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Coin360 Scam – It is not What you think

Coin360 Scam is a trending word for quite sometime and the reason behind that is heartbreak to say the least. Scammers are tainting the name of a legitimate platform and are able to flee away from the situation without any serious consequences.

People are falling for the traps set by the cyber criminals because of how realistic the entire set up looks like. Undoubtedly, this fad has to end and the only way to combat the issue is by alerting the public.

On forums like Trustpilot, people have already described their experiences and it shows the kind of gimmicks the crooks have used to trick the masses. Coin360 is aware of the problem and has come out with a statement clarifying things.

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    Sadly, the hustle has not completely stopped yet and people still are suffering from it. If you want to know more about the way this type of online traps work, continue reading. 

    Coin360 Scam


    Scammers love to shadow well established brands, businesses and corporations. Impersonating authoritative organization allows crooks to accomplish their goals in an easy manner. Of course, it is relatively easy to detect the intention of the criminals following this approach.

    Unfortunately, whenever a new narrative is used or a particular brand name is used, things will be overwhelming. As the risks present are enormous, retail investors need to do proper research before making any kind of move.

    Remember, giving sensitive information over phone or text is something that will never do you any good. Always ask questions if you are on the other side of cold calls and until you have verified things, do not be impulsive. While few things such as quick returns and get rich quick claims might be enticing, the reality would often be nothing like the way they advertised.

    Want to be kept updated regarding similar scams?

    Get instant emails when we publish new scam warnings!

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    Coin360 Scam Explained

    People running ponzi schemes and questionable tokens are using the name of Coin360 and are approaching the public. It goes without saying that the actual firm has no connections with the new products and the scammers are simply using the name of an established platform to their advantage.

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    People that receive the calls are under the impression that they are speaking to the official support team of Coin360, but that is not the case. The easiest way to detect scammers is to look at the way they interact with you.

    If anyone is trying to induce urgency or is employing a lot of narratives that are not backed up by data, then be cautious. Lastly, if anyone asks or demands for your confidential information, then stop interacting and raise a complaint immediately. The sooner you report the incident, the easier it is to catch the culprit. 

    Coin360 Scam User Reviews

    Coin360 by itself is a reputable platform. Unfortunately, scammers have tarnished their name and few people till date are not aware of the way things have unfolded.

    Take a look at the comments listed below. Hopefully, you can see the level of confusion that exists at the base level. (Source – Trustpilot)

    Had a call from coin360 this morning from a lady who was very pushy and rude.

    She said, ” you will go on the website and speak to the accounts specialist this, that and the other.

    When I said, I was not interested and didn’t want to waste her time, she answered that I already had and then started to use profane words, and then I hung up. This company and so many others IS A SCAM !!!!

    Nuisance calls from people purporting to be working for this company…

    Stay Safe

    To avoid falling for this kind of trap, never ever reveal personal information to anyone over telephone, text or email. Always, contact the official platform to get the utmost clarity.

    For any reason, if you are confused or overwhelmed, take help from professionals. Also, to be on the safer side, do not input your contact details on websites that aren’t familiar to you.

    Lastly, be patient and do background checks without fail. After all, we cannot take chances with anything nowadays, right?

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    Coin360 is a cool platform that shows a lot of data and visuals about the latest crypto movements. Few scammers have tainted them by using their brand name for the wrong reasons. Though the damage is likely to be minuscule, it is not the type of matter that should be ignored. 

    Can you think of a better way to put an end to Coin360 Scam Perpetrators? If yes, enlighten us in the thread below. 

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