NovaTechFX Review – For Victims of the NovaTech Scam

In recent times, the financial markets have seen a plethora of trading platforms emerging, each promising stellar returns and unparalleled services. One such name that has caught the attention of both seasoned investors and newcomers alike is NovaTech FX. As the focus of this NovaTechFX review, we aim to provide a comprehensive look into what this platform is, its offers, and its recent developments.

NovaTech FX presents itself as a cutting-edge forex trading platform, leveraging advanced technologies to deliver optimal trading experiences to its users. The platform prides itself on transparent operations, high liquidity, and robust security measures. Over the past months, NovaTech FX has made notable strides in expanding its service offerings, securing partnerships, and enhancing its technological infrastructure. These developments have garnered both acclaim and scrutiny from the financial community.

Yet, as with all trading platforms, it’s essential to look beyond the glossy exterior and delve deep into its operations, promises, and delivery. This review is geared toward giving prospective users and curious onlookers a well-rounded view of NovaTech FX, ensuring they make informed decisions based on facts and thorough analysis.

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NovaTechFX Review: Background and Company Information

In the ever-evolving landscape of forex trading platforms, understanding the roots and history of a company is paramount. It gives potential investors an idea of the platform’s credibility and offers insights into its growth trajectory and the people steering its course.

In this section, we delve into the background and foundational aspects of NovaTech FX. We’ll uncover its origins, the visionaries behind its inception, and the milestones shaping its journey.

History and Main Events Leading Up to NovaTech FX’s Exit-Scam

NovaTech FX embarked on its journey with the promise of revolutionizing the forex trading world. The platform gained traction rapidly in its early days, attracting investors with its lucrative returns and innovative trading features. As it soared in popularity, it also garnered attention for its aggressive marketing strategies and referral programs, which seemed too good to be true for many seasoned investors.

However, as the months progressed, there were noticeable signs of strain. Frequent website downtimes, delays in withdrawal processes, and increasing user complaints began to tarnish its once-sterling reputation. Many industry experts and reviewers pointed to a lack of transparency in NovaTech FX’s operational model and raised concerns about its sustainability.

The turning point came when key leaders and promoters started distancing themselves from the platform, some publicly denouncing their association. This and mounting regulatory pressures and warnings from financial watchdogs globally (here’s an example) further heightened suspicions.

The final blow was when NovaTech FX temporarily suspended user withdrawals, citing technical issues and server upgrades. But as days turned into weeks, it became evident that the platform was on the brink of collapse. Users who had invested significant sums were left in the lurch, with little to no communication from the company. A series of accusations, lawsuits, and public outcries followed as it became clear that NovaTech FX was embroiled in what is now infamously known as one of the most notable exit scams in forex trading history.

Reference to Founders: Cynthia and Eddy Petion

Cynthia and Eddy Petion, the driving forces behind NovaTech FX, were once revered figures in forex trading. Hailing from backgrounds unrelated to the intricate world of finance, their ascent to the forefront of this volatile industry was nothing short of remarkable. With her knack for strategic planning and business development, Cynthia, and Eddy, with his charismatic leadership and vision, seemed to have found the perfect synergy to propel NovaTech FX to new heights.

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    In the initial stages, the Petions were celebrated for their commitment to creating a platform democratizing forex trading. They frequently appeared in promotional events, webinars, and interviews, emphasizing their mission to make forex accessible to the masses. Their personal stories, intertwined with tales of perseverance and ambition, often resonated deeply with their audience.

    However, as the shadows of doubt and controversy engulfed NovaTech FX, the spotlight on the Petions intensified. Many began questioning their real intentions and the authenticity of their narratives. Were they genuine innovators or mere puppeteers in a larger scheme?

    The aftermath of the exit scam saw the Petions retreating from the public eye, leaving a trail of unanswered questions. The once-celebrated duo is now at the center of numerous investigations and lawsuits. Their legacy, which could have been an inspirational tale of innovation in forex trading, is now marred with skepticism and distrust, serving as a cautionary tale for many in the industry.

    Details of the Company’s Promises vs. Actual Follow-Throughs

    NovaTech FX, in its inception, painted a picture of high returns and unmatched forex trading opportunities. The company’s marketing efforts were characterized by flashy presentations, promising consistent daily returns, and a foolproof trading algorithm. The allure of passive income enticed thousands, and the platform was lauded as a revolutionary step in democratizing the forex market.

    However, as time progressed, cracks began to appear in the facade. While NovaTech FX boasted transparency and reliability, users began reporting payout inconsistencies. Initially dismissed as minor technical glitches, these instances became alarmingly frequent. Promised returns were often delayed, and in some cases, users could not access their principal amounts.

    The company’s response to these growing concerns further fueled the flames of doubt. Rather than providing clarity, NovaTech FX offered vague explanations, often citing “system upgrades” or “market volatility” as reasons for payout disruptions. These issues were supposedly temporary, yet they persisted and grew in magnitude.

    The breaking point for many came when NovaTech FX announced a sudden pause on all payouts. This “temporary” pause, they claimed, was to ensure the long-term stability of the platform. But trust eroded as days turned into weeks, with no resumption in sight. Many users felt trapped, their investments held hostage with no clarity on when they would see their money again.

    Ultimately, the disparity between NovaTech FX’s grand promises and its actual follow-through became starkly evident. The dream of passive forex income became a nightmare of locked funds and broken trust for countless investors.

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    Major Incidents & Red Flags

    • An announcement by NovaTech FX about ceasing payouts.
    • Claims of miscalculations in commissions.
    • Non-receipt of weekly returns by investors.
    • NovaTech FX’s withdrawal issues and the open secret about unpaid withdrawal requests.
    • Unfulfilled promises to refund Canadian investors.
    • Absence from regulatory hearings in Ontario.
    • NovaTech’s pivot to new recruitments and subsequent banning of US and Canadian clients.
    • Statistics: US and Canada accounting for 75% of NovaTech FX’s website traffic in April 2023.

    Snapshot of NovaTech FX’s Downfall

    NovaTech FX, once heralded as a beacon in the forex trading realm, quickly became mired in controversies and alarming indicators of impending failure. One of the first major red flags was the company’s unexpected announcement that they would be halting all payouts, catching many investors off-guard. This decision, explained away as a necessary step for platform stability, soon began to raise eyebrows as whispers of commission miscalculations surfaced.

    Many investors, promised consistent weekly returns, found their accounts stagnant, with their expected profits nowhere in sight. This, compounded by prevalent issues surrounding withdrawals, was a major cause for concern. An increasing number of users reported unpaid withdrawal requests, with the problem becoming so rampant that it was almost an open secret among the community.

    Canadian investors, in particular, found themselves at the raw end of the deal. Despite NovaTech FX’s assurances of refunds for these investors, many remained uncompensated. The company’s commitment to transparency was further questioned when they were conspicuously absent from regulatory hearings held in Ontario.

    In a move that shocked many, instead of addressing these glaring issues, NovaTech FX shifted its focus to recruiting new members. Even more perplexing was the company’s decision to suddenly ban clients from the US and Canada, two regions which, interestingly, accounted for a staggering 75% of their website traffic in April 2023. This pivot, rather than restoring faith, only served to heighten suspicions.

    Events Leading to the Collapse


    • Selling of Florida home by Cynthia and Eddy Petion in May 2022.
    • Fraud warning from the Central Bank of Russia in August 2022.
    • Claims of FBI audit in October 2022.
    • Withdrawal problems post fraud warnings.
    • California’s DFPI fraud warning in November 2022.
    • Directives to investors to hide evidence of fraud.
    • Disabling withdrawals in February 2023 and unmet promises.
    • NovaTech FX securities fraud warning in March 2023.
    • Fines and other incidents leading up to the collapse in April 2023.

    NovaTech FX’s Downward Spiral

    NovaTech FX’s collapse did not happen overnight. It culminated in significant events, each contributing to its ultimate downfall. This unraveling began in May 2022, when founders Cynthia and Eddy Petion decided to sell their Florida home. The move might have appeared innocuous at the time, but in retrospect, many view it as an early sign of financial trouble within the company.

    By August 2022, international alarm bells began to ring. The Central Bank of Russia issued a fraud warning against NovaTech FX, marking the beginning of a slew of following warnings. Two months later, in October, the company asserted that they were undergoing an FBI audit. While designed to inspire confidence, this claim only fueled more skepticism and worry among the investment community.

    Withdrawal issues intensified after these fraud warnings. By November 2022, another major blow was dealt with California’s Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI), echoing a fraud warning against NovaTech FX. This deepened mistrust and led to the company making desperate moves. One of the most damning was the directive issued to investors, urging them to hide any evidence that could be construed as fraudulent activities.

    February 2023 saw the company take a drastic measure: disabling withdrawals. They paired this with promises to rectify issues, promises that remained unfulfilled. The subsequent month witnessed the issuance of a securities fraud warning against NovaTech FX.

    The final nail in the coffin came in April 2023. A combination of hefty fines and other damning incidents signaled the end of NovaTech FX’s tumultuous journey. Each event in this year-long timeline contributed piece by piece to the company’s ultimate and inevitable collapse.

    Current Status of Founders and Other Key Individuals: The Disappearing Act

    In the aftermath of the NovaTech FX debacle, the whereabouts of its key figures remain shrouded in mystery, leaving thousands of investors clamoring for answers and justice. The founders, Cynthia and Eddy Petion, are at the epicenter of this enigma. Following the company’s highly publicized collapse, the duo appears to have vanished without a trace. Their digital footprints have grown silent, which were once active and boisterous, promoting their venture. The lack of communication and public appearances has only amplified the suspicions surrounding their role in the entire saga.

    Similarly, another significant player associated with NovaTech FX, Ricardo Roy Jr., has also seemingly evaporated from the public eye. As an executive insider, Roy was intricately involved in many of the company’s operations and had significant influence. His sudden and unexplained absence further accentuates the air of deceit and malfeasance that now engulfs NovaTech FX’s legacy. Rumors and speculations abound, with some suggesting that these individuals might be hiding, while others ponder if they’ve assumed new identities or fled the country altogether.

    These disappearances have not only added to the intrigue but also to the frustration of those affected. Investors and regulators alike are left with mounting questions, and the hope of retribution seems more elusive with each passing day.

    The disappearance of these key individuals is a chilling reminder of the unpredictable nature of high-risk ventures and the lengths people might go to evade accountability. As investigations continue, many are holding onto the hope that the truth about the Petions and Ricardo Roy Jr. will eventually surface, shedding light on one of the most talked-about collapses in the financial sector.

    Public Responses and Reactions

    • Collection of public comments and experiences:
    • Difficulties in logging into accounts.
    • Questions about potential legal actions.
    • General sentiments and disappointments from the investment community.
    • Highlights of members regretting getting their families involved.

    The Voices of Disillusioned Investors

    The fallout from NovaTech FX’s collapse was not only felt in financial terms but echoed loudly in the personal testimonials and public reactions of its dismayed investors. Once brimming with optimism and hope, the online forums soon became platforms for sharing grievances, frustrations, and tales of woe.

    One of the most immediate issues faced by investors was the difficulty in accessing their accounts. Numerous complaints flooded online platforms, indicating that either the system had crashed or there was an intentional lockdown. For many, this was their first inkling that something was amiss, a small ripple before the tidal wave of bad news.

    As the extent of the company’s deceit unfolded, questions about potential legal actions became prevalent. Investors were not only seeking to recoup their losses but also wanted those responsible to be held accountable. Lawyers’ websites and financial advice forums began to see an uptick in traffic, with many users inquiring about the feasibility of class-action lawsuits or individual legal pursuits against NovaTech FX.

    But perhaps the most poignant of all reactions were the raw emotions and sentiments expressed by the investment community. Feelings of betrayal, anger, and disappointment were the recurring themes in countless comments. Many lamented their misplaced trust in what they believed was a promising venture. A particularly heart-wrenching trend was members expressing profound regret over involving their families in the investment, inadvertently dragging loved ones into the financial mire.

    The public’s response to NovaTech FX’s downfall paints a picture of broken trust, shattered dreams, and the harrowing reality that in high-stakes investments, all that glitters is not gold.

    Regulatory and Legal Implications: The Downfall of Bypassing the Law

    Securities fraud, a term often associated with elaborate financial schemes that deceive investors, became central to the discussions surrounding NovaTech FX’s activities. At the heart of this is the company’s alleged involvement in luring investors with false promises and inaccurate representations of returns, a classic hallmark of fraudulent financial enterprises.

    The crux of securities fraud lies in its name: the wrongful handling of securities. In the case of NovaTech FX, the allegations suggest that the company may have misled investors about the nature and safety of their investments, which is a grave violation of securities laws in many jurisdictions. The legal implications of such actions can range from hefty fines to imprisonment, depending on the scale of the deceit and the jurisdiction’s regulations.

    Adhering to financial regulations isn’t just a formality; it’s a foundational aspect of maintaining investor trust and ensuring financial market stability. When companies bypass these regulations, as NovaTech FX is accused of, they not only jeopardize their operations but also put the funds of their unsuspecting investors at risk.

    The discussion around NovaTech FX’s possible operation as a Ponzi scheme adds to the legal complexity. The structure, where returns to earlier investors are paid using the capital of newer ones, is unsustainable and eventually leads to collapse when new investments slow down. Legal experts and financial analysts examining the company’s modus operandi have pointed out similarities to this fraudulent structure, which can carry severe criminal consequences. Review (Domain Information) was registered on June 17, 2019, updated on April 20, 2022, and is set to expire on June 17, 2026. Cloudflare protects it. The Registrar is Ionos Se and/oe 1&1 Internet Inc. The hosting provider is RackSpace.

    According to SimilarWeb, is a domain belonging to “NovaTech, ltd” or “NovaTechFX,” a company headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, United States. Its global rank is 68,979, and 17,183 in the United States. Category rank is 244 in Finance > Finance – Other (In United States). In July 2023, it received more than 775,000 visitors from the United States, Canada, France, Mexico, South Africa, and other countries.

    Its SEMrush Authority Score is 39%, with almost 100,000 backlinks from ~1,300 referring domains.

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    NovaTechFX Reviews: What the Public Says

    Inside the NovaTechFX Review on SiteJabber

    NovaTech FX faces a rising tide of complaints from disgruntled clients voicing adverse experiences. Pamela Sawyer’s attempts to contact the company have been met with prolonged silence. Eric J. likens the company to a pyramid scheme, criticizing its questionable operations and lack of accountability. Lucy F. highlights the company’s deceptive actions, notably non-payment of withdrawals. Similarly, Tim P. bemoans the company’s poor customer service, while No N. warns of the company freezing assets and holding funds. S. G. outright labels NovaTech FX a scam, echoing the sentiment of others like Ronnie D. and Donalyn S., who cite issues with withdrawals and declining service quality.

    Karen M. regrets her investment, condemning the company’s management, and Shary M. describes her experience as the worst, pointing to withdrawal and communication issues. Amir S.’s claims of fraudulent behavior are supported by an official order from California’s state, and Nadia M. speaks of halted ROI payments and poor communication. Anon a. warns of the company’s tendency to alter terms unilaterally. Collectively, these accounts underline NovaTech FX’s failure to process withdrawals, lack of communication, and unpredictable policy changes, leading many to brand it as a scam or fraud.

    Trustpilot’s NovaTechFX Review Highlights

    Recently, several customers have voiced their concerns about Novatechfx. Yvonne Wright from the US rated the company 1 out of 5, mentioning a withdrawal she made in August 2023, which she never received. She even used biblical references to convey her sense of betrayal. Jean Jacko from South Africa also gave a 1-star rating, highlighting the company’s unregulated nature, stopping withdrawals, and advising potential investors to avoid Novatech.

    S K from the UK, similarly disappointed, expressed shock over lost savings meant for his children’s education. In a review from August 10, Gade SA from the US labeled Novatechfx a scam after not receiving a deposit from the previous year. In an updated review, Johan Olwage from South Africa cautioned that might be compromised and warned about another site, Novatech 2.

    Chris Nelson from the US succinctly stated that money invested in the company might not be recoverable. All these testimonials underscore significant issues with Novatechfx, with each reviewer cautioning against involvement with the firm.

    NovaTech FX Reviews from the Facebook Group

    The Facebook Group titled “Novatech Scam – Now What!?” has amassed a membership of 3.6K individuals. The primary intent of this group is to illuminate the alleged fraudulent activities of Novatech and those promoting it.

    Within the group’s discussions, Violette Bledsoe highlighted that the most significant Novatech Group on Facebook has been suspended by its administrator. This unexpected move raised her curiosity, questioning the rationale behind not permanently removing the group. In the ensuing discourse, Charles Black theorized that the preservation of the group might be a strategy by the admins to retain members’ contact information, potentially for recruiting them into subsequent scams. Kent Brown lent weight to this theory, noting that he knows one of the group leaders currently orchestrating their fifth scam.

    A different thread initiated by Gordon Chau sought clarity on whether any member had successfully withdrawn funds from their respective trading accounts. Dave Kramer responded with a grim outlook, intimating that the Novatech operation has met its demise, dashing hopes of future withdrawals.

    Pamela Sawyer shed light on the emergence of a successor, Novatech 2.0, which surfaced after the original platform faced security breaches. While she acknowledges the existence of her funds in her account, she expressed apprehension about an additional deposit of 30% to facilitate access to her funds. Pamela’s concerns were amplified by conflicting testimonials about the authenticity of claims surrounding fund retrievals.

    Steven Applebee, another group member, voiced his long-standing suspicions about the legitimacy of Novatech. He recounted his year-long crusade in cautioning others, a journey met with skepticism and animosity.

    Lastly, in the quest for more concrete evidence, Mikey Wong made an investigative plea, inquiring if any member knew about Novatech’s wallet address. Mark Cheng, however, questioned the utility of such information, wondering about its potential application.

    Complaints We Received

    On August 24, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    Lost $5,000 in one account and $3,000 in a second account; attempted to recover the funds but had no luck.

    On August 29, 2023, we received another complaint:

    I invested over $200,000 in Novatech.

    On November 2023, we received the following complaint:

    I became involved with a program called ‘NovaTech FX,’ where I invested in Bitcoin for trading purposes. They ceased payments to their members almost a year ago. In total, I have invested at least $3,300 with them, which I am now unable to access. The CEO of this company is Rev. Cynthia Petion.

    On January 6, 2024, we received the following complaint:

    I invested in a company named NovaTech FX, whose CEO is Cynthia Petion. I invested a minimum of $2000 in Bitcoin. However, the company has ceased operations, and as a result, I am unable to access my funds.

    On June 4, 2024, we received the following complaint:

    When I was 17, my mother and her boyfriend offered me a chance to join NovaTech, and they would fund the account for me. I lost about $10,000, my mom lost about $20,000, and her boyfriend lost about $20,000. I want to raise awareness about this company and will do anything to make the owners pay for what they have done to me and many others. NovaTech is a scam.

    BBB Complaints

    On January 16, 2024, a victim shared their harrowing experience of losing $8000 to this scam. Here are the key details:

    Scammer Information:

    • Location: Boca Raton, FL- 33431
    • Email:
    • Phone: (904) 944-6682
    • Website:

    The scam involves enticing individuals with promises of high returns on cryptocurrency investments. Victims are often lured in through seemingly legitimate events or presentations. Once invested, victims receive fake statements and invoices, leading them to believe their money is growing. However, they find themselves abandoned when attempting to withdraw funds as the company is under investigation.

    Conclusion: Key Takeaways from Our NovaTechFX Review

    Thank you for reading our NovaTechFX review.

    The downfall of NovaTech FX highlights the risks of financial markets, especially when based on unclear claims. It reminds us that if an investment seems too good to be true, it often is.

    In the digital age, thoroughly researching investment opportunities is crucial. The NovaTech FX saga emphasizes the importance of careful and informed investment decision-making.

    If you’ve faced significant losses in crypto with NovaTechFX, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

    Please comment below this NovaTech review if you have fallen victim to the NovaTech scam. Did you suffer a substantial financial loss? Do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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      I a m one of Novatechfx victim, with 6000$ investment lost.i am having hard time because I start my life investment in fresh.
      First I have to pay the bank.Cynthia Petion was trusted for being God servant.

      1. Hello Kieyele,

        We’re truly sorry to hear about your experience with NovaTechFX. It’s particularly challenging when such incidents impact your life and financial stability. Your situation is not uncommon, and we understand the distress it can cause.

        CNC Intelligence, a reputable company known for its expertise in cryptocurrency tracing and assistance with asset recovery cases, has been notified of your situation and will be in touch with you soon. They are recognized for their success in aiding victims of financial fraud, especially in intricate cases related to cryptocurrency.

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