Brokers Apex Review – Weird Entity Ever

Brokers Apex claims to be a cryptocurrency brokerage that is regulated by CySec. For unknown reasons, they have not revealed their registration number and our findings about the reality of the situation were as expected nasty. People working for this firm are unknown, though they boast about their accuracy rates and trading signals, none of the things they mention are audited.

Moreover, names of the so called experts are also not made public. Their platform looks a bit outdated and it lacks a lot of data about the basic things regarding the trading conditions. Leverage offered by them is decent, but without knowing other parameters, it certainly won’t be worth your time to trade with them.

Note that they accept payments only through cryptocurrencies and the lack of fiat options is undoubtedly a deal breaker for many retail clients. Trading Bitcoin or any other altcoin might seem appealing at first. However, the risk present in them is way too high and if you are stuck with illiquid coins, then consequences might be severe.

So, always consult financial advisers before venturing into the sector and do not invest in things that you do not understand. Also, before trying out any of the services offered by this platform, read this unbiased review and then make an informed decision.

Brokers Apex Review

Are they Regulated?

The importance of regulation in the world of trading cannot be stressed enough. One might argue that offshore brokers offer high leverage and a ton of other associated fancy things and tools. Nonetheless, the key thing unregulated firms compromise on is the security of the capital and maintaining a fair trading environment for everyone.

Thanks to the technological revolution, regulatory bodies are now quick to recognise scams and act on the information at hand. Sadly, due to the sheer size of the markets and the demand curve, it is not possible for them to shut down every fake platform out there. Brokers Apex claims to be CySec regulated, but there is not even a single piece of data to back up their claim.

We researched in-depth about their certificates, but as there was no relevant data to be found, it is safe to assure that they are operating without any credible licenses. So, people have to be very careful with them and our suggestion to you is to avoid dealing with them altogether just to be on the safer side.

Team behind Brokers Apex

This platform flaunts their trading activities in the most exaggerated way possible. They talk about the kind of freedom the market offers, the profit potential, trading signals and much more. The strange thing about their narration is that they have not adored the concept of transparency in any way.

Even their domains are registered anonymously and the information about the fund managers are not made public. Some legitimate authorities also do not feature personal details for privacy concerns. However, scam platforms love to maintain a low profile only for one reason and that is to get away from the situation without creating much heat.

Right now, we do not have anything to prove that this platform is an outright fraud, but their behaviour is shady and they do display a lot of red flags. Think for a minute, don’t you feel like they are hiding a few things on purpose?

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    Isn’t the number of uncertainties surrounding their operation unusually high compared to others in the sector? Getting started with the cryptocurrencies is undeniably an exciting thing, but do not let the enthusiasm affect your rational reasoning and decision making process. 

    Available Pairs and Leverage

    On their website, they do display a few widgets related to cryptocurrency trading. The pairs shown on the homepage are all mainstream coins and at the time of publishing this post were posing tremendous returns. General public are always enticed by the narratives whenever they see good numbers on the screen. However, you need to know that while the bull run may be real, the thing to focus on is the risk management side and nothing else.

    The number of pairs this brokerage offers is not mentioned anywhere on their platform. We were unable to test their trading interface and without signing up with them, access to charting is also not provided. In other words, you cannot test them out without putting your personal information at risk and that is something we are hesitant to do. Leverage is said to be capped at 1:20.

    Many professional traders use higher leverage and nowadays many big names in the sector are offering upto 1:100 times leverage. If you love day trading, then know that there are tons of better options available at your disposal. In trading, maintaining a balanced hedge is necessary and to do that access to derivatives is a must. Since this platform does not offer all the components at one place, you are better off without it. 

    Investment Packages and Conditions

    Brokers Apex offers trading signals and it is packaged into different account types. The exact benefits each account type has to offer is not specified and the only noticeable variable appears to be the maturity period. Though they have liability clauses to shield them from any potential lawsuits, you need to understand that their performance is not audited by any third party and as such, we cannot trust anything they say.

    Making considerable returns in the market over the long term requires perfect understanding of the strategy to use and successful traders have to keep on evolving with time to match the pace of the markets. Trading signals might help the newbies.

    However, the risk present and the technical glitches that might occur will have a serious effect over the equity growth and that is why you need to be very careful. After all, using software to trade the markets is not an easy way to the riches, right?

    Trading Signals and Audits

    Trading signals are loved by retail investors that cannot afford to spend time in front of the screens all day long. While the concept of copying the trades from an apparently successful trader is enticing, there are a lot of things you need to assess before you pay for them. First and foremost, do not base your decision upon short data.

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    For instance, just because someone made 5 winning trades in a day doesn’t mean that they will be able to achieve the same result every day. We are not saying that red days should be non-existent, but in order to make money, a clear edge needs to be present. This firm does not share their trading signals and they do not provide demo accounts or free trials.

    Also, their performance is not audited by any credible company. How can any investor think about trusting them blindly? Moreover, why are they so reluctant to feature data in the first place? Lack of data and endless amounts of question marks are disturbing signs and it shows that the management side is really not worried about the user experience aspect in any way. 

    Payment Methods

    This brokerage accepts payments via cryptocurrencies only. All the fiat options are not supported by them. To apply for withdrawals, the client has to go through the verification process and the time required by them to review the documents is not mentioned either. The standard time required for the transactions to be processed are unknown and the minimum withdrawal amount is also a mystery.

    Level of ambiguity around their policies are stunning to say the least and it paints a clear picture about their real nature. One has to be really naive to believe in this platform and everything about them smells fishy regardless of the angles you look at them. We do not know whether they offer any kind of deposit bonus, but if they do, then it is better to avoid it entirely for your own sake. 

    Feedback Section

    The one thing all brokers nowadays love to feature is testimonials and this one is no stranger to that rule. There are a lot of comments that paint them in the positive side and they are all extremely motivating as well. However, the main flaw is that none of the comments are verifiable and some of them have irregularities in them. For starters, there are no negative comments showcased and there is no such thing as constructive criticism on their platform.

    The way they have controlled the flow of information is highly unethical and we certainly will never make the mistake of giving them the benefit of the doubt. Their domain age is also less than 1 year and as a result, we could not find any information about them on third party websites and forums. It is just a matter of time before the truth comes out, but until that happens do not impulsively take any impulsive decisions. 

    Is Brokers Apex a Fraud Organisation?

    Yes, Absolutely. Clearly most of the things they say or do contains an element of surprise and the kind of traits they show is worrisome to say the least. They are unregulated, their services are not clear, the terms are extremely biased and the merits they offer is almost next to zero. Moreover, the information on the management side is also not present and as far as proof goes, they have nothing to offer.

    They might be active in the cryptocurrency niche. However, the chances of the end clients making money with them is slim and that is just a fact. Also, the trading platform functionalities are unknown. Even the charting solution is hidden from the public. Trading signals are not presented in a verifiable and easy to understand manner.

    Lastly, funding and payment terms are also unclear. The kind of things mentioned above creates the perfect breeding ground for scam brokers to survive and that’s a bad thing for everyone else. If you have lost funds to them or are unable to make a withdrawal, then do not hesitate to pull the trigger and reach our experts via the contact form below.

    Our team is working in this sector for nearly a decade and there is nothing new to them anymore. We will not only offer you a free consultation, but also show you all the routes you can take to get the money back. Everything we do complies with the international laws and our only goal is to empower people.

    Brokers Apex Review Conclusion

    Brokers Apex is a very shady institution that has been active for less than a year. There is no user feedback about them just yet. Nonetheless, their traits speak for themselves and regardless of what they say, you should never use any of their services. They are extremely blunt in their approach and their narratives are pushy and manipulative. If you value your safety and security, then do yourself a favor by avoiding them. 

    If you have any more questions about Brokers Apex, then feel free to leave them below.

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