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Forex, stocks and cryptocurrency markets are very liquid and with an enormous size, they do present a lot of opportunities to make money. While most people jump on to the financial sector blindly, you need to know that over 99% of the day traders lose money and it is a fact.

Nowadays, many people are attracted towards financial markets due to the leverage provided by the brokers and many scammers are using this window of opportunity to make money by looting naive people.

In today’s article, we are going to be exposing a viral ponzi program which is guaranteed to go down very soon and the name of that platform is This firm advertises a return of upto 2,000% after 120 days.

If you have reasonable experience with the financial sector, then you already know that this kind of profits is imaginary and is never possible to achieve in the real world.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not understand the mechanics of the market and that’s exactly why you should go through this post which will enlighten you about their real agendas. Review

Legal Status and Contact Details

The financial sector and investment hubs are regulated in most developed countries. To raise money from the people, a firm needs to hold pepper licenses or else the consequences are severe to say the least.

This platform claims to be regulated and they even have the audacity to feature a registration certificate on their website. Regardless of the kind of so-called documents shown by this firm, do not buy into their claims because it is nothing more than a trap.

There is a lot of difference between being registered and being regulated. Moreover, we ran a thorough search on the database of the FCA and the evidence clearly shows that their operational model is illegal.

In case, if you are wondering, know that there is no information about the owners of this company and by now, we think you have realized the reasons as to why they are keeping a low profile. There are a few contact details put up by them, but for the most part the real mode of communication is done through email and that makes it difficult to track them down.

Address – 50 Lower Thames Street, London, United Kingdom, EC3R 5BU.

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    Email – Business Model claims to be active in the forex, stocks and cryptocurrency markets. They claim to use different versatile trading strategies to make enormous profits from the market. After reading the entire narrative on their website, we still couldn’t understand their actual methods due to the vague data provided.

    For starters, the win rate of their strategy is unknown. They don’t offer demo accounts to the users. Lastly, the name of the fund managers is also kept confidential. In other words, there is no hard core data provided by them and there is no way to try out their services without putting your money at risk.

    Given the kind of traits exhibited by this firm, it definitely is not a good idea to give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, they have nothing to lose and they can and will disappear with the money at any time. Trading any instrument involves significant risks and unless you have a proven strategy, you just won’t be able to survive in the sector for long.

    Profits Advertised

    This platform claims to generate returns ranging from 0.5% daily to over 2,000% after 120 days. At this phase, anyone and everyone can become filthy rich within a few short years. Investment Plans

    Sadly, the world doesn’t work in that way and the numbers showcased by them are just false. Most scams online feature big numbers only to capture your attention. If you ever let greed get the best out of you, then know that you will never ever get your money back.

    Most investment banks rarely reach 30% returns on an annual basis. So, if anyone claims to beat them by a huge margin without showing any proof, then never entertain any offer from them.

    Website Info

    Just like we do with every review, we ran a check on the domain names to trace out the real owners. Sadly, we couldn’t find them as their information was hidden which means the people running this scheme are both clever and professional. Nonetheless, we have gathered the following details about their operation.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • Domain –
    • Registration Date – 10/01/2020
    • Expiry – 10/01/2025
    • Alexa Global Rank – 31,258
    • Rank in Egypt – 1,471
    • Target Audience – Egypt, Madagascar and Nigeria

    Affiliate Program

    British Fx Funds offers an attractive affiliate program wherein the promoters get upto 10% of the revenue amount they drive onto the platform.

    The main reason as to why this kind of fake investment schemes get popular on the web is because of the cash incentives they provide to the peddlers.

    If you see any kind of positive review on this website, then know that obviously it is a trap and whoever is running that underlying site or channel is intentionally pushing you towards losing your money. Think from their perspective, at the end of the day both the creators and marketers have nothing to lose, right? Review Conclusion is without a shadow of doubt a ponzi program. They raise money from the people pretending to be investment services, but in reality they have nothing to do with the markets. Their main model is to use the money from the new participant to pay out the old ones and pocket something on top for themselves.

    Clearly, the flaws present makes their scheme unsustainable over the long term and they will inevitably crash and burn in the near future.

    While the idea of making easy money is attractive and tempting to all of us, do not let greed blind you from seeing the truth. As far as this platform is considered, never deal with them in any way because sooner or later you will regret your decision if you trust them with your money.

    Have you lost money to ponzi program? Let us know your side of the story below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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