Blox.Army Scam Review – Don’t fall for it!

Blox.Army Scam is a hot topic which has captured the attention of most gamers. The popularity of this platform is breaking new milestones every month and yet something about them just doesn’t feel authentic. There is an undeniable mystery surrounding this portal and if one is not careful enough, chances are he or she might end up losing their time and money.

Free stuff and aggressive promotions are always enticing for the public, but remember to verify the narratives as there are more fake platforms compared to the legitimate ones out there. As far as this platform is considered, it does feature a lot of concerning characteristics which shouldn’t be ignored for any reason.

Before you sign up with them, read our entire analysis to understand their real nature and the reasons as to why you should avoid them at least for the time being.

Blox.Army Scam Review

What is Blox.Army Scam?

In simple terms, Blox.Army is an online robux generator. Gamers around the world use Robux as a currency to buy upgrades and accessories within certain games.

If you login to Blox.Army platform, they advertise easy ways to earn a ton of free virtual currency and on top of the Robux, now users can also directly buy certain products from the interface itself. Everything they say sounds good in theory, but as we anticipated, they never deliver their end of the bargain.

Many users have complained that even after doing a lot of tasks and surveys, they were never paid. Some people are concerned about the way they handle the user data. Given the fact that their platform is new, it is hard to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Moreover, their way of interacting with their clients is also low key which means as far as reliability and tust factor goes, they are below par in every way.

Is Blox.Army Legit or Not?

Blox.Army does not appear to be legit in any way. For starters, their entire firm is doing it’s best to operate anonymously and they are not transparent. We cannot find the details of the owners or any of their employees.

On top of the suspense, they do not provide any contact details except email address and the processing time for any inquiry is unknown. All the major bloggers in the gaming sector have not heard about them and the official Robolox channel has denied any connection with this firm.

After finding ample evidence against them, it is easy for us to say that no one should indulge with this platform for their own safety. We are aware of the fact that this firm carries aggressive offers and promotions which promises a lot of freebies, but you need to understand that everything they do is a gimmick.

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    So, don’t fall for their obvious traps and as a general rule, if you are getting something for free, always double check the sources and try to understand the ground reality instead of acting impulsively. At the end of the day, taking conservative approach will certainly help and it will help you avoid dealing with a lot of hassles.

    Affiliate Program

    Just like we mentioned above, this platform runs a dedicated affiliate program. Anyone who brings people onboard will get fixed commissions and other giveaways. The exact amount of commissions are not put up by them, but in general it might be around 15% to 20%.

    By chance if you come across any positive reviews or feedback about them online, then keep an eye out for the referral links. More importantly, understand that people promoting them are getting paid heavily and certainly they have conflict of interest with the end customers.

    We are not saying that using affiliate model to monetize the traffic is bad, but intentionally causing a loss to people is something which should always be condemned.

    Domain Information

    There appears to be a lot of confusion surrounding the domain names used by this online robux generator. The infamous Blox.Army Scam domain as of writing this review redirects to another site

    While the details of the registrants are hidden, the data available is also scarce as it is less than a week old. On the other hand, we did find some dirt on Blox.Land and the specific details are as follows.

    • Domain –
    • Registered On – 29/05/2018
    • Expiry – 29/05/2024
    • Alexa Global Rank – 89,583
    • Rank in United States – 55,859
    • Target Audience – United States, Indonesia and Australia

    Customer Feedback

    We searched nook and corner of the internet to find any popular forums such as Trustpilot wherein the users have talked about their experience. Sadly, we couldn’t find anything relevant and our search ended in vain. Given the amount of virality Blox.Army got on the web, it is really shocking to see that there is no feedback about them.

    The reputation of any service or product can be accessed by looking at the client feedback. However, as this platform doesn’t seem to have any dedicated space for their users, it is a big red flag which shouldn’t be ignored for any reason. 

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    Blox.Army Scam Review Conclusion

    The entire gaming sector has witnessed a boom in this Covid era and the trend is growing at a phenomenal pace. Sadly, even this fun industry is getting plagued by scams and a lot of people have already lost a considerable amount of money.

    So, don’t entertain bogus platforms like Blox.Army which promises you free funds instead always stick with verified and licensed sources which have been around for a long period of time. After all, every business is based on trust and for any reason if you don’t feel secure and at ease, then do not rush into it.

    As a rule of thumb, do not buy anything on a platform which uses sleazy techniques and creates a sense of urgency, because in most cases it never ends well.

    Did you get any rewards from Blox.Army? Were you scammed by them or not? Share your answers with our readers by leaving a comment.

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