Eco Trades LTD Review – Manipulation at it’s Best

Eco Trades LTD calls itself a brokerage platform that helps people in the retail world make consistent profits from the markets. Their platform consists of a lot of trading related information and widgets. If you are a newbie, then chances are it might be hard for you to notice any of their flaws because of the way they have portrayed themselves.

Nonetheless, this firm is nothing more than a ponzi type fraud and their end time is very near. Word about their collapse is already gaining attention in the social media platforms and the majority of the existing clients are still unable to get their money back from them. Obviously, they do not have a valid license to carry on any kind of investment activities and the lack of recognition from the FCA means the creator’s days are numbered.

Online investment sector is a high risk venture and the number of scams clearly outweighs the legit organisations. So, before you decide to risk your money, you should spend a lot of time doing research about the platforms you are going to be using.

After all, with so many options available, finding the right one might be tedious, but at the end of the day the regulated ones are always going to be worth it. Carry on reading the following data to know why you should stay away from this ponzi scheme for your own good?

Eco Trades LTD Review

Is Eco Trades LTD really a Broker?

Eco Trades LTD knows that the secret to keeping their business model afloat is to find more people and feed them to the MLM structure. However, they are aware of the fact that people are smart enough to see through the plain narratives used by other scams. So, to manipulate the public in a subtle manner, they are calling themselves a brokerage entity that aims to help retail people earn daily returns.

They do feature a UK address on their website and have the audacity to call themselves a legitimate authority. However, with just a few clicks anyone can know their real status by running a check on the database of the FCA. In the FAQ section of this website, they do talk about the compensation schemes and other associated policies.

In reality, there are no such practices followed by them and all the false notions are featured by them just to convince their audience to deposit with them. Every scam platform uses a set of cheap gimmicks in order to accelerate their goals.

If you ever see any traits that seem to be pushing you towards making a hasty decision, then do not entertain any of the offers they give you. Note that reputable firms are never pushy and the aggressive sales team is usually something only fraud platforms employ.

Licenses and Contact Details

The financial sector is undergoing drastic changes in every aspect on a regular basis. Over the last century, the markets have created a lot of success stories and people did earn not just millions, but billions of dollars. However, just because few people became ultra wealthy does not mean that it is the easy road to the riches.

While the top 1% of the people active in the market made a fortune, more than 90% of the traders and investors have failed to breakeven on their investment and that is the ultimate truth. To prevent people from losing too much money, the regulators have tweaked the law in a way that prevents them from getting into high risk ventures. Firms that offer financial advice have to be licensed and they need to follow a set of protocols to be allowed to operate legally.

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    Eco Trades LTD is an investment platform that offers high risk trading instruments and as such they need to be monitored by financial regulator bodies. On their platform, there are no details about their licenses because they do not have one to flaunt.

    In other words, most of their statements are false and the things conducted by them are criminal offences. The support team of this firm is known to be a bit aggressive with their approach and while dealing with clients, they always will try their best to up-sell you. All of the contact information is gathered below.

    • Address – Flat 100, Building 45 Hopton Road, London, United Kingdom.
    • Email –
    • Phone – +44 7418397811

    Eco Trades LTD Investment Plans and Terms

    The investment plans offered by this firm are not as open as the other scams. Apart from the profit claims that are said to range between 1.12% to 1.50%, nothing about the associated terms are easy to interpret. For example, depending upon the investment plan the client goes for, they are eligible for capital insurance.

    The funny thing is that the explanation regarding the compensation fund is not mentioned on their platform. So, on what basis can we trust their empty promises? Referral bonus given by this firm to the marketers go up to 10% which is steep in the financial sector. The kind of incentives provided by them justifies the degree of conflict of interest present and clearly this scheme is built only to benefit the peddlers and the creators.

    Maturity period for the investment packages range from 90 days to 1 year. Though, the timeline provided by them along with profit claims might appear genuine at first, do not fall for the trap. Let us do some math to see if the numbers shown are true. First and foremost returns of 1.5% daily is something that is near impossible to sustain on the long run. Secondly, if they are really experts, then why isn’t there any audited reports of their trading performance.

    Moreover, the names of the fund managers along with other top employee’s details are also missing from their website. On top of all the aspects mentioned above, they do not have social media presence as well. As there are tons of signs present all over their platform, it is obvious that they do not have anything valuable to offer and people that stick with them are bound to lose all of their funds sooner or later.

    Risk Management and Analytics

    Trading forex and cryptocurrencies is a daunting task for many people. Of course, the volatility present in these instruments might be enticing at first. However, if you do not have the perfect strategy to put odds in your favor, then it will never work out well for you. Though this firm talks about the good side of the markets, they have not shared any details about their risk management strategy.

    The top investment banks and trading institutions maintain a well balanced portfolio that contains both the futures and options positions. As the exact steps taken by this platform is unclear, how can we assess the real health of their trading operations?

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    More importantly, without knowing the exact risk to reward ratio, do you really believe any rational person would invest with them? Number of flaws in their narratives are many, the closer you look, the nastier it gets. 

    Real Testimonials

    All the positive, cherry picked comments featured by them are obviously fake and it is not possible to verify any of their alleged clients’ real identity. Fake platforms always excel when it comes to providing social proof as they completely manufacture the entire thing. The go to move followed by them is easy to understand.

    First, they create fake profiles and then make comments through them in a way that encourages others to join the underlying offer. Usually the story will be some form of modified rags to riches themed. However, from time to time, they might utilize other more complex narratives, but at the end of the day there will always be a hidden catch.

    Fortunately, we live in an era wherein things cannot be hidden for long. We have gathered the real feedback about their operations from Reddit. Read the following comment and see for yourself whether it is worth your time and effort to indulge with them?

    I put few hundred in to these scam artists Made a few small withdrawals. Then poof No response and no more withdrawals These guys are nothing but a scam Leaching off whoever they can for there own gains.

    Ponzi Structure

    One thing we can guarantee you about this business is that they are using a ponzi operational model to create cash flow. They are not involved with actual markets in any way. There are no traces about them in the Real Estate sector as well and they do not look like they have any paperwork to prove anything.

    Creating cash flow using MLM structure is easy in the beginning, but as the number of users grow, it puts a lot of stress on the marketing ability. Eventually, the scheme will have to come to an inevitable end and that is the mathematical flaw present in the hustle. Note that the creators are least bothered about the longevity of the project, because they can and will flee away at any time.

    The only people to experience max pain will be the bottom half of the user base that just got in at the wrong time. Clearly, there is no way to measure the variables in this type of business and that is the reason as to why we suggest you to stay away from them. 

    Eco Trades LTD is a Scam

    Eco Trades LTD is without any questions a fake investment platform. People are already experiencing a lot of problems with them and some of them are getting blocked from the website for vague reasons. Looking at the way the negative sentiment is rising in the internet, there is a pretty good chance that they might flee away from the scene soon.

    The kind of commission they offer to people that supply them with web traffic is also suspiciously high and as far as legality goes, you already know our take on the matter. Honestly, we do not know how they were able to stay active for roughly around 2 years, but their future is definitely bleak and blurry. If you have invested with them and are unable to get the funds back, then fill out the contact form below.

    We offer free consultation and our main goal is to help everyone know the ways of recovering funds from fraudulent platforms. Though every case is unique in some way or the other, our experts have seen it all and they have decades of experience. 


    Making returns on a consistent basis in the markets requires years of experience and anyone that has learnt the art won’t share it with the public for free. Eco Trades LTD is just another bogus ponzi scam that is making a buzz in the online trading niche, but the end time is near for them.

    All of their lies and bluffs are exposed by many authoritative blogs and people have understood their real nature. While it may be too late for few people, do not forget the fact that fund recovery is easier than you think and by choosing the right agency you can make the culprits pay for their mistakes. 

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