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On August 16, 2023, we received the following complaint: I sent BTC to receive ETH, but nothing came to me.

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Domain Information

The domain was registered through NameSilo, LLC on April 16, 2022, updated on April 17, 2023, since it was probably originally registered for just one year. It is currently set to expire on April 16, 2024. The domain is protected by Cloudflare and a privacy service provided by

According to SimilarWeb, is an express cryptocurrency exchanger. It is ranked 1,700,633 globally and 18,190 in Trinidad and Tobago. In July 2023, it received more than 15,000 visits from Trinidad and Tobago, India, and other countries.

It has a 2% SEMrush Authority Score with 197 backlinks from 61 referring domains.

Homepage ( appears to be an express cryptocurrency exchange platform. It allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies quickly and, as claimed, anonymously.

The webpage for appears to be an online platform where users can exchange various cryptocurrencies and digital funds.

On this page, an example shows the exchange rate for Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH).

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    The page showcases a list of recent exchanges with their corresponding amounts, exchange IDs, and statuses, all marked as processed.

    The site’s reserve for currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and several digital fiat options (PayPal USD, Payeer USD, Perfect Money USD) is displayed.

    Red Flags

    1. Anonymity Claim: The website claims to allow users to exchange cryptocurrencies quickly and anonymously. This may attract individuals looking to conduct transactions without traceability, a common feature of potentially fraudulent platforms.
    2. Too Perfect Transaction History: The list of latest exchanges only shows ‘Processed’ statuses, with no record of failed or pending transactions. This might be crafted to portray an overly positive image.

    About Blu-exchanger & Contact Information

    According to their About Us page, the company places high importance on customer satisfaction and aims to resolve customer issues as a priority.

    The “Customer Support Champions” are indicated to be available 24/7 to assist users, and users are instructed to click a chat button at the bottom corner of the page to communicate with customer support.

    The stated office hours are 08:00 – 16:00 Mon-Fri GMT+0.

    The website’s contact section provides a support email ( and a form where visitors can input their name, email address, the subject of their inquiry, and a message.

    Red Flags

    1. Lack of Transparency: There is no information about the owners or operators of the platform or any physical address for the company. This level of anonymity is concerning for a financial services provider.
    2. Limited Contact Information: The only contact information provided is a support email. A legitimate and reputable financial service provider typically provides more contact options, including a phone number and physical office location.
    3. No Regulatory Information: There is no mention of any regulatory body that oversees the platform’s operations, nor is there any evidence of licensure or compliance with any jurisdiction’s financial regulations.
    4. Office Hours Mismatch: The page claims that Customer Support Champions are available 24/7 but then provides specific office hours (08:00 – 16:00 Mon-Fri GMT+0). This is contradictory and may be a sign of misinformation.
    5. No Company Details: The absence of details like a company registration number, VAT/Tax ID, or the company’s legal structure (LLC, Corp, Ltd, etc.) is a concerning omission. This information is standard for legitimate financial service providers to establish trust and credibility.

    Blu-Exchanger FAQ

    An FAQ section at provides information on key aspects of the exchange service:

    1. Express Cryptocurrency Exchange: Defined as an instant cryptocurrency exchange allowing fast and anonymous transactions.
    2. Fixed Exchange Rate: It is confirmed that the platform uses a fixed exchange rate, which matches the rate displayed to the user at the beginning of the exchange, irrespective of any further rate volatility.
    3. Exchange Offer: Users can accept or decline offers made to them through the platform; this decision is final.
    4. Coin Receipt: The coins are received once the transaction gets one confirmation on the blockchain. The process is automatic, and network fees are sent separately in two parts.

    Red Flags

    1. Anonymity of Transactions: The service is described as allowing users to exchange cryptocurrencies “anonymously,” which might attract users intending to engage in illicit activities and may not align with the strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations that legitimate exchanges usually follow.
    2. Network Fees Sent Separately in Two Parts: This practice of sending network fees separately in two parts is unusual and is not standard practice for cryptocurrency exchanges. It could potentially complicate the transaction process for the user and is not explained further.

    Blu-Exchanger Affiliate Program

    Registered users can participate in the Affiliate Program of BluExchanger, earning up to 10% of the difference between the amounts in all exchanges made through their referral link.

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    The profits earned through this program can be withdrawn at any time, and the term for payment of these profits is stated to be from 1 to 5 working days.

    The program works by tracking the ID number of the affiliate when a new user enters through the affiliate’s link. For example, if a user exchanges $100 at a rate where they receive $95, the affiliate would earn 10% of the $5 difference.

    Red Flags

    1. High Commission Rates: While affiliate programs are common, high commission rates can sometimes be used to quickly draw in large numbers of users, resembling a pyramid scheme.
    2. Unusual Profit Scheme: The affiliate program promises profits from the difference in exchange amounts. This could incentivize affiliates to lure customers without considering the risks or terms involved.
    3. Withdrawal Terms Not Clear: The page mentions that “all winnings can be withdrawal at any time you wish” but does not provide details on the process, potential fees, or conditions for these withdrawals, which is typically a standard aspect of legitimate affiliate programs.

    Terms of service

    The terms outline the following key aspects:

    1. User Content License: If users share feedback or other content with the exchange, they grant the exchange a worldwide license to use that content.
    2. Communications: Users agree to receive electronic communications from the exchange and may opt out by contacting support.
    3. Limitation of Liabilities: The exchange disclaims all warranties and limits its liability. It is not responsible for damages beyond the fees paid by the user to the exchange within the preceding 3 months.
    4. Applicable Law and Arbitration: Disputes between the user and the exchange will be resolved by arbitration in Hong Kong under Hong Kong law.

    The contact detail for disputes is The company presumably operates under Hong Kong jurisdiction as per the arbitration clause.

    Red Flags

    1. Unilateral Use of User Content: Users automatically grant the exchange a worldwide license to use any shared content without apparent restrictions. This content becomes part of the public domain as long as it is on the platform and can be used by the exchange for marketing or other purposes at their sole discretion.
    2. Limitation of Liabilities: The exchange disclaims almost all liabilities and warranties, which puts the risk on the users.
    3. Termination Without Notice: The Exchange reserves the right to terminate user accounts immediately without notice under certain conditions, which could leave users without access to their assets.
    4. Arbitration Clause: The terms mandate arbitration in Hong Kong, which could be inconvenient and costly for users in other countries. Users waive the right to commence a class action, class arbitration, representative action, or proceeding against the exchange.
    5. Lack of Regulatory Information: There is no mention of any regulatory authority that oversees the exchange, which is a potential risk for users as there is no stated accountability.
    6. Crypto Assets and Securities Risk: While the exchange takes measures to avoid dealing with assets classified as securities, the responsibility for this classification ultimately falls on the owner of the digital token/coin, not the exchange.

    Blu-Exchanger Reviews

    Trustpilot reviews reveal a worrying level of dissatisfaction towards BluExchanger, with a dismal TrustScore of 2.5/5 based on seven one-star ratings—the lowest score on Trustpilot.

    The dominant sentiment among reviewers is that BluExchanger is a fraudulent operation.

    Users from different countries claim to have lost cryptocurrencies after transacting with the platform. Alex Henderson recounts a devastating monetary loss during a pivotal life moment, while Thomas Wilcox labels BluExchanger as a “scam cryptocurrency exchange”, alleging that user deposits are misappropriated.

    Excoll Akae and Rene testify, sending cryptocurrencies for exchange but not receiving the promised returns, with Akae specifying a 90 USDT loss. Rene also raises suspicions about the platform’s unusually high exchange rates, inferring a scam.

    Compounding these concerns is BluExchanger’s lack of engagement on Trustpilot; their profile is unclaimed and lacks responses to customer grievances.

    Blu Exchanger is under scrutiny for its questionable legitimacy as a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Several concerning indicators emerge in the review:

    • Blu Exchanger advertises unrealistically high exchange rates, promising more cryptocurrency than market values. This is seen as bait to attract users and hints at scam tendencies.
    • The cryptocurrency realm, known for its lucrative yet risky nature due to its volatility and unregulated landscape, has seen a surge in scams. Blu Exchanger’s alluring promises and anonymity fit the mold of such deceptive platforms.
    • The platform lacks clarity on its corporate identity. It claims to be Hong Kong-based, but this is uncertain. Most trustworthy exchanges are open about corporate details, but Blu Exchanger’s opacity raises concerns.
    • With no apparent regulation governing Blu Exchanger, users are left unprotected. If issues arise, they lack formal avenues for complaints or financial safeguards. Cryptocurrency’s inherent anonymity complicates any attempts to reclaim lost funds.
    • Adding to suspicions, Blu Exchanger does not readily offer contact information. Established exchanges usually do, reinforcing the importance of transparency in the crypto domain.’s review casts severe doubts on its legitimacy and safety. The platform is troublingly unregulated, making it inherently unreliable. Unlike regulated firms that protect client funds, unregulated entities like operate in the shadows and can vanish without warning, endangering user investments.

    One significant concern is the missing details about the platform’s leadership and whereabouts. Such opacity can expose users to risks like identity theft. Furthermore,’s grandiose claims of hefty profits scream scam. Often, unregulated platforms entice naive traders with such lofty promises, which seldom come to fruition.

    Another red flag is the platform’s vague customer support and ambiguous contact details. Reputable platforms typically provide robust support and clear contact channels, ensuring trustworthiness. With, the certainty of fund safety is questionable due to its unregulated nature and the missing banking information.

    The review also unveils deceptive tactics that platforms like may employ, especially when users attempt fund withdrawals. Users might face hard-sell techniques, exorbitant withdrawal charges, or even abrupt communication breakdowns, hallmarks of scam operations.

    This review of also raises skepticism about its legitimacy and safety. The website’s digital trust rating is extremely low, indicating potential user risks.

    Negative points include detecting negative reviews online and the owner’s identity hidden in the Whois database. These factors contribute to the platform’s lack of credibility.’s domain creation date is relatively recent, less than two years ago, and its domain expiration date is less than a year away. The fact that the owner’s identity is hidden in the Whois database raises further concerns about transparency.

    BluExchanger is under intense scrutiny in a review that voices strong skepticism about its legitimacy. At the heart of the review is a user’s experience transferring Bitcoin (BTC) to BluExchanger to swap it for Ethereum, only to be met with BluExchanger’s failure to deliver the promised Ethereum. Instead, the platform reportedly asked users for more BTC payments under varying excuses.

    A particularly poignant account comes from a user named Harvey K. Initially introduced to BluExchanger through a supposed Wall Street insider connection, Harvey K believed he was making a wise investment. However, when he tried to withdraw funds, BluExchanger demanded additional ‘tax’ payments, and even after meeting their demands, Harvey K’s funds remained inaccessible. Such behavior aligns with classic scam tactics: ceaseless demands for more money without the intention to release user funds.

    Moreover, BluExchanger’s dubious email address and the absence of a legitimate contact number further cast shadows on its credibility.

    BluExchanger’s credibility is gravely questioned with a meager trust score of 1 out of 100 on Scamadviser, hinting at potential scam activities. Several concerning signs emerge:

    1. Hidden Ownership: The platform’s ownership remains veiled in the WHOIS data, a tactic frequently used by deceitful websites to dodge responsibility.
    2. Low Traffic: Despite its claims of being a notable digital exchange service, its Tranco rank indicates scanty traffic, raising eyebrows.
    3. Questionable Registrar: The site’s registrar is renowned among scam platforms, further amplifying suspicions.
    4. Flagged by Scamadviser: BluExchanger has been directly labeled as a potential scam on Scamadviser, with indications that it might be peddling counterfeit goods.
    5. Anonymous Transactions: The platform permits anonymous dealings, risking users’ ability to reclaim their funds should things go south.
    6. Unfavorable Reviews: A dismal average rating of 1.2 stars from 32 reviews underscores user dissatisfaction and warnings.’s credibility is under scrutiny in this review, with several red flags raised for potential users:

    1. Low Traffic: The site’s Alexa traffic rank is #0, pointing to its unpopularity or a yet-to-be-established reputation. Such low traffic can raise doubts about its credibility.
    2. New Domain: The domain’s age is just a year, which, while not a direct indicator of deceit, can be a potential risk given the lack of extensive user history and feedback.
    3. Email Concerns: The site lacks an email configuration for its domain, a standard feature for genuine online businesses, further raising suspicions.
    4. Mixed Security Feedback: Although some security services have deemed the website safe, Avira, a trusted engine, flagged potential issues. While false positives are rare, this warrants attention.
    5. Uncertain Origin: The website’s operating country remains unclear. There’s added caution against websites, especially those potentially from regions like China, known for hosting numerous counterfeit shops.

    Blu Exchanger is unequivocally labeled a scam in this review.

    People often find Blu Exchanger through ads promising profitable arbitrage trading, particularly a scheme to buy Ethereum with Bitcoin below its true value. The idea is to resell the Ethereum at a higher rate on another platform, such as Changelly.

    However, this is exposed as a deceitful trap. After users deposit their cryptocurrency expecting substantial returns, Blu Exchanger allegedly confiscates these deposits. Victims also report being asked for an additional “processing fee” to get their original deposit back – a return that reportedly never materializes.

    The review depicts Blu Exchanger as a predatory scam, exploiting individuals with promises of substantial crypto profits, seemingly just a front for theft.

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    In this review, BluExchanger is starkly warned against due to its high-risk nature. Based on an in-depth evaluation of 53 factors, the platform receives an alarming trust rating of 0.6 out of 100, coupled with concerning tags like “High-Risk,” “Phishing,” and “Beware.”

    While BluExchanger claims affiliation with the exchange industry, the review speculates it to be a guise to appear legitimate. Scam Detector’s algorithm reveals alarming signs of phishing and spam activities, with BluExchanger having a 100/100 proximity to other suspicious sites.

    Complaints We Received

    On September 2, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    I used to exchange BTC for ETH. I sent the site 0.0019846 BTC and was expecting to receive 0.14 ETH in my wallet, but nothing happened. I reviewed the confirmation email and clicked on a link, which took me to another Blu-Exchanger page. This page said I needed to send an additional 0.0020154 BTC in order to receive my exchanged amount in Ethereum.

    According to the site, I had supposedly agreed to update my total to 0.004 BTC in exchange for receiving 0.35 ETH (the new amount). The problem is that I never agreed to update my investment for the exchange. Now they’re saying that I will lose my initial investment of 0.0019846 BTC if I don’t send the additional amount to make it a total of 0.004 BTC.

    Blu-Exchanger Review Conclusion

    In light of the comprehensive examination presented across multiple platforms and sources, the credibility and legitimacy of BluExchanger stand on shaky ground.

    Numerous red flags have been raised, ranging from opaque operational information and questionable ownership details to disturbing user testimonials that consistently echo experiences of deceit.

    What is particularly concerning is the harmonious conclusion from different review platforms, most of which underscore the platform’s high-risk nature and potential for scam activities.

    Even in an industry known for its volatility and risk, BluExchanger is a potentially hazardous entity.

    Potential users and investors must approach such platforms cautiously and prioritize their safety by sticking to established, transparent, and regulated exchanges.

    Digital transactions, particularly those involving cryptocurrencies, require vigilance and discernment, and the collective information suggests that entrusting assets with BluExchanger could be a perilous endeavor.

    Please comment below if you have fallen victim to online scams. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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