BitIQ Scam Review – Fraudulent Trading Solution

BitIQ is a new hot shot trading solution that claims to have over 90% accuracy. It supposedly uses a short term volatility trading strategy. The 90% win rate showcased by them is purely an exaggeration and that kind of number is never sustainable in reality.

Founders are anonymous and they are not the kind of application anyone should indulge with. Though there are few sources promoting them, people will likely lose all of their money if they make the mistake of trusting this platform.

As expected, their claims are not verifiable and they do not have significant social media presence which means the entire thing is operated from the dark. Given the kind of gimmicks they use, it certainly is not a good thing to believe anything they say without doing your own research.

Remember they have a high level of conflict of interest with the clients. To get enlightened about the way they really operate and the flaws present in their business model, stick with us till the end. 

BitIQ Scam Review
BitIQ Scam Review – Fraudulent Trading Solution

BitIQ Licenses and Founders

BitIQ claims to work with regulated brokers. However, they have not named any of their partners. As we do not know the names of the brokers they peddle, we cannot verify their regulatory status. When it comes to online investing, one should never proceed with unregulated firms as they do not have high standards and safety protocols.

This platform makes bold claims, but hides behind disclaimers and liability clauses. So, do not be under the impression that you will get rich quickly with them because that is never going to happen. Moving on to the management side, the founders of this so-called cutting edge software are unknown.

If this system really made consistent profits, why in the world are they not revealing the identity of the creators? Isn’t it better to sell this kind of algorithm to the banks and earn billions instead of offering it to the public? Just like we said before, the flaws in their narrative are obvious and you should just be patient to spot them. 

How does BitIQ Work?

BitIQ supposedly uses quantum computing and AI to predict crypto swings. It is also said to employ sentiment analysis to make better trades. Looking at their vague explanation, one thing is clear, they certainly have no idea about the way the market works. For starters, no metric or parameter used by the algorithm is revealed.

Risk management measures are not discussed by them and things like hedging and swaps are not even mentioned. Indicators used by them to make decisions are unknown and there is no transparency whatsoever. Drawdown percent is not verifiable and ideal capital amount is also not mentioned.

They promise to help people make millions, but they sell nothing more than dreams. Trading cryptocurrencies are tough and if anyone tries to battle the market without knowing their edge, then he or she will lose their capital in a matter of days and that is the harsh reality. 

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    Win Rate and Profits

    Short term trading strategies are always enticing because they provide quick returns. However, it is indeed hard to find a consistent edge and so far, numerous systems have failed to achieve the desired results. BitIQ promises a 90% win rate which is simply impossible to sustain over the long run.

    Also, on their homepage they say that anyone can become a millionaire by using their software and all they supposedly have to do is reinvest their profits daily. Undoubtedly, the advice given by them is meaningless and it encourages many bad habits such as over-leveraging and over-trading.

    Whenever platforms like this one promise you quick results, look for the solid evidence. If you cannot find tangible data or enough audits of trading history, then do not entertain them for any reason.

    BitIQ Testimonials

    As BitIQ is new, the number of testimonials present isn’t significant enough to derive anything meaningful. We did go over a couple of user reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit and as expected, the consensus reveals the ugly side of the firm.

    At the time of publishing this report, there isn’t much data to be seen. However, things will change in the near future and the truth will find its way to the top of the search engines.

    Keep an eye out on the social media platforms as they can help you recognize the shit in sentiment pretty early. This firm lacks transparency and user input which means the value proposition is non-existent and as such, we should do everything in our power to avoid them. 

    BitIQ Scam or Legit?

    BitIQ is a scam and there are no second thoughts about it. The kind of anonymity they adore speaks volumes about their character. Conflict of interest is sky high and the algorithm’s traits are not revealed. No one appears to have all the data and audits are not made public as well.

    Fake win rate claims along with get rich quick narrative means they are likely to wipe out the user’s capital in a short period of time. As the flaws are easy to see, spread the word by sharing this post and help us educate the masses. 

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    Recover Your Money

    As there are too many trading scams that are similar to BitIQ, retail investors often have a hard time when it comes to recovering money from them. If you are unable to recover money from this platform, then contact us as soon as possible.

    We will show you different options such as wire recalls, chargebacks that can help you get your money back at the earliest. All of our services are free and we are just a few clicks away at all times. 


    BitIQ will never make anyone rich apart from the creators and marketers. Due to way too obvious pitfalls, you need to stay away from them. Going forward, always do solid research about new trading platforms and do not invest in any unregulated entity for any reason. 

    If you have lost money to BitIQ comment below, we will assist you in the recovery process.

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