Zion Finance Review – Modern Investment Scam!

Do you like to earn at least 15% monthly without lifting a finger? Are you aware that most investment firms and banks rarely make a profit of more than 30% on an annual basis?

Today, we are going to talk about an investment firm (Zion Finance LTD) which claims to make all its clients filthy rich. They are the ones who have the courage to guarantee the profits which is just impossible in the financial sector.

Moreover, they claim to be involved with a ton of activities in and around the liquid and lucrative markets. During our investigation, we didn’t find any details about the founders or the real owners of the company. However, we did find a lot of information about their agendas which is outright illegal to say the least.

Making money online is everyone’s dream nowadays, but before you decide to try out any service, always make sure that it’s reputable and fully licensed. At the end of the day, given the number of rising scams, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Zion Finance Review

Legality, Fund managers and Certificates

Financial markets, real estate ventures for the most part are regulated in the UK. Any organisation which raises money from the public for high risk investment opportunities should be under the radar of the Financial Conduct Authority. Zion Finance LTD claims to be regulated in the UK and Hong kong.

For newbie investors, the certificate showcased on their website might be convincing enough. However, know that all of their claims are a fancy trap designed to instill trust among the public. Most of the well known investment solutions always maintain a transparent relationship with the investors and that includes the information of the fund managers.

This firm hasn’t shared any details regarding their trading process or the team members working for them and that is a huge red flag. Clearly, they are operating in a mysterious manner and are smart enough to avoid getting caught.

On their platform, they do feature a couple of physical addresses, but the primary mode of communication between the clients and the firm will be done through email. In short, they have taken every necessary step to remain as anonymous as possible.

How does Zion Finance Work?

We know the answer to this question, but chances are most newbies don’t. So, continue reading the detailed review to know how this Zion Finance scam works. According to their About Us section, they are involved with providing credit facilities to big companies, trading the commodity market, real-estate deals and venture capital deals.

However, when it comes to specific details, there is nothing relevant found on their website. All of the information provided by these crooks are vague and some of it are outright lies. The only reason this firm is using the name of various popular sectors is to attract all kinds of audiences and make more money in terms of revenue.

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    We searched every nook and corner of their platform to find any hard core evidence such as trading history, broker statements. Just like every other fake platform out there, we didn’t find any credible information.

    Each and every financial sector presents us with a lot of opportunities, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy. So, always be cautious while dealing with new sectors and if you are being presented with too good to be true offers, then run the other way.

    Returns promised by Zion Finance

    Nowadays, the internet scams are getting smart and have deviated from high pressure marketing tactics to subtle yet aggressive campaigns. This company claims to generate anywhere between 0.2% to 0.50% daily.

    At first glance, this number might seem easily achievable for many people, but do the math. 0.5% daily amounts to a staggering 182% yearly which is just insane and unsustainable in the markets.

    As traders and investors, it is important to set realistic goals and build long term wealth. On the flip side, whenever you see the get rich quick kind of claims made by this firm, then never bother to indulge with them, because the risk of losing your entire capital is inevitable.

    Referral Program

    Have you ever wondered how scams gain popularity on the web? It is mainly due to the cash incentives they present to the marketers aka referral program. The creators of the scheme understand very well that they need boatloads of traffic to remain afloat for long.

    Zion Finance Referral Program

    So, to conquer their objectives, they partner with shady affiliate networks wherein each part is working for their own benefits. At the end of the day, the only person to carry the entire risk on their shoulders will be the clients and when the scheme falls, they will lose all of their funds.

    Now, as you know the reason behind all the exaggerated review sites, we hope you will be careful if you ever land on one of them.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Website Roundup

    This section will help you in understanding the kind of customers or people targeted by the firm. Using tools such as whois.com and alexa.com, we found out that they are mainly after people located in Russia, Egypt and Bangladesh.

    Their website gets a ton of traffic and on the popularity index, they rank 77,419 worldwide. We did try to trace out the identity of the using domain registrant details. However, we failed to do so as the details were hidden which indicates that people running this scheme have experience.

    Zion Finance Review Conclusion

    Zion Finance is a glorified high yield investment program. It may initially pay few people to gain trust, but ultimately they will loot their clients.

    Moreover, as they mainly accept cryptocurrencies, it will be a herculean task to trace them out or recover your funds. So, don’t make the mistake of trusting them regardless of the offers they present, because it is nothing more than a fairy tale.

    Have you heard about Zion Finance? If yes, then share your opinions about them below and help us in creating awareness about these kinds of scammers.

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