services provided free of cost by some carriers. Blocking the number is hands down the best way to end the constant flooding problem. In case you are still receiving texts, then contact the Uber support team.

    Also, do not forget to report on the FTC portal as well. The instructions to report the scam calls and texts are available on the platform itself. Given how easy it is to navigate the FTC platform, we do not think you will face any sort of issues with it. 

    Set up 2 FA method

    You may or may not have received messages similar to Uber Text Scam. However, it is always a good idea to set 2 FA methods with all of the sites you engage with on a frequent basis. 2 FA is not the end solution to all kinds of attacks. Nonetheless, it is highly efficient and without doubt, it will enhance the security of your profile.

    Just make sure never to reveal codes generated by 2 FA to anyone. Personal information is something only shady entities and crooks are after. From time to time, the crooks might change their approach and come up with some extremely convincing stories.

    Regardless of what the narrative is, never hand them the key to any apps that are synced with your banking information. 

    Uber Text Scam Bottom Line

    Uber Text Scam at the end of the day is a type of smishing attack. The scammers here are trying to make money by pushing the users into replying to the texts. On the other hand, few cyber criminals have even set up phishing pages and are waiting for the public to deliver all the kind of information they want.

    The issue is a serious one, but as long as you stick to the safe browsing practices mentioned above, chances of falling for the trap is very minute. In case you do face monetary loss due to this specific type of spam, then take matters into your own hands.

    Get in touch with our team via the contact form and let them feed you an actionable plan. The best part is, as always, we never charge for any of our services and our commitment towards putting an end to online scams is unparalleled. 

    Have you received messages that are similar to Uber Text Scam? Share your views on the situation by commenting below. 

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