Bequest Com Scam – The Evergreen Hustle

Some things on the internet never changes and that rule largely applies to classic fraud operations like Bequest Com scam. The crooks running this hustle will capture the attention of their victims by portraying themselves as a legit authority who wants to hand them some money under the name of “Wills and other legal proceedings”.

Obviously, people who do not have much information about the threats online will be eager to try their luck and eventually, they will end up losing a lot more than they ever imagined. Criminals running this form of fraud are usually very good at spreading malware and phishing.

Moreover, using history as a guide, their targeting always seems to be on point. To know all the characteristics of this scam, their ways of getting your attention and the process of recovering funds from them, continue reading our report until the very end.

Bequest Com Scam

What is Bequest Com Scam?

Bequest Com scam is a type of fraud wherein the victims get an email stating that they are about to receive a significant amount of money through the Will or Bequest made by people they don’t even know. They make the email look like an error which favors the receiver.

The only catch is the people on the receiving end should fill out a form which can be accessed by clicking the link in the email itself and input their sensitive information. In some cases, the crooks even ask for so-called legal fees and the payment methods preferred by them is Western Union and cryptocurrencies.

If the victim does believe the contents of the email and fills in the details, then he or she would be taking a huge risk and they have a high probability of either losing money or facing much worse things like identity theft.

The very thought of receiving free money is surely exciting for all. However, do not let blind logic overwhelm you, because nothing worth having comes for free in reality. 

Motives and Intentions

Criminals conducting this operation have a lot of ways to use the data given by the victims. They can commit financial fraud, identity theft or apply for loans.

While it is possible to block them in mid way, it usually will be a huge task and certain damages like credit score can’t be fixed immediately. On top of the things we mentioned above, there are few more details you need to grasp about them and they are listed below.

Phishing – As soon as the user clicks the link present in the email, he or she will be forced to put in their contact information along with other confidential information like social security number, government issued ID number, etc,.

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    While it may not seem harmful at first, the criminals will have access to all this information and they can use it to get into not only your bank account, but to every other platform you are indulged with. Basically, they will know everything you are upto and will have complete access over your funds too.

    So, if you ever see unusual activities on your account, then immediately change your passwords and to be on the safer side, always use the 2FA method.

    Identity Theft – Many people would have fallen for this trick and yet until disaster strikes, they won’t even know it. Usually when the crooks get access to your data, they will do anything it takes to make money off of it and that includes selling your data, taking loans using your information and enrolling into an unemployment benefits program or initiatives. 

    Compromised Systems – Lastly, remember that every link from suspicious email will contain malwares which will make all of your connected devices vulnerable. Nowadays, the advancement in technology has enabled hackers to get any data they want from remote locations and unless you are a tech geek, chances are no one will even notice it.

    If you witness unknown programs running in the background or slow performance for no apparent reasons, then it is highly recommended to do a full check. After all, the risks present are surreal and it is better to be safe than sorry.

    How to recover money from Bequest Com?

    There are a lot of ways you can take advantage of to get your money back from the Bequest Com scam, but you should take quick action. As a rule of thumb, first you should contact the bank and explore the options they present. If you made the payment using a credit card, then the recovery process is going to be much easier.

    On the flip side, the debit card transaction can also be recovered. However, the procedure is going to be daunting and complex. A lot of fraudulent platforms are using cryptocurrency payment methods and if you are stuck with one of them, then do not lose hope as there are ways to recover it too.

    For any kind of assistance with regards to recovering funds, use the form below this post and get in touch with our experienced team.

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    Safety Measures

    There is no way to stop any scam online due to the nature of the internet. Fortunately, we can battle them and eradicate them over time by educating the public. Few standard measures everyone needs to adopt in order to staf safe is simple and efficient.

    Firstly, do not engage with unknown emails and platforms. Always keep all of your computers and gadgets updated with the latest software rollouts and do not forget to install antivirus on your devices.

    On top of these steps, keep in mind not to install apps from unknown origins and do not download pirated content as they are the main distributors of malware.


    Bequest Com is a fraudulent operation designed to take money from the public using tempting arguments and presentations. They have already shut down their website and there is no information about their next move. Moreover, they haven’t left any solid clue regarding their whereabouts or identity which means they are really smart.

    So, to ensure your safety online at all times avoid interaction with any website which has low trust ratings and never give your sensitive information to third parties online.

    Did you receive any email from Bequest Com? How would you describe your personal experience with them? Feel free to share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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